‘Soundtrack #2’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Is It A Happy Ending For Hyeonsoo And Suho?


There is no doubt that Soundtrack #2 was a sweet watch, and it would have been until the end if the writers had chosen a better way to depict Hyeonsoo’s issues. The idea was right and well-connected, but the particular method of depiction was a little off. However, that takes up less than twenty minutes of the entire runtime of the series and doesn’t really blemish the effect of the story. The actors were fantastic, their struggles were all relatable, and the audience had a good time. The following is a recap and ending of the K-drama Soundtrack #2.

Spoiler Alert

What happened in Hyeonsoo and Suho’s past?

Hyeonsoo and Suho were madly in love with each other, but they had different priorities in life, or at least, that is what it looked like. Hyeonsoo was struggling in her academy because she was always scared of what the future held and the competition she was surrounded by. As for Suho, he was equally hardworking, but his first priority was always his relationship with Hyeonsoo. Suho also wanted to make it big on YouTube, but it wasn’t a recognized career in the past, which meant that Hyeonsoo did not believe in his dreams. Suho understood and put up with that, but he did not realize that Hyeonsoo was unable to see a future with him because of their differences. Yet they were together because they loved each other a lot. One day, Hyeonsoo came to know that she had to get surgery on her wrist, and that meant that she wouldn’t be able to play the piano like before. That is when Hyeonsoo broke up with Suho because she felt like she would become dependent on him, and she did not want that. Suho never knew this reason, and he thought that Hyeonsoo had broken up because he was poor.

Four years after their breakup, Suho is the owner of a successful company that employs other creators. As for Hyeonsoo, she is saving up to open a restaurant of her own and working multiple jobs while at it. Suho is diagnosed with tinnitus due to overworking, and he is forced to take a break from work. One of the recommended therapies is for him to learn an instrument, so his friend, Changsik, hires a piano tutor for him, who turns out to be Hyeonsoo. The exes face each other once again.

How do Hyeonsoo and Suho start dating again?

The exes never had closure after their breakup because of all the unsaid questions between them. Hyeonsoo never clarified the reason for the breakup, and the grief and hurt pride of separating from Hyeonsoo pushed Suho to work extremely hard and ignore his feelings, which means that he still doesn’t have answers after all this time. These two start spending time in close quarters, which brings up older memories, and suddenly, a third person is also thrown in the mix. Suho wants to work with a musician named K to produce a song, and K wants Hyeonsoo to play the piano for his lyrics. This means that the three of them are working together, and Suho has some newfound jealousy to consider. Hyeonsoo wants to work with K as a way of ending her piano dreams with a flourish. During this time, Suho learns about her surgery, and he finally figures out why the breakup happened. Hyeonsoo clarifies that the reason was still about how different they were, but that obviously did not matter when their feelings were so strong. One day, Suho and Hyeonsoo end up spending the night together, and it is time for them to address their feelings.

K confessed his feelings for Hyeonsoo, though he has sensed that she and Suho are still in love with each other. After the recording of the video, Hyeonsoo tells K that she has always thought of him as a friend. K had accepted this long ago, and he simply encouraged her to follow her heart. This interaction of theirs is caught on camera, and Suho listens to it, completely ecstatic. When he asks Hyeonsoo about it, she admits to still liking Suho, and they start dating again.

Does Suho Give Up On The Restaurant?

Soundtrack #2 has cited Hyeonsoo’s hyper-independence as a problem. Maybe it is, but she wasn’t wrong to feel uncomfortable about Suho paying her rent for a whole year. Hyeonsoo and Suho’s financial situations were vastly different, and that was bound to come up in their dating lives. Additionally, both of them were still dating, which meant that such gestures created a power imbalance between them. Hyeonsoo wasn’t wrong about being uncomfortable with the arrangement, especially since Suho did not tell her anything before doing that. If the writers wanted to show it as a problem, maybe they could have emphasized Hyeonsoo’s discomfort at the expensive restaurants and the constant support of Suho, which she was not in a position to reciprocate. Hyeonsoo and Suho once again decide to take a break to understand whether they should be together or not. While Suho is waiting for Hyeonsoo, the latter comes to some important realizations.

She sees how much Suho loves her, and even K says that their song became better because he changed it to suit Hyeonsoo and Suho’s love story. Hyeonsoo also sees a behind-the-scenes clip of Suho saying that the composition of the song was the first time that he had witnessed Hyeonsoo enjoying the piano. This sets Hyeonsoo thinking, and she also realizes that she hasn’t understood the kind of dish she likes to eat, which is the basis of the restaurant she is working for. After some contemplation, Hyeonsoo decides on some things. She stops the work at the restaurant and decides to go on the long, held-off trip to Santiago. Hyeonsoo admits to Suho that she wants to get to know herself better and love herself so that she won’t run away from the love that Suho has for her. 

During Soundtrack #2’s ending, Suho shows up at the airport to accompany Hyeonsoo on the trip to Santiago. Hyeonsoo asks for his help in lifting her bag, which is symbolic of her willingness to lean on him occasionally. It is unclear whether Hyeonsoo gets back to the recipe and the restaurant, but she doesn’t give up on music. She and K are holding a concert together, indicating that she has made music a part of her life once again. It is finally a happy ending for her, Suho, and even their friends, who start dating.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t a lot to say about Soundtrack #2, except that it was a decent watch. The journey of the exes was believable, and it helped that they had good chemistry between them. It was a neat ending to a sweet story.

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