‘Spy x Family’ Episodes 15 & 16: Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Franky Get The Woman Of His Dreams?


The previous episode of “Spy x Family” had left us with a criminal cliffhanger after Keith let the dog carrying the bomb chase Loid into an alleyway. Keith is still under the impression that the person he was chasing is Minister Brantz. Loid, in Minister Brantz’s disguise, had led Keith on a merry chase away from the town and near a body of water. Meanwhile, Yor runs around trying to find Anya, who had left Yor alone and rushed off with Bond to make sure her father’s future changes. 

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 15: Recap & Ending Explained – Was Loid Successful In Protecting Himself? How Did Anya Decide Bond’s Name?

The episode begins with Loid intercepting the dog and removing the bomb, then flinging it into the ocean to defuse it. This time, Keith realizes his mistake in recognizing the wrong person as Minister Brantz and quickly escapes the scene, but Loid, with his eidetic memory, memorizes the number plate of Keith’s car. This made capturing Keith easier for the WISE agents. However, while Keith was escaping the scene, he got into a car accident instigated by Yor as revenge for kidnapping Anya, helping the police capture the leader as well. Loid, on his way to capture the leader, comes across Yor and Anya with Bond. Loid, with Anya and Bond’s help, eventually changes the future. Handler personally comes to take care of Bond and ensure him a leisurely life after the circumstances he has been through. Anya gets upset and wants to get Bond as a pet. She throws a tantrum and hits Loid with an ultimatum in which she specifies that she will continue with her schooling only if Loid allows Bond to join their family. Ultimately, the Handler and Loid accept it, and the Handler assures Anya that she will return Bond to Anya after a checkup. Anya gets concerned about the safety of the other dogs, and the Handler, moved by her concern, assures her that the rest of the dogs will be treated respectfully with warm beds and nutritious food. She then whisks Bond away for a quick checkup with the promise of delivering him safely to Anya’s home.

As Anya successfully welcomes Bond to her family, the first image that Bond has seen of a happy family comes true, even after the ups and downs. With this, Anya thinks of a way to win over Damian. However, when she did tell Damian about her dog, the result did not pan out as she had imagined. Damian, seeing the heartbroken look on her face, took pity on her and played into her conversation. Damian got fed up after knowing that she hadn’t named the dog, and this instigated the beginning of Anya’s peril in naming her dog. She walked her dog at the dog park, and she also asked how the other people with pets got their inspiration, but to no avail. Her dilemma only kept getting bigger. Her inspiration struck when Bond rescued her from this dilemma. Anya had lost her favorite gloves to a scary dog, but Bond, with his stature, got the gloves safely back from the other dog and offered them back to Anya. This incident reminded her of an episode from her favorite anime, “The Bondman,” where Bondman retrieved Princess Honey’s stomach warmer from the evil organization. Thus, Anya named her pet Bond after Bondman. “Spy x Family” Episode 15 ends with Anya, and Bond huddled up and asleep after a tiring day. It also shows Loid displaying affection for his adopted daughter. Little by little, Anya is taking over Loid’s heart, which would probably make it impossible for him to up and leave her after the mission ends.

Episode 16: Recap & Ending Explained – Does Franky Get The Woman Of His Dreams After All?

“Spy x Family” Episode 16 acts more like a filler; it focuses more on the dynamics between Yor and the Forger family and her brother, as well as her dynamics with her colleagues. From the very beginning of the episode, while Anya plays with Bond, Yor acts all gloomy and mysterious, which makes Loid a little suspicious; however, he also tries to trust her and waits for Yor to talk about her troubles later. Yor begins to come home increasingly late; even then, Loid waits until she is home to start dinner, as does Anya. Meanwhile, Yor has been taking cooking classes from her colleague Camilla, who is absolutely exasperated by Yor’s clumsiness in the kitchen. She was roped into teaching Yor to cook after her husband took pity on Yor and offered to help her by insisting Camilla, as she was a splendid chef. Camilla indignantly took on Yor’s cooking tutelage, softening only when Yor told her that she really wanted to cook for her family so as to be properly accepted as a wife and a mother. (Please keep in mind this was set in the 1960s, which is when the feminist movements hadn’t quite removed this thought process from women’s minds.) However, even after strictly following Camilla’s instructions, the food Yor made was simply not palatable. This was when Yuri arrived at the rescue; he agreed to taste his sister’s food without complaint to the point of almost being sick from consuming it. Yuri’s arrival did help because Camilla then helped Yor make stew, a dish from her childhood. This is where her core childhood memories were unlocked, and Yor successfully made the dish, and it was delicious. Yor finally took the delicious dish with her for her family to taste. Loid and Anya were at first aghast, but when they found out that the dish did not make them faint and was delicious, they loved it. This was when Yor told them about her escapades, which had made her late, although except for the stew, the rest were quite breathtaking in the literal sense.

The second half of “Spy x Family” Episode 16 had Franky and Loid discussing their love lives. Franky had fallen in love with a woman named Monica McBride. She was an employee of the cigar club Franky had discovered. He took up smoking cigars just so he could meet and talk to her daily. Therefore, Franky did what he did best: he gathered information about Monica and later contacted Loid to help him plan a foolproof date for her. Although the depth of information Franky had collected made Loid question his intentions a bit, Franky at first contacted Loid in lieu of a mission then tried blackmailing him, which failed, then resorted to bribing him, after which he begged him, and Loid stayed to help his poor friend. He analyzed the information Franky had collected and helped him make a chart of probable answers depending on the probable situations he would face. But the chart he made was enormous, and Franky could not memorize all of it or use it to help himself out because Franky has a normal memory like all of us viewers. So, Loid disguised himself as Monica, talked, and prepped his friend up for hours before he could gather the courage to ask her out. Franky set out to win his lady love’s heart but unfortunately was met with rejection. While on his way to the pub after the rejection, he met with the Forger family, and although he tried to lie his way out, Anya, being a telepath, tried to empathize with him by patting him with teary eyes. Poor Franky tried to drink his sorrows away later at the pub and was suddenly met with his friend Loid, who shared a drink with him and had canceled his plans with his family to console his only friend. Both of them related to the sorrows of their complicated love lives due to their jobs, and “Spy x Family” Episode 16 ended on a note of friendship.

Final Words

In these two episodes, Loid’s emotions seemed a lot more transparent than before. He openly expressed certain emotions, which can lead us all to think that there is a chance that the Forger family will just remain intact even after Operation Strix ends. “Spy x Family” Episodes 15 and 16 really developed the characters and their relationships with their families, friends, and colleagues. Yor formed a new friendship while Loid shared a moment with his best friend. Anya related to Bond on a deeper level, as both of them were victims of experiments; Anya simply wanted a companion who could understand her trouble and was also gifted like she was. Bond and Anya developed an unbreakable bond due to their shared experiences. Meanwhile, Yor and Loid tried their best to make their little family happy. Even though Anya’s antics had softened up Loid’s image by a lot, Loid’s consoling his friend and staying with him spoke a lot about his character.

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