‘Soundtrack #2’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened In Hyeonseo & Ji Suho’s Past?


We haven’t watched Soundtrack #1, but the first two episodes of Soundtrack #2 tell us that this is going to be a beautiful tale of two petty exes finding their way back to each other. There is plenty of context provided in these episodes, so they can be watched without knowing the events of season 1. The rest of the episodes are also most likely going to follow that pattern. Disney+Hotstar is doing something right with its K-drama content, and here is the recap of the first two episodes.

Spoiler Alert

What happened in Hyeonseo and Ji Suho’s past?

Hyeonseo was the youngest member to get into a prestigious music academy, but that did not mean that her life or her career got any easier after that. She was constantly stressed about money and about how to compete in this ruthless world. She was dating Ji Suho, and they were as in love as could be, but life ended up coming in their way. Ji Suho wanted to make it big on YouTube, but Hyeonseo did not believe in his dreams. She perhaps did not doubt his hard work, but she felt that he wasn’t being practical at all. As for Suho, he worked tirelessly, but more than anything, he simply wanted to make Hyeonseo happy. One day, when he came to meet her, he saw how defeated she looked while sitting on the stairs of her college. Therefore, Suho worked hard to plan a trip for her so that she could take a break. According to him, people earn money so that they can live good lives, so they should take the chance when they can. Frankly, Suho wasn’t wrong or impractical, but Hyeonseo pointed out that she would likely lose everything she worked for if she took that break. In those heightened tensions, Hyeonseo did not realize that Suho loved her that much. She only saw his smiling face, and instead of understanding the effort it took to do that, she thought he had no cares in the world, and she couldn’t trust him at all to build a future with him. That is why, on the day of their trip, she broke up with him. It is entirely possible that she had other reasons, but so far, this is what it looks like.

After the breakup, Suho became a complete workaholic, and it eventually paid off. He did not just become a successful YouTuber but also set up an agency of his own to help other budding artists. Four years after the breakup, he is more successful than he could have ever imagined, while Hyeonseo is still struggling to make ends meet.

Why does Hyeonseo agree to teach Ji Suho?

It is evident that there are holes in the story. But they are to be covered in future episodes. Right now, Suho faints in his studio because of how overworked he is. His doctor tells him that he needs to take a break and avoid loud music for the time being. After much persuasion, Suho agrees to take a month off and learn to play the piano in the meantime. His friend, Changsik, arranges a music teacher for him, and that turns out to be his ex-girlfriend, Hyeonseo. Both of them are sure that they will not be working with each other, and Hyeonseo storms off, promising to pay back the money. However, these exes are not done with each other. Despite having given each other an earful, Suho walks out to bring her back, only to find that she is coming back anyway. Their excuse is that since they are over each other (they are not), they should be able to maintain a professional relationship. Hyeonseo doesn’t take his class the first day since the time is up, but she comes back the next day. Suho is ready, with all of his awards on display, to show Hyeonseo just how successful he has been. She sees through it all, but in an effort to be straight with him, she reveals just how much she remembers about their relationship from the past. The couple still undoubtedly cares for each other, and that is revealed in the moment when Suho tries to protect her during a potential accident.

Are Suho, K, and Hyeonseo going to work together?

It is hard to say who is in more denial about their feelings. Hyeonseo sees some of her old books where Suho had scribbled in, and she remembers how much she used to like him. She was the one to dump him, so perhaps she has done a better job of moving on. As for Suho, he still wants to prove a point to Hyeonseo. He did not need to give her a lift to show how expensive his car was, and he did not need to get her amazing drinks to serve at his house. It seems less like a show-off and more like a revenge courtship. It is especially funny when Suho says how much he had wished for Hyeonseo to fall on hard times after the breakup, and now that he can see his wish is fulfilled, he can sleep in peace. Yet he goes to her studio to find out how she is doing. With him, it might be the case that hate is the flip side of love. Once his feelings turn somewhat overwhelming or he realizes exactly why Hyeonseo broke up with him, he may want to get back together. Probably the new composer he has found, K, will be the key to that.

Suho has not been able to stop working despite being told to rest. His company ranked third in the market, and he wanted to take it to the top. That is when he stumbles upon K, who is an excellent musician with a sprightly attitude. K is leaving for America in a week, so Suho tells him to start working right away and to move into his house for the time being.

As for K, he is more than happy to do so, but he makes a new friend, and that is Hyeonseo. The kinds of jobs that are available in Korea are amazing. One can hire someone to stand in line for them, and that is where Hyeonseo and K meet as the stand-ins for someone. Hyeonseo helps K with some music, and he is instantly smitten by her. They become friends at the end of Soundtrack #2 Episode 2, and he asks her to meet him. That is when Suho, K, and Hyeonseo run into each other. K had asked Suho whether his friend could join their project, but Suho did not know that it would be Hyeonseo. K needs Hyeonseo’s input for the project, and Suho is ambitious about his company, so he won’t let that go. But there are tensions between the three of them, and it won’t be long before someone bursts. Our bet is that it would be Suho.

Final Thoughts

For a series named Soundtrack, the music has been way too subtle so far. In some ways, we like that it has been lightly woven through the narrative rather than being too dominating. It would be too presumptuous to call the series predictable, but more than anything, we want to see how the music turns out.

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