‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened Between Cruz & Aaliyah?


Joe had been trying to mend whatever she could since the beginning of Special Ops: Lioness, but she felt exhausted at times because, at the end of the day, she was also a human. From her family life to the multiple professional crises that came her way, it was all getting a bit overwhelming for her. At times her actions made her guilty, at times sad, and at times extremely frustrated. Every day she encountered new obstacles, but she kept on moving forward as she knew that victory was just around the corner and things would be better after that. Joe, Kaitlyn, and Byron knew that the extraction and the Santa Monica mission were going to create problems for them, and they were mentally prepared. Cruz was all set to go to East Hampton, Long Island, and meet Aaliyah once again.

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What Did Edwin Mullins Tell Joe And Her Team?

Kaitlyn’s husband, Errol Meade, was an influential man, and he not only understood the system well but was well connected. Kaitlyn was called to the White House for an urgent meeting, and she wanted to know what she should expect. Both Kaitlyn and Errol were very particular when it came to their professional lives, and a lot of the time, even after staying in the same house, they concealed information from each other because such was the nature of their work. But this time, Errol told Kaitlyn that Secretary of State Edwin Mullins had canceled his trip to Poland. Kaitlyn knew that this time, they had crossed the line and that they wouldn’t be able to get off so easily. Kaitlyn also told her husband that they were in touch with a mole in Qadra petrol, but the surprising aspect was that they were not the ones who had placed him there. This mole worked for some influential group or organization, the name of which Kaitlyn does not reveal.

In the meeting, as expected, Mullins and his two other associates were sitting there, all greeted up to grill Joe, Kaitlyn, Kyle, and Byron. They were asked about the extraction and what had happened in San Antonio. The only reason Joe and her team were still out there was that they had secured a huge win by putting down the terrorist and saving the city from potential bombings. Byron knew that being successful in their mission was the only way they could come out of the mess that Kyle and Joe had created. Byron was an experienced campaigner, and he had foreseen this day a long time ago. Mullins asked Kyle to leave and then asked them what was happening with the entire Amrohi case. Mullins knew about it, and they were curious to know what was at stake and how Joe and her team were planning to execute the mission. Joe told them that this was the furthest they had ever gone, and if things went the way they wanted, Amrohi would be dead soon. ‘

In their conversations, in Special Ops: Lioness Episode 6, it came out that Joe knew that there might be a possibility that Cruz wouldn’t come out of the mission alive. Joe felt the guilt of pushing a young girl towards her own doom, but she was ready to live with it, provided they were successful in their mission. Joe told Mullin that they were planning to launch a missile during Aaliyah’s wedding and take out the terrorist. Mullins made it very clear that, in light of the recent events, the team had to report directly to them and keep them in the loop. Joe was told that the operation would be called Yellow Jacket and that the authorization code to launch the missile would be Mabel.

Joe, Kaitlyn, and Byron were not happy about their independence being snatched, but they also knew that it could have turned out to be much worse. Meanwhile, there was another problem that arose out of nowhere when three men broke into the house where Joe’s men were putting up with the intention of committing a robbery. Those thieves committed the biggest mistake of their lives, and soon they were taken into custody by Joe’s men. Joe asked Kyle to go and resolve the issue and make sure that nobody comes to know about it and that the identity of her man doesn’t come to light. Kyle settled the issue, and after an eventful day, Joe finally returned to her home.

What Happened Between Cruz And Aaliyah?

Joe had told Cruz that Aaliyah wanted to know her as a person and that she should play her cards very cautiously. Joe could only guide Cruz, but once she was in there, she had to trust her own intuition and do what she felt was best for her mission. Aaliyah wanted to pamper Joe and spend time with her, and she needed the entire day. They watched a couple of movies together, and that’s when Joe told Aaliyah that if she felt so trapped, she should tell her parents that she didn’t want to get married. Aaliyah said that from where she came, things didn’t happen like that. She said that her saying no would have the same effect on both families, and then, too, she wouldn’t be left alone to live her life. Probably that’s why Alaiyah made all sorts of random plans, as she felt like she wouldn’t be able to do anything after her marriage.

Aaliyah and Cruz lay close to each other on the bed, and there was something about the way they looked at each other. It felt as if Aaliyah genuinely liked Cruz, and the latter also felt something similar. The next day, Aaliyah told Cruz that her mother had called and that Mallorca had been chosen as the place for the wedding. Aaliyah, in her excitement, came close to Cruz and very unexpectedly kissed her. It felt like it was long overdue, and the two girls got intimate with each other for a brief moment. But just then, something snapped inside Cruz, and she stopped, making it very awkward for Aaliyah.

Episode 6 of Special Ops: Lioness, in the end, left Cruz feeling conflicted from within. For a moment, she forgot she was on a mission. She liked Aaliyah, even if she wasn’t embracing that fact. Aaliyah was genuinely sweet to her, and nobody cared for her the way she had in the past few days. We are very sure that Cruz will try her level best not to let Aaliyah die there. Cruz didn’t know what love was, and now that she had a person who treated her the way she deserved, she had to literally push her to her death. It won’t be easy for Cruz from hereon, and she has a lot of thinking to do about the kind of path she wants to choose. In the upcoming episodes, we will come to know if Cruz’s feelings for Aaliyah get in the way of her mission and if Joe gets a whiff of her internal conflicts at all.

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