‘Spriggan’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – What Was Yu Ominae’s Past? Will There Be A Season 2?


Directed by Hiroshi Kobyashi, written and illustrated by Ryoji Minagawa “Spriggan,” the anime series also produced by Netflix, is a delight to watch. With an exciting plot line involving the myths and legends surrounding different ancient civilizations, this series also pays homage to the ancient civilizations that existed, and only the ruins remain. “Spriggan” Season 1 was released on June 18th, 2022, on Netflix with a refreshing story to boot. Yu Ominae and his adventures across the globe apprehending and escorting the different artifacts surrounded by mystery and folklore is a recommended watch.

‘Spriggan’ Season 1: Plotline

The season opens with an underground group that has gotten a hold of an ancient weapon. A young boy, Yu Ominae, is sent to apprehend the group and ensure the weapon is not activated. Yu Ominae works for an organization called ARCAM that is in charge of acquiring all of the ancient weapons that have been discovered. After their discovery, underground criminal groups have begun to move around in search of these weapons to charge up their powers. It’s up to Yu Ominae to apprehend these criminals and safely escort the weapons back to the ARCAM lockup.

Spoilers Ahead

Ooparts, Weapons Of Annihilation

OOPArts is short for out-of-place artifacts. These artifacts seem to pop up in various cities around the world in the Spriggan universe. The artifacts belong to a very ancient civilization that existed well before the present human society. The civilizations had advanced so far that they annihilated themselves due to the insane amount of power they held. Other civilizations flourished after them but were also erased after they faced a power struggle. The ancient civilization had inscribed a text on a piece of metal that survived centuries to serve as a warning to future societies. They warned future societies to protect their heritage from evil people who would want to use these artifacts to gain relentless power. The organization that was tasked with the retrieval of these artifacts if they popped up anywhere and also with sealing away the advanced ancient technology if a need arose was ARCAM. The officials who carried out these missions were called “Springgans.” They were powered by technologically advanced suits, and each of them had their own powers.

The ruins of the Fuji Civilizations have a personal scroll, the Miyashita Scroll, which controls the eruptions of Mount Fuji. The inscriptions are a way to translate how to use the eruptions for good or evil. Mount Fuji harbors a flame servant that acted as a volcanic eruption that wiped out the civilization around it. The Mountain of Fuji, according to the legends, seems to protect the scroll of the elixir of life, revered by many. The Emperor of Japan led his army to Fuji in search of this elixir, but he lost his life after drinking it. Since then, many have tried to visit the mountain in search of the scroll. This lasted until Fuji finally erupted as a means of stopping them from approaching.

A wooden boat in the Turkish mountains has been discovered by the ARCAM as Noah’s Ark. This is the archetype of Noah’s Ark that is talked about in the bible. This serves as a catalyst in both destroying as well as reconstructing life anew. It has the prototypes of different animals restored in the boat, ready to be unleashed when the boat’s powers destroy the current life and make way for new life. Noah’s Ark, in the bible, had originally been a ray of hope from the disastrous flood which had wiped out all life except the pairs on the boat.

Indian mythology of Ramayana, represents Soma as the wine of Gods, also known as nectar in other mythologies such as Greek. This Soma is the secret to immortality. The recipe for this wine is hidden in the cursed forest in Northern Mysore, India. The cursed forest was originally cursed by Rama, who was furious over the spirits for not letting him know earlier of his consort’s kidnap by evil. The forest since then protected the recipe of Soma and did not let people who ventured inside in search of it return. The forest took on an evil tone and killed everyone on their path to retrieving Soma.

The Berserker, another OOPArts, is unrecorded by human history, but its power is uncharted and is far superior to the current technological prowess. The metal on the Berserker resounds with diamonds and can not be cut through with simple metals. Only electricity can charge up the robot built by the ancient civilization and activate the warmonger in it. The ancient civilization had created an undefeated war machine that could destroy every living being. It could only be pierced through by Orichalcum, a metal designed by ARCAM.

