‘Spellbound’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Where Does Cece End Up?


Hulu’s Spellbound revolves around the life of 15-year-old Cece Parker-Jones after she moved from Boston to Paris to pursue her dream of becoming a ballet dancer. Cece was more into free-styling, whereas the Paris Opera Ballet School focused on technique. Not only were her style and approach different, but she also did not believe in the traditional curtsy. While Cece was overjoyed to have been accepted at one of the best dance schools, her happiness was short-lived. The director of the school, Mr. Armando Castillo, informed the students in class that there had been a major error and they had to re-audition to secure their place. Unlike the rest of the students, Cece had never been taught the rep piece that they were asked to perform at the audition. She could sense that her dreams were about to crush her, but it seemed the universe had some other plans for her.

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How Did Cece Break The Protection Spell?

Cece and her virtual friend turned best friend in school, Simone, sneaked into Aunt Ginger’s room, where she created the concoctions sold at W Apothecary. The brand had made quite a name in the market, and while Cece’s mother handled the business in Boston, Aunt Ginger headed the Paris division. Cece came across a book titled ‘The Book of Jones’ hidden in a cupboard, and the book opened on its own. Cece read out the spell written on the page that the book turned to, and some sort of magic occurred. She did not know what was going on, and she assumed that it was simply a collection of the product recipes. Simone was intrigued by the book, and they decided to create what was called the truth serum. They did not notice any changes with the truth serum in hand, but the moment it spilled on Aunt Ginger, the concoction turned out to be magical. She could not stop herself from speaking the truth, and she eventually disclosed Cece’s truth. And thus, in the very first episode of “Spellbound,” we get to know who Cece truly was.

To begin with, Cece was not selected based on her talent; she was selected because her mother had performed magic to ensure her daughter secured a spot at the Paris Opera Ballet School—this explains the administrative error that Castillo discussed in class. Aunt Ginger explained that the book that Cece got her hands on was not simply the recipes for the apothecary but family spells that have been passed down generations. The Jones were no ordinary human beings; they were witches who called themselves wizens. To Cece’s surprise, she found out that she was one of the most powerful wizens in the world who had burned down the school she went to. From then on, the wizens cast a protection spell on her. But Cece did not believe a word Ginger said. She was convinced that Ginger was pranking her.

Even after a disastrous performance, the judges thought Cece was brilliant, thanks to Ginger’s magic spell that worked miracles on them. Two strangers pulled Cece aside and introduced themselves as Amy and Lola. Apparently, they were wizens as well, and they had come in search of Cece. They advised Cece to run from the ghostly, dark, and cloudy matter that was after her. Even though the dark magical being had come close to Cece, it could not harm her. She created a magical protective shield that they were unable to penetrate. While Cece did not know magic, in times of emergency, her instincts did the job. As it turns out, Cece broke her protection spell the first time she read out a magic spell from the Book of Jones, and that was why the ominous creature was able to get close to her.

What Did Lola And Amy Want From Cece?

In Lola and Amy’s world, Cece was a legend, and that was why they decided to find her. When they learned that Cece had lifted the protection spell, they concluded that it must have triggered their compass and sent an alarm. According to Lola and Amy, the power that Cece demonstrated the previous night explained that she was the ‘Wise One.’ While Cece was not interested in exploring the world of magic, Lola and Amy tried to make her understand its significance in the lives of Wizens. Apparently, all Wizens have been waiting for ‘the wise one’ to change their lives. Wizens have been hiding their gifts from the world for generations, and they believed it was time that it changed. They were certain that Cece could revolutionize their world, but Cece was not convinced. She wanted to focus on her dance career, and becoming the leader of a magical group was not part of the plan.

