‘Soundtrack #2’ Episodes 3 And 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Are Hyeonsoo And Suho Getting Back Together?


It has always been said that the strongest relationships are made by people who are polar opposites. But it also means that many times, the core values also differ, and that often becomes non-negotiable. Additionally, it is not always possible to understand the vision and goals of someone so different from us, no matter how much we love them. That is the story of Soundtrack #2. The question remains: in the absence of such things, how far can feelings go? In the case of Hyeonsoo and Suho, it is hard to say that either of them was wrong. Life got in the way, and they did what they had to. This is far from the picture of perfect love or even the perfect story, no matter how strong the feelings still are. Therefore, the question of whether they should be together or not is a real one. Is it really a happy ending if they get back together? With these questions in mind, let us go through the recap of episodes 3 and 4 of Soundtrack #2.

Spoiler Alert

Do K, Hyeonsoo, and Suho start living together?

Of course, Suho is not thrilled about the closeness between Hyeonsoo and K. The jealousy is instant and very apparent, and it is not long before K catches on to it. Suho suggests that the three of them live together since there is a lot of work to be done in a very short amount of time, and Hyeonsoo agrees with the idea. She had initially been hesitant to work with music, but as she tells K, this project is her final goodbye to her passion. Hyeonsoo wants to open a restaurant, and she has made all the preparations for it. She is on the verge of selling her music equipment and closing the chapter of music in her life. That is why she is willing to go through the awkwardness of living with Suho, because the farewell is more painful than any encounter with him could be. However, Hyeonsoo probably underestimated just how deep her feelings still were.

K can sense that there must be something between Suho and Hyeonsoo. The way they interact with each other and the certain closeness that peeks through the professionalism are all evidence of a former relationship. Eventually, K asks Hyeonsoo about it, and she admits that there is nothing between her and Suho anymore. But K has the ability to read between the lines. Therefore, he tells her how he feels about her and asks her to think about it. K can see that there are still some unresolved feelings between Hyeonsoo and Suho. But the purpose of his proposal is to find out whether Hyeonsoo can get over them and focus on him in the future or not.

Why did Hyeonsoo break up with Suho?

The reason for the breakup that Suho had lived with for so long was that he was poor at the time. At least, Hyeonsoo had never clarified what other reason there could be. Suho admits that it was lonely when the girl he loved never understood that he wasn’t wasting his time but working towards a dream. He is talking about something that happened almost 6-7 years ago, when the online influencer scene wasn’t what it is today. Hyeonsoo admits that she must have acted hurtfully at that time. However, what Suho doesn’t know is that when he was planning the trip to Santiago, Hyeonsoo had just gotten a diagnosis that she needed surgery on her wrist and wouldn’t be able to play the piano as before. Her operation was on the day of the trip, and instead of discussing this with Suho, Hyeonsoo decided to deal with it herself. She did not break up with Suho because he was poor, but because her own troubles were overwhelming her, and she just couldn’t handle being in a relationship. Additionally, she felt that Suho may end up carrying some of her burdens, which she did not want in the least.

In the present day, Hyeonsoo clarifies that even without this, they wouldn’t have lasted as a couple for very long because of their differing approaches to life. This is a taunt that Suho has heard from her many times, but now his success is proof that he wasn’t just a dreamy fool. He questions her about how her practicality is supposedly better than his dreams, and Hyeonsoo is not ready for the conversation.

Are Hyeonsoo and Suho getting back together?

The next day, Hyeonsoo and Suho are both extremely awkward around each other. They did not have a clean breakup, and for four years after that, they refused to acknowledge their feelings. Therefore, now that they are at a juncture where they are forced to slow down and think about their feelings, they find that not much has changed in terms of their love for one another. Suho knows that Hyeonsoo is quitting music, but he doesn’t know about this project being her farewell to her first love. He believes that she is doing it for money. That is not a terrible reason, but it is increasing the distance between these two former lovebirds. Yet, it mustn’t be too hard for Suho to guess that Hyeonsoo was not having fun after breaking up with him. He understands that things were equally hard for her, and maybe she did him a favor by letting him go when she did.

As for Hyeonsoo, she discovers that Suho has tinnitus and realizes just how driven he had been after the breakup. Suho has admitted that he worked hard only to prove something to her, so perhaps, in a way, she feels responsible for his condition? Also, Hyeonsoo has worked very hard in life, but she can see that the price of success in the society she was in came at a greater cost than she could have imagined. So maybe she can start being kinder to herself about the loss of her own dreams. We don’t think that Hyeonsoo waited to sell the pianos because the price being offered was too low. She is realizing that it is not something she can let go of—something she has also started feeling for Suho.

At the end of Soundtrack #2 Episode 4, K cleverly leaves Suho and Hyeonsoo alone after making an excuse. Hyeonsoo is moving out since her work on the project is almost done, and Suho follows her to her friend’s restaurant, where he invites Changsik. Suho’s friend falls in love with Hyeonsoo’s friend at first sight, and hopefully, these two will have better communication and chemistry than Suho and Hyeonsoo. Suho drops Hyeonsoo home, and it must be the alcohol from the simmering tensions of the past few days that let their affection for each other become so apparent. Suho admits that, as much as he resented Hyeonsoo, he doesn’t want to do that anymore, and he wants to be with her. Even Hyeonsoo feels the same, though she doesn’t say it as much. They both hug and kiss as the episode ends, and they are likely on the path to reconciliation. There are still some feelings to navigate, but they have started finding their way back to each other.

Final Thoughts

Mid-week sweetness is guaranteed with Soundtrack #2. We appreciate how Korean drama love stories are getting more nuanced with time, and this couple’s love story is surprisingly addictive. Also, we agree that Suho’s smile can work magic on anyone.

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