In the pyramids of Egypt, the crystal skulls were dug out. One of them is secured by the ARCAM tech lab. Ancient Mesoamerican artifacts, also related to the mysterious island of Atlantis, the crystal skulls, were said to be of Aztec origin. They boast of supernatural powers. These skulls are rumored to record energy and vibration as well as heal and expand psychic abilities. However, the skulls found by the ARCAM were recorded to be capable of nuclear explosions with little radiation, which could wipe out the vicinity with no evidence.

The appearance of a mysterious island was first recorded in the 16th and 17th centuries. Its existence was recorded on the Zeno maps, by the name Frisland. However, a similarly mysterious island seemed to appear in the 1940s, which conducted vast amounts of energy and could travel dimensions in the Spriggan universe. The island seems to be related to the Bermuda Triangle, which has the ruins of every plane and ship that has ever disappeared. The famous Bermuda Triangle serves as the deathbed for a lot of ships and airplanes that have flown across it. The mysterious island uses the energy it generates through its pyramids to travel dimensions and also serves as a resting place for the ruins collected by the Bermuda triangle.

What Is The Aim Of ARCAM?

The Spriggans were to apprehend all of the dangerous artifacts and bring them down to ARCAM to seal them up. The ARCAM organization had its roots in the US. It has since then spread to a lot of different countries. The organization mainly focuses on making sure that the enemies do not get a hold of these dangerous artifacts. However, ARCAM’s moves seem a bit suspicious at times. They depend on Spriggans, named after guardian fairies, to get the jobs done. ARCAM developed a metal, named Orichalcum, which is used on the knives as well as the suits that the Spriggans wear. The muscle suit helps one of the Sprriggans, Yu Ominae, during his missions to save him from injuries. He harbors a keen sense of justice and believes in their ploys.

‘Spriggan’ Season 1: Ending Explained – What Was Yu Ominae’s Past?

Yu Ominae, a Spriggan official, trained from a very young age, is usually the go-to person to be sent to apprehend and bring back the famed artifacts. He has an unfortunate past: his parents were killed while on an ARCAM mission, and he was left in an orphanage. There he was trained by two of ARCAM’s best warriors, knife commander Bowman and martial art expert Oboro. Their sense of duty toward ARCAM remained strong, and they instilled it in a young Yu Ominae. Yu Ominae is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Helped by his friends Jean Jacquemonde, fellow Spriggan, and tomb robber Yoshino, Yu always finds a way to stop the artifacts from wreaking more havoc and safely escorts them back to the high-security lockup. Due to this, he has more enemies than necessary, who are always trying to kill them. Bowman, after leaving ARCAM for their twisted logic, was tasked with killing Yu. However, he imparted an important lesson to Yu before taking his last breath. Bowman fought and taught Yu to kill him so that he would not hurt his other colleagues due to his hesitancy and moments of naivety. He also told Yu to keep his eyes and mind open and to take what ARCAM says with a pinch of salt. Bowman’s death marked as a great character development for Yu Ominae. Due to his mentors, Yu had recovered from a quiet, emotionless boy, suffering from his parent’s death, to an outgoing Spriggan official, ready to help with a force to be reckoned with.

Will There Be A ‘Spriggan’ Season 2?

At the end of Season 1, in the last episode, a new enrollment in Yu’s school was shown. The new boy seems to work on the intentions of killing ordered by his superiors. He is to kill Yu and defeat him so that Yu can never interfere while the underground takes over the rest of the ancient artifacts. “Spriggan” season 2 will begin with a probable battle between Yu and the new character, who is said to have an unprecedented track record and is ordered to apprehend and kill Yu. The secrets of ARCAM will finally be revealed in Season 2, and the secret behind Yu’s parents’ death might be featured as well. The rest of the ancient artifacts will be revealed and myths delved into. The myths surrounding the artifacts and the ancient civilization that is rumored to exist in real life as well, are what make this anime series a delight to watch. Conspiracy believers and mythology fans will definitely enjoy this series.

“Spriggan” is a 2022 Animated Series streaming on Netflix.

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