‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Joe Abort The Mission?


In Special Ops: Lioness episode 3, we saw that Aaliyah was taking Cruz to an unspecified location for vacation, and Joe and her entourage had gotten paranoid since they were not prepared for it. Somehow, they managed to keep track of Cruz, and they too landed on Long Island, following the lead. While things were moving quickly on the professional front, Joe had to face an extremely tragic event in her personal life that not only frightened her but also made her realize that she needed to find a way to spend more time with her family. So, let’s find out what happened in Special Ops: Lioness Episode 4 and what kinds of obstacles came Joe’s way.

Spoilers Alert

What Did Neal Get To Know About Kate?

Kate was in a car with her friends when she met with a terrible accident, and one of the girls lost her life. Kate had several fractures, and she was immediately taken to the same hospital where her father, Neal, worked. Neal was in the middle of surgery when he was informed about his daughter, and in a state of paranoia, he left the operation theater and rushed to the portico where the ambulances were lined up. 

Neal waited outside the operation theater while his colleagues made sure that Kate survived. Neal was relieved when he heard that his daughter was out of danger. But there was another thing that his fellow doctor made him aware of; he said that Kate was pregnant, and if the fetus hadn’t already died because of the shock, then Kate would have a huge decision to make for herself. Kate was merely 14 years old, and Neal didn’t know what he should tell her, but he knew that getting angry and scolding Kate wouldn’t solve the problem. This problem was much bigger, and Neal had finally accepted the fact in Special Ops: Lioness episode 4 that somewhere he had failed as a parent. 

Kate was having mental health issues, and it was very evident through the kind of conflicts we saw her having with her mother. Joe was on a mission, keeping an eye on Cruz when she got the news of Kate’s accident. As if getting to know that her daughter was in an accident was not traumatizing enough for her, some hours later, Neal informed her that she was also pregnant. Joe told Neal that she would come over the next day and be there with him. Joe didn’t know what she should do or how she should maintain a balance between her personal and professional lives. She told Neal that they had both sacrificed their children and traded them for their professions. 

Neal was a very sensible man, and he agreed that he needed to mend quite a lot of things as everything was indeed falling apart. He told Joe not to get mad at their daughter because it wouldn’t help the cause. Their daughter had committed a kind of mistake that could have an impact on her entire life, and right now, they needed to be her pillars of strength to tell her that there was still time, and they could rectify everything.

 Why was Kyle called for questioning? 

The extraction mission for which Kyle had asked for Joe’s men in the previous episode of Special Ops: Lioness was a success, but the pictures of the men were captured by the camera. Kaitlyn Meade and Byron Westfield knew that they would have to cover up the damage before it became a huge national issue. Kyle was called for questioning and asked what he was up to. 

The surveillance camera footage clearly showed that he was the one who was driving the car, and Meade told him that if things went like this then very soon he would become the first guy from the CIA to be on the FBI’s most wanted list. That’s when Kyle told them that the operative they were trying to extract was his informant inside the Sinaloa cartel, and he was going to bring five terrorists from al-Qaeda next week. Maede got interested the moment she heard about Al-Qaeda and asked him if he had any proof of what he was saying. Kyle assured her and Byron that he could get them the evidence if that’s what they wanted. Byron knew that they didn’t want to come under the scrutiny of the FBI, so they told Kyle to act fast and make it happen quickly.

Kyle called Joe and told her that Meade knew that it was her men who had helped him in the transaction. Joe was extremely mad at him because, firstly, he had not informed her that it was going to be such a dangerous mission and that by sending her men, she was actually putting their lives at risk, and secondly, he had promised her that none of this would blow out of proportion. But now the damage had been done, and Meade called Joe and told her that she was coming to meet her personally.

Why Didn’t Joe Want To Abort The Mission?

Cruz was taken to East Hampton, Long Island, and Joe’s gang had followed her up there. Bobby was sitting on the beach while the rest of the team was on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, keeping an eye on her. They got to know that Aaliyah was soon to be married to Ehsan Al Rashidi, and they also spotted his brother trying to make a move on every other woman sitting on the beach. What Joe and her gang didn’t understand was why the royal family of Saudi Arabia was getting their son married to the daughter of a Kuwaiti terrorist. Joe knew that these kinds of marriages were always arranged, and that is why she knew that there was something that she was missing out on, as the royal family wouldn’t do this without any sort of incentive.

Aaliyah and her gang went to a party in the night, and because no one from Joe’s team was willing to go inside the party and keep an eye on her, she took over that responsibility. Joe was at the bar when a fight broke out, and she got distracted. When she couldn’t find Cruz anywhere she informed her team to step in and search her. A man had been flirting with Cruz, and he had spiked her drink and once she started losing control of her senses, he took her to the middle of the forest to take advantage of her. Before the man could do anything, Joe and her gang arrived at the spot, and they taught the guy a lesson. Joe mercilessly beat him, taking out all her frustration on him, and left him there after giving him a warning that if he even tried to tell the police anything about the assault, they would find and kill him.

At the end of Special Ops: Lioness Episode 4, Meade came to meet Joe and asked her how she could presume that Cruz would be able to carry out the mission successfully once they went to the Middle East when in reality, she was not able to handle a couple of days in their own country. But Cruz was resilient, and Joe knew that even if she was not, they had never gotten an operative in such close proximity to a target. Joe told Meade that they didn’t have any option other than to hope that the odds favor them. Cruz was in a miserable state, but she was still determined to go back because she felt this incessant need to prove her worth. She told Joe that Aaliyah’s wedding venue was most probably going to be Dubai since she wanted it to happen there, and generally, her wishes were always fulfilled.

In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know how Joe deals with Kate from here on and if Cruz is able to go back to Aaliyah without letting her get suspicious about her intentions.

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