Lola and Amy were desperate to live their lives freely, and if that meant sneaking around and casting magic spells to accomplish their mission, they were ready for the challenge. They eventually introduced themselves to Aunt Ginger and told her how Cece created a protective shield when she was under attack. Ginger was shocked to learn that the protection spell had been broken. She started to accompany Cece wherever she went, and Cece needed Lola and Amy’s help more than ever. She agreed to become an official Wizen in exchange for them finding a way to convince Aunt Ginger to allow her to stay at the school accommodation. An agreeable pie was all they needed to win Aunt Ginger’s heart. She not only allowed Cece to stay at the school but also officiated a ceremony that recognized Cece as a Wizen. Lola and Amy also persuaded Ginger to allow them to work as her apprentices. Eventually, Aunt Ginger helped Lola and Amy get back their magic that Adrien stole from them.

Who Was Adrien?

Adrien pretended to be a pedestrian, but in reality, he was a Mystic. Adrien’s brother was trapped in a dark dimension through which he communicated with Adrien. Gradually, in Spellbound, we get to know that Cece was the one who had trapped Kevin in the dark dimension, and she had been in hiding since then (the protection spell). Adrien joined W Apothecary to get close to the Wizens and to find out a way to help his brother break free. Kevin initially advised Adrien to drain Cece’s power during her performance, but after attempting to do so, they realized that since Cece was not an official Wizen, she did not have any power to drain. Their next plan was for Adrien to befriend Cece, eventually train her, and, in the process, teach her to release Kevin. In the meantime, Kevin advised him to tune into the heads of Lola and Amy, a power he gained after draining their magic. Adrien also noticed a range of books that magically appeared after he took away the Wizens’ power.

According to Kevin, the power gave Adrien access to the Wizen frequency. Adrien learned from the books about Wizessence (Wizen essence), a healing technique in which the essence of a Wizen can be borrowed, and the downside of it was that the host Wizen would be vulnerable to open channels. The books kept on appearing, and Adrien gradually learned that he could channel Wiz energy through skin-to-skin contact without the knowledge of the Wizens and store it in glass vials. By using this process, the Wizens will be oblivious to the Mystic, and Adrien will have access to all their minds and figure out their plans for Cece. After getting himself invited to a Wizen circle, Adrien trapped as much Wizessence as he could. He eventually managed to get into Cece’s thoughts, which started to affect him on an emotional level. Adrien caught himself getting jealous and feeling affectionate towards Cece. Kevin constantly reminded his brother to stay focused, but it was not easy, with Cece taking an interest in her classmate, Benoit.

What Was Cece’s Connection With The Macbeth?

One day in class, Cece discussed how every time Macbeth is performed onstage, something evil always occurs. It is believed by many that the spells used by the three witches in Macbeth are real, and therefore, every time they are recited, there is a real-world impact. When people started to find out about the spell being real, witches were hunted down. Some witches are said to have taken shelter in Paris. Cece deduced that Macbeth’s curse was real since that was the only way to explain the disaster that occurred in every production. Cece proceeded to chant the spell of the witches, and unbeknownst to her, it left an impact. A sudden dark presence could be felt, and strangely enough, the word “Macbeth” appeared in Armando Castillo’s diary. That was the moment that he decided that his students would perform Macbeth onstage.

Cece explained to Simone how important it was to carry her intent into the universe. She drew the A to represent the air alchemy element, and she wrote down the names of her friends along with the roles that she and Simone believed they deserved. While they agreed on most parts, when it came down to the role of Macbeth, Simone thought Jack would nail the part, but Cece knew how important the role was for Benoit, and she wanted him to get it. Cece initially agreed with Simone, but after Simone went to bed, Cece struck off Jack’s name and wrote Benoit’s name instead. The next day in ballet class, the roles were announced, and Benoit did not get the part. He was quite disappointed by it and decided to personally have a word with Castillo, but before he could say much, Jack twisted his ankle, and Castillo asked Benoit to be his replacement. Cece felt guilty, knowing that she was indirectly responsible for the accident.

