‘Soulmate’ Ending, Explained: Is Malak Omar’s One True Love In the Real-world?


“Soulmate” is an Egyptian romantic drama that examines the concept of another universe to satisfy the needs of a loved one who has died. When a loved one passes away, the world might easily slink away into oblivion. Love is a powerful feeling, and tragedy befalls Omar, who is freshly married to Reem, his true love.

The big day has arrived. Reem’s father is heartbroken about his daughter’s marriage to the seemingly ineffective Omar. Omar is ecstatic to have been betrothed to Reem. Reem’s mum is ecstatic. Everything is going great. Things change when Reem and Omar are on their romantic getaway at the beach. Reem is eager to get into the water as Omar is relaxing in the sun. She is successful in dragging him into the water. They dive deeper after a brief snorkeling session. Things abruptly change, and Omar is confronted with something he never expected to face so soon.

‘Soulmate’ Plot Summary: Can Omar Ever Find Reem?

Love can be blinding, but losing a loved one leaves you completely blind. The one person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with is suddenly gone. Inside, a deep void appears, and you feel yourself falling in and searching for solutions. On his honeymoon, Omar finds himself in a similar scenario once he is too sluggish to move out of his beach chair. His newlywed bride, Reem, describes the water as “very inviting.” He simply has a negative feeling about it.

They seek the adventure of the enticing waters with perfect innocence. The world spins in love when they are underwater. They are holding each other in a close embrace when she is suddenly snatched from his arms. He’s terrified since he can’t see her. He returns to the surface to breathe and cries out to her to return to the water’s surface. He goes back underwater to seek her after discovering no trace of her. He can’t see her, and he starts to worry that he’s going insane. What would her father say or do if he were to confront him?

When he realizes this, he jumps out of the water and screams for aid. Three guys hold him down, and beach security returns with her body, and he collapses on the sand. Everything he knew about his life was shattered in an instant. A single lapse in judgment led to his loved one’s death. His family and friends witness him slink into an existential hole when it transpires. They compel him to seek aid from a therapist. He mulls over the concept and decides to investigate it further.

The therapist begins the session by giving him meditation but then instructs him to imagine various doors that he can open in his mind’s eye. As he starts to perceive Reem in a parallel realm, enjoying distinct experiences with her, Omar’s worldview begins to shift. He meets Reem in a different avatar at every door he walks through in his mind’s eye. She is married to someone else the very first time he meets her in an alternate reality.

The next time she meets him, she’s an actress with a blonde assistant acting as a go-between. When Reem’s blonde-haired mediator begins to ground and influence Omar’s decision about whether or not to pursue Reem, the makers surprise us. She informs him that constellations are everything, and for the first time, she may be hinting that his love for her is fated and certain.

As these events unfold in Omar’s thoughts, he begins to doubt everything he previously believed to be true about Reem. Was he wedded to her because he knew everything there was to know about her? Will she ever be able to return to him alive? How will he beg forgiveness from her father, who has always despised him? Every query gradually reveals a new chapter in his life’s journey.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Soulmate’ Ending Explained: Is Malak Omar’s One True Love In the Real-world?

He encounters Reem in another avatar after his fourth visit to the psychiatrist’s office. It comes to an abrupt conclusion, just like how it happened with her in real life. This bothers him because he is unable to achieve his goal of seeing her in full existence in even a parallel universe when hypnotized. He becomes enraged with his psychiatrist and storms out. He begins to approach the father to make amends and meets with him.

He merely wants to be forgiven. When he meets Reem’s father, he is told to leave right away. On the other hand, Omar is in tears and conveys his heartfelt sympathies while also speaking his mind. This breaks the father’s heart, and they both sob in each other’s arms, realizing they can’t live without a soul like Reem’s. The father forgives Omar, as difficult as it is for both of them. Omar is free to go on now that he has received the closure he requires. He has no idea how his life will change from this point forward.

He sees the psychiatrist again. This time, though, he is determined to obtain the solution he needs. In his subconscious mind, she guides him through another door. This time, he is in Paris. As a waitress, he meets Reem in another avatar. Fairouz is her name. He tries to woo her, but she claims she can only talk to him after her six-hour shift is over. Omar thinks he can have her for life this time, and he walks away, looking for something to do for the next few hours. On his way to his destination, he bumps into Malak, a classmate of his sister’s and the same blonde-haired lady from his previous encounters in an alternate reality.

Malak and Omar get to know each other a bit, and she begins to explain the notion of zodiacs and constellations to him. Omar is taken in by her zeal and enthusiasm and grows to like her. Malak uses the zodiac signs to illustrate compatibility. Omar is almost satisfied, but he is running late for his rendezvous with Fairouz. He arrives at the restaurant where she works over a half-hour late. On their walk together, Fairouz admits they are not meant for each other. Finally, Omar finally gets the closure he seeks. Omar remembers that Malak is waiting for him after Fairouz vanishes, and he rushes back to her. He is hit by a truck when he sees her and crosses the road, and he snaps out of his hypnotic state.

He ultimately comes to realize that he can go on to the next best thing to love, which can only be Malak. Omar rushes back home, knowing that once he finds his ‘Malak,’ his one soul mate will never abandon him. He returns home to tell his mother how delighted he is and how hungry he is for her cooking. He claims that his sister is familiar with a ‘Malak’ although she is not. It’s all a bit strange, but he’s not going to stop until he finds her. He sees someone who is a doppelganger of Malak on his way into the office and tries to halt the lift. He waits six hours to speak with her, and when he does, she is irritated.

We observe Reem sitting at a different table in the same café. This is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Therefore, we can reasonably infer that the producers play a wild card as storytellers and that Reem was never the story’s beginning. It was “Malak” who could have been the start of Omar’s actual love tale. Malak would eventually take us to Reem, bringing the story full circle. The movie begins at the end and not at the beginning.

In Conclusion

Soulmate, the Egyptian-based romantic drama, presents a love story that plays with time, senses, and real perceptions, and shows that love may happen in the strangest of ways. This video encapsulates a non-linear manner of storytelling that highlights the gems that may be found when relaying a story with no clear direction, but eventually finds its own because the protagonists may not be aware that they are connected by six degrees of separation.

The film never depicts them enjoying an intimate moment, as it is made for a certain audience with religious sentiments and customs in mind. It’s odd since you’d think the characters’ love for one another stems from a yearning, but they never actually meet, almost as if the beginning was a mirage or unforeseen consequence. “Soulmate” is a twister for the audience and is worth watching if you have the time.

“Soulmate” is a 2020 Drama Romance film directed by Othman Abo Labn.

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