‘Special Ops: Lioness’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Cruz Fall In Love With Aaliyah?


In the sixth episode of Special Ops: Lioness, we witnessed how Byron, Kaitlyn, Joe, and Kyle were grilled by the secretary of state, and they were told that henceforth the government would be overlooking their actions. Joe and her entire team were under a huge amount of stress, and they knew that aborting the mission and backing out now was not an option. Meanwhile, Cruz was feeling conflicted after she shared an intimate moment with Aaliyah, and she was no longer in a state to differentiate right from wrong. She had started questioning her own actions, and she didn’t like the fact that she was deceiving somebody who had been so nice to her. So, let’s find out if Cruz is able to get the better of her emotions and carry on with the mission or not.

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What Happened Between Joe And Kate?

Joe, Kaitlyn, and Byron Westfield knew the kind of risk they were taking and how much was at stake. There were times when they felt that they were not prepared for the mission, but it was too late to take a step back. Byron Westfield was getting paranoid because he knew that they would be answerable to senators, and any mishap on their part wouldn’t go unnoticed. He asked Joe if they could abort the mission, but she told him that Cruz was already on the move, and aborting the mission meant compromising with the lioness. Westfield asked Kaitlyn to be on the ground with the entire team because he knew there was no scope for a mistake.

Meanwhile, Joe was informed by Bobby that Cruz and Aaliyah were on the move and the team had no clue where they were headed. Joe asked her team to reach the base, and then she called Kyle and asked him to track Cruz and Aaliyah. Joe went back to her home after that, as she wanted to spend some time with her family before leaving for her mission. The mission was going to last for approximately 7 days, and Joe, until now, hadn’t informed Kate about it. Kate had been finally discharged from the hospital, and she was happy to be able to come back home. Joe knew that Kate needed her to be around, and that is why she didn’t know how to tell her that she was not going to be there for a week. Kate lost her cool when she got to know that Joe was leaving, and she asked Joe how she would do her daily chores without her. Joe told her that she had kept a nurse as of now who would help her with everything.

Kate knew that her mother wouldn’t have left her unless and until something very important came up. The girl very innocently asked her mother if it was a dangerous mission that she was going on, and Joe couldn’t lie to her this time. Joe told her that the mission was dangerous and that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to make it out alive. Kate, at that moment, just wanted to hug her mother and not let her go. She felt helpless, and so did Joe, but they didn’t have an option as of now. Joe was proud of her daughter’s precocity, and she told Neal later that after the mission, she was going to opt for a desk job in her department. Joe loved being in the field, but leaving her daughter like this and not being able to be around when she needed her the most killed her from within. Neal knew about it, and that is why he asked Joe to think about it after the mission was over, but Joe was adamant, and she said that she had already made up her mind. With a heavy heart, Joe bid adieu to her family, not knowing if she would be able to see them again or not. 

Was Cruz In Love With Aaliyah?

We realized in the previous episode of Special Ops: Lioness that Cruz was in that kind of mental space where she had started feeling that whatever she was doing was not ethically right. Moreover, Cruz and Aaliyah shared an intimate moment, and after that, everything changed. Cruz had fallen for Aaliyah, and after being in denial and resisting the feeling for quite some time, in the 7th episode, she finally accepted that fact and gave in. Cruz and Aaliyah, after shopping, went to an apartment and made love to each other. Cruz broke down after that, as her conscience felt burdened with the guilt of deceiving the only person who had actually loved her.

Cruz messaged Joe and told her that she couldn’t do this any longer, and Joe immediately flew to the location as she knew that if she didn’t talk to Cruz now, she might end up spoiling the entire plan. Kyle was staying a couple of floors below Aaliyah’s apartment, and Joe asked Cruz to come there himself so that they could have a conversation. Joe told Cruz that Aaliyah just wanted to experience freedom one last time before she got caged in Riyadh. Joe reminded Cruz that right now, she might be feeling that she was betraying her friend by getting her father killed, but in reality, she was actually doing a noble job and saving the lives of hundreds of people. She told Cruz that it was Amrohi’s black money that funded the terrorist activities throughout the globe, and his death would deal a huge blow to each and every terrorist organization. Joe even gave Cruz videos of terrorist attacks that had been funded by Amrohi’s money and asked her to watch them so that she realized that she was not doing something ethically wrong.

During Special Ops: Lioness episode 7’s ending, Cruz agreed to everything except the fact that Aaliyah was just playing around with her. Cruz had seen it in Aaliyah’s eyes, and she knew that she was not faking it. The way Aaliyah held her, the way she pampered her, and the way she adored her had brought about a change in Cruz, and she told Joe that she was not trained to face such conflicts. Cruz had faced a lot of difficulties in her life, but this one was probably the most grueling and toughest of them all. In Special Ops: Lioness finale episode, we will get to know if Cruz prioritizes her duty and betrays her friend or if she allows her feelings to get the better of her.

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