‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Kyle And Joe Capture The Terrorists?


In the fourth episode of Special Ops: Lioness, we saw that Cruz was saved at the last moment by Joe and her team, and she was brought to the hospital as her condition was not good. Cruz had recovered, and she was ready to go back to the field, but before that, there was Kyle’s mess that had to be handled, in which Joe was also now entangled. So, let’s find out what happened in Special Ops: Lioness Episode 5.

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What Advice Did Joe Give Kate?

Joe finally reached the hospital in Special Ops: Lioness Episode 5, and she immediately went to have a word with Kate. Joe knew that she could not get angry or tell Kate that she had committed the biggest mistake of her life, as that was not going to help her cause. Joe told Kate that she knew that she hadn’t been there for her and that her work was taking a toll on her personal life. Joe told Kate that as much as she wanted to be around and spend time with her kids as Neal did, she couldn’t because she had a field job. Joe told Kate that she too had gotten accidentally pregnant back in the day, and Kate got really shocked to hear that, as up until then; she didn’t believe that her mother was capable of committing such mistakes. But Joe assured her that she understood where Kate’s rebellion was coming from, and she told her that there was nothing wrong with it.

Joe requested that Kate not punish herself because of the actions of her parents. She told her that, as much as she understood where her anger was stemming from, she couldn’t see her ruining her life like this. Joe knew that Kate was better than this, and this newfound arrogance and brash behavior was a repercussion of feeling abandoned by her mother. Kate broke down as she knew the blunder she had committed, and Joe saw how emotionally wrecked that little girl was feeling. Joe told Kate that she knew about whatever had happened and also informed her that she was not pregnant. Joe said that she would try to balance her personal and professional lives, but they had to rekindle the bond that they had shared.

Kate, after a long time, also had a genuine conversation with her mother without scorning her or losing her temper. Kate felt like someone had lifted a heavy weight from her shoulders. Those tears rolling down her cheeks were evidence of the kind of catharsis she was going through. Joe went out and told Neal that she would be gone for a couple of days, and Neal was clearly not happy with it. The man had been patient for years, but he was losing it. He didn’t have his companion around him when he needed her the most, and he had no clue where his marriage was going. When Joe went inside, Kaitlyn told Neal that he shouldn’t give up on Joe and should bear with him for a little longer as things would be fine. Neal said that he could never imagine doing that because whenever Joe walked in, he still had the same feeling as when he had seen her for the first time.

Later, Kaitlyn gave Joe the option of getting her transferred to a position where she would be able to give more time to her family, but Joe knew that it was not the solution. Joe was happy about one thing: at least she had a good talk with her daughter, and years later, it felt like they finally understood each other.

Did Kyle And Joe Capture The Terrorists?

Kyle and Joe came for a briefing at the CIA headquarters, and they met Byron Westfield there. Westfield told them that the damage had been done and that the only way out of this mess was to succeed in the missionand capture the terrorists. Westfield scolded Kyle for going out of line and said that he was lucky that he was getting a chance to rectify his mistakes. After Kyle left, he also had a word with Joe and told her that she was way out of line when she sent her men to assist Kyle in his mission without taking any sort of permission from his seniors. Westfield told her that at that time, he was letting it go, but if it happened again, he would make sure that she paid for her actions.

Joe went to her team and started preparing for the mission when she saw that Cruz was also present there with everybody. She asked Bobby why she had brought her along when she knew that she was an asset and that if her cover got blown, then their entire mission would be hampered. Cruz had been in a similar situation, and Bobby had thought that her experience might be of use to them, which is why she had brought her with the team. Joe asked Bobby to keep Cruz at the very end because she didn’t want Aaliyah to learn about Cruz’s real identity. There were cameras installed in the safe house, and Kyle and others got to know that the terrorists had bombs with them and were probably planning to attack anytime now. 

After the discovery of the bombs, the directives changed, and the team was told to execute everybody present there before they killed anybody. The local task force was told to be on high alert and evacuate the entire area once Joe’s team had killed the terrorist. Joe went inside with her team, and Cruz’s experience did come to be of good use, and she proved her worth, something that she had been aching to do since she came aboard. Cruz always felt that Joe didn’t have faith in her abilities, and she wanted to change that perception.

After the mission was a success, Cruz finally decided to establish contact with Aaliyah, and she told her everything like Kaitlyn had said but didn’t mention the names of the people who were involved. Aliayah felt guilty for leaving Cruz out there and not being able to help her. The ploy worked, and now Aaliyah was feeling even more sympathetic towards her. Joe had placed all her bets on Cruz, and she knew that this ploy of hers had to work anyway. In the upcoming episode of Special Ops: Lioness, we will see Cruz once again going back to Aaliyah, though it would be interesting to see for how long she would be able to maintain her cover.

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