‘Spy X Family’ Episodes 21 And 22: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Nightfall (Fiona Foster)?


In the previous episode of “Spy x Family,” Anya had to write a report assigned by her school on an interview she has to prepare for with Loid about the job he does. After preparing her questions, Loid takes her to his workplace, but alas, his thoughts lead him astray because Anya simply captures his thoughts as answers and not what he really said. Here is where Fiona Foster is introduced to the viewers fleetingly. This leads Loid to be in trouble with the school authority, and he solves the situation with his wit and reclaims their respect again. The episode then ends with Franky waiting for his dream lady. This is due to the ciphers distributed by Anya when she was watching “The Bondman.”

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 21: Recap and Ending Explained: Who is Nightfall?

Nightfall, aka Fiona Foster, was introduced to the viewers in “Spy x Family” Episode 20, while Loid had Anya visit his workplace to write about his job as a report for her school. She was assigned by the Handler to work with Loid on his next mission. Nightfall’s only regret was that, as she was not available at that time when Operation Strix was set in motion, she could not support Loid as his wife and thus had to wait for other missions to work with him. Due to this, Fiona starts plotting to remove Yor from the picture and resume her position as Mrs. Forger. Although Handler advises against it, her feelings for Loid make it harder for her to give up. Due to her poker face, others around her are afraid of the stoic, cold-hearted decisions she undertakes and thinks that she is quite an ambitious woman. Fiona heads out of the WISE agency to pay the Forgers a visit, and as she had brushed up on their schedule earlier, she knew that Yor was alone. This became the perfect time for her to evaluate Yor and plan her next moves on how to easily remove her from the Forger family. As Nightfall had just started to sow the seeds of doubt between Yor and Loid by making Yor anxious, Loid returned home with Anya and Bond. Loid questioned Nightfall’s motives, only for her to ask him to re-evaluate Yor and remove her from the role of Mrs. Forger. Her true feelings for Loid never once leaked through her stoic face, and so nobody knew of them except Anya. She took a peek into Fiona’s mind and was shocked because Fiona was screaming confessions at Loid. Fiona, while understanding Yor, was also puzzled as to why Yor couldn’t scold Anya; she would have trained Anya to the point where she would become a machine churning out Stella Stars and complete the mission in record time. This made Anya afraid of Fiona, and she rushed to Yor for solace. Loid had trained Nightfall since the beginning of her career, which had her memorizing all of his expressions and falling in love with him. Thus, when she saw Loid’s soft expressions directed at Yor, it served as the last straw for Fiona as she rushed out into the rain to comfort herself. Loid rushed after her with an umbrella, but Fiona made up her mind to try her best to win over Loid as she left him standing in the rain with a promise of proving her capabilities to him and also a warning not to stand in her way. Due to Loid’s training, Fiona learned to keep tight control over her facial expressions, which made her come off as a “tsundere.”

“Spy x Family” Episode 21 finishes with Bond being jealous for the first time. As Anya and Bond watch an anime together, the characters have to survey an enemy land, and while doing so, one of the characters, Penguin, gets shot and dies. This affects Anya as she and Bond get startled during the scene, and Anya starts crying uncontrollably. At night, she refuses to sleep without her Penguin Plushie, and this makes Bond jealous. He destroys the Penguin plushie in the morning, which makes Anya even more sad. Yor tries to fix it but ends up making it even worse. Loid at first tries to calm Anya down and promises her to buy another plushie; however, Anya refuses it because this plushie is special to her as Loid gave it to her as a gift after he won the contest back at the aquarium for her. Loid fixes it, and when Anya realizes the perpetrator behind the destruction is Bond, upset, she lashes out at him and tells him that she hates him. Bond understands his mistake but is jealous of the plushie taking away all of Anya’s attention from him. To make it up to her, he admits his mistake and apologizes to her by offering peanuts. Anya forgives him as she understands his feelings and accepts his apology. Anya makes peace with both Bond and the Penguin. “Spy x Family” Episode 21 ends with all of them playing together again.

Episode 22: Recap and Ending Explained: How Did Loid And Fiona Get Into The Mansion?

“Spy x Family” Episode 22 begins with Nightfall and Twilight discussing their upcoming mission, where they plan to infiltrate the Campbell House belonging to Cavi Campbell. Cavi Campbell is the current owner of the painting “Lady in the Sun.” This painting originally belonged to Colonel Erik Zacharis, an intelligence officer of the Eastern Army who played a major role in ending the war between the East and the West. He had possessed some critically damaging classified information that would no doubt rekindle the flames of the war. The documents he possessed were known as the Zacharis Dossier, and they had information on human research experiments that were held in the East, as well as the massacre of the prisoners of war. Although due to the loss of these documents, the details are unclear, Nightfall gathered from a source that the code leading to the whereabouts of the documents was hidden in the painting. It is still unclear if Campbell knows about the code, but it is highly necessary to extract the painting before Campbell, or the government of the West, gets to know about the code and does any other damage. The painting is kept with the rest of Campbell’s art collection in the basement of the Campbell House. This is a highly secured area and has strict security measures provided by the State Department. It is impossible to infiltrate the basement; those who have tried cease to exist on earth. Twilight and Nightfall have been given the mission of removing the painting from the premises without the knowledge of the Campbells or the government. To do so, Nightfall found out that Campbell and members of the Underground Tennis Club organize a tournament named Campbelldon that involves the flow of illegal money from a lot of infamous financial figures as well as the underworld masters. They sponsor the members playing in these tournaments, where the general public can also participate after paying a hefty price. The prize for the winner of this tournament is one of the art pieces that they can select from the basement. This is how they were going to enter and carry out their mission.

After successfully participating in the tournament, the phony couple, in disguise as Loid and Fiona, were up against their first opponent, Walson and Bobble, a retired tennis champion duo who won the Grand Slam 10 years ago. Even though the retired professionals were good players, they were no match for the Phony Couple, who went on to win the match easily and were up against the Bolic Brothers. The Bolic Brothers were at first lean players when they played their first match but quickly turned into muscled monstrosities after doping drugs, “OSO-R,” provided by their sponsor