‘Spy x Family’ Episodes 19 & 20: Recap And Ending, Explained – How Did Anya Get Loid in Trouble?


In “Spy x Family” Episode 18, Daybreak was hired by somebody suspicious to alter Damian’s test results. The spy was an exhibitionist who made Twilight mentally facepalm himself on several occasions. Twilight had approached Eden with the same intentions as Daybreak: to alter Anya’s results so that Operation Strix was not compromised by her getting a Tonitrus Bolt; receiving eight of them would result in expulsion. However, on reaching the site and waiting for Daybreak to finish his work swapping the results, Twilight got distracted with altering Daybreak’s work so that Operation Strix remains intact. If Damian had failed and received trolls, it would be difficult for WISE to continue with its mission of approaching Donovan Desmond. Afterward, Loid checked Anya’s result only to be surprised that she had, in fact, passed all the exams, albeit barely. Damian ranked 11th overall, while Anya ranked 213th.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 19: Recap And Ending Explained – Who Hired Daybreak?

The secret unfolds in “Spy x Family” Episode 19, and we finally get to know who sent the amateur spy to sabotage Damian’s results: the son of the owner of the Glooman Company, who had overheard his father’s conversation and interpreted it as his father declaring bankruptcy. Due to this perceived notion of bankruptcy, George thought that the Desmond group decided to take over the company, and thus George harbored evil intentions toward Damian, which made him ask his family’s butler to hire Daybreak and alter Damian’s results. It had cost him three months of his pocket money to hire the spy. After this plan failed due to Loid and resulted in Daybreak getting fired, George took it upon himself to make sure Damian received a bolt. He tried to use the old trick of trying to trap him by blaming him for a cigarette butt and complaining to a teacher about it. Damian escaped the blame after Anya stood up for him. George then broke down in tears and confessed to Damian that the reason behind his actions was the Desmond group taking over his father’s bankrupt company, which would result in his being ousted from Eden as well as his home and him ending up living the rest of his life as a slave. He used his conditions to then extort juice and caviar and also wear the Stella Star. His classmates then took pity on him and gave him an emotional sendoff by also giving him things to remember them by. Amidst all of this, Anya, who had known him from the beginning, simply handed him a leaf and took no pity on him. After George returned home confident about his schooling coming to an end, all his delusions came to a screeching halt when his father told him that they were, in fact, not bankrupt but rather merging with the Desmond group. His title of president was simply going to be changed to that of CEO, and George could continue on with his school life. After bragging about his poor conditions, extortions, and receiving an emotional sendoff due to his delusions, needless to say, the Voldemort look alike was ridiculed and absolutely embarrassed.

After the incident with George, everything returned to normal, but one day Anya awoke later than usual, due to which she was almost late to board the bus. This led Loid to admonish her for forgetting and being not punctual, which would result in accumulating, and later she might receive a Bolt due to her tardiness. After Anya left for school, Yor noticed that she had left her gym uniform at home. Remembering what Loid had admonished Anya about, Yor made sure she delivered the uniform to Anya. She used her assassin skills to navigate through the shortest route possible to Eden, and as this was a secret delivery, Yor stuck to the ceilings to track down Anya. As she was waiting for Anya, Anya discovered her by listening in on her thoughts. Anya told Yor that she had no gym class, which is why she had left the uniform at home. Yor left dejected and feeling a little useless while Loid was scoping the school premises and spotted Yor from the terrace. He later tried to catch up with Yor as she left the school to ask for the purpose of her visit, after which he asked her out for lunch in order to cheer her up, and he reassured her that she was doing her best and that that was enough for him. “Spy x Family” Episode 19 ended with the couple on their way to enjoy a good lunch together.

Episode 20: Recap And Ending Explained – How Did Anya Get Loid in Trouble?

“Spy x Family” Episode 20 begins with the children having to complete a new task: they have to write about their parents’ jobs and interview them on why they chose that field. As the other children got busy with their tasks, Anya went home to ask Yor first about her job. However, Yor started contemplating which job she should talk to Anya about, her job as an assassin or her job as a clerk in the City Hall. While listening in on her thoughts, Anya received a clear view of how Yor would take Anya around while she completed her jobs as an assassin and also answer her questions; the scenario spooked Anya as Yor would take pride in properly slicing the necks of her targets. Anya then assured a relieved Yor that she would interview Loid instead. Loid agreed to let Anya visit the hospital where he worked as a psychiatrist; as Anya went around absorbing his workplace and asking him questions, she took down notes in the moments when Loid would think of how useful this job was for his other profession as a spy. Loid had left her in his consultation room for a few minutes to receive new information from his colleague and hospital worker, Fiona Foster. In those few minutes, Anya, during her talk with Loid, had discovered a secret passage that Loid used in case of any emergencies. Anya slipped through the passage, taking advantage of Loid’s absence, and started exploring on her own, peeking in on a meeting happening in the next room about patients and their interactions with ghosts. The doctors didn’t quite believe in this and were about to shoot down the topic when Anya’s movements and groans started the debate anew as they dubbed Anya the “infamous ghost of the hospital.” Anya quickly returned back to the room when she realized her time was almost up and rushed to finish the task of arranging the toys so that Loid could get a peek into her mind because this was an exercise psychiatrists assigned their patients to get a tell-on their current state of mind. However, in Anya’s hurry of trying to cover tracks, she made chaos of it; upon seeing the chaos, Loid took pity on her and thought she was battling a lot of worries as she was in an orphanage before he adopted her and thrust her to cope with the harsh real world. Anya, bewildered, simply agreed to Loid’s perceptions and accepted his offer to buy her a new anime series. Anya finished writing her report, and all was well while she started narrating it, but it all went downhill after a while, which resulted in Loid being called into Eden. He had to use his glib words to escape the situation as well as placate the faculty after Anya’s blunder.

After causing trouble for Loid, Anya was watching her favorite spy anime, “The Bondman,” one fine morning. Bondman introduced ciphers to the kids, which left Anya trying to make a cipher as well. Although her illegible writing made it difficult for her to create, she asked for Yor’s help and then distributed these ciphers among all her neighbors and Franky, who had just come up to ask for Loid’s whereabouts. She also passed similar notes to her classmates, asking them to discern the ciphers and claiming them as top secret. Except for Franky, nobody else seemed to take it seriously. Franky let his delusions fly as he thought it could be a very beautiful lady asking him to meet on the bridge and telling Anya to keep her love for him a secret. Franky’s imagination kept him wide awake as he frantically discerned the ciphers. Franky was the only one who patiently waited on the bridge with a bouquet of roses, while even Anya slept past the time, she set to meet everybody on the bridge. “Spy x Family” Episode 20 ended with Anya peacefully sleeping through everything.

Final Words 

Well, George was the one to hire the spy, not Damian’s father, as I had first assumed, which is good, I guess. At least he is not the kind of parent to put his son in trouble. The episodes talked about Loid’s two professions and Anya’s telepathy, which will surely put both her and Loid in trouble, just like in “Spy x Family” Episode 20. Anya’s obsession with spies leads her to concoct various missions and imagine herself as a spy too. Franky, my man, his illusions will be his downfall. I sound like a tarot card reader or a fortune teller when I say it like this, but, well, their actions do speak a lot for themselves.

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