When Cece discussed her situation with Lola and Amy, they were in shock. They were horrified to find out that Cece had chanted and performed the spell of the witches. They confirmed that Macbeth’s curse was real and that Cece had summoned it. Lola and Amy stated how William Shakespeare stole the entirety of a show performed by a woman. She was a nomad who traveled in her cart and performed wherever she found an audience. The woman cursed the play, and Wizens were susceptible to curses. After analyzing the curse, they realized that the woman in question, Juliet, must have been a Wizen as well. Cece concluded that she must have been a part of the coven that escaped to Paris after casting the curse. Cece decided to find a way to keep trouble out of their ballet performance. Lola and Amy proposed that they find Juliet’s broom closet. Using a glass that helped them find past closets on a map that they had, Cece, Lola, and Amy tried to track down the curse master. Later, Cece and Simone found Juliet’s broom closet in Garnier.

Meanwhile, Adrien found the piece of paper on which Cece had written her intentions. He believed that was the perfect Wizen circle formation, and all he needed to do was momentarily convert the humans into Wizens. Adrien’s plan was to use a roll-on to transfer Wizessence onto humans. That was how he would form the perfect coven on stage, with Cece at the center. He used Finn to get to the rest of the ballet performers and execute his plan.

Does Cece Manage To Break The Spell?

Even though Cece met Juliet in the broom closet, she had no recollection of their conversation. Before going onstage, Cece could sense that something bad was about to happen. Meanwhile, Cece’s mother came to Paris to find out how her daughter really was since Aunt Ginger had been behaving suspiciously. She found out that the protection spell was broken, and she was furious when she learned that Cece was a part of a Macbeth production. Lizzie explained that a Wizen was never supposed to perform Macbeth, and now that it was happening, it could only lead to mayhem. Since she was not good with curses, she asked Aunt Ginger to take charge. A coven was arranged, and they arrived at the Opera Garnier, where the performance was to take place. Their plan was to counter the curses. While performing onstage, Cece remembered her conversation with Juliet. Juliet was delighted to see her, since she had been trapped for 400 years. Juliet reminisced about her happy days when she could travel, perform magic, and act in front of an audience. According to her, Shakespeare ruined her life. He stole her story, and that was why she cursed his play. Juliet agreed that she should have ended matters there, but she was so enraged then that she went to watch his play. And as a result, she fell victim to the curse that she had cast.

During Spellbound‘s ending, we find out that it was Juliet who had been haunting the thespians performing Macbeth, but she was unable to stop any show. After meeting Cece, she found a ray of hope. Juliet convinced Cece that the spells of the witches were not bad luck since she was the one who had been haunting people. She advised Cece to cast the spell on stage. When Cece was performing, Juliet whispered to her in her thoughts, asking her to break the curse. Cece repeated the spell and was transferred to Juliet’s closet. Meanwhile, the coven, headed by Aunt Ginger, casted the spell to reverse its effect. Cece realized that Juliet’s motive was evil, but thanks to her mother and aunt, she managed to return to her reality. Meanwhile, Adrien was elated when he noticed the perfect formation on stage, and the walls around his brother started to crack. Cece was once again transferred to Juliet’s world, and even though she wanted to stop herself from repeating the cursed spell, she could not. Juliet had tricked Cece into trading places with her.

The ending of Spellbound possibly suggests that if Cece spelled the entire curse, she would have the same fate as Juliet. Cece collapsed on the floor, begging for help, and a man in a black cloak came to her rescue. Adrien figured out what was going on, and he reached the broom closet to find Cece. While Adrien had a soft spot for Cece, his responsibility towards his family would make him do things that he might not agree with. It does seem that Adrien is helping Cece escape from Juliet, but he might as well kidnap Cece to free his brother. Whether or not Adrien was successful in freeing Kevin remains unconfirmed. Since Cece was missing from the perfect formation, it is possible that Kevin did not escape from the dark dimension.

In Spellbound Season 1, Cece mostly stayed focused on her dancing career, but we can expect her to be a lot more involved in the world of magic. As the wise one, she has to face the mystics and also Juliet, whose ulterior motive is still unknown. Cece is yet to find out about her past, her history with Kevin, the truth about her mother’s marriage, and how the entire magical world operated. Cece has a lot to learn, and hopefully, she will come back stronger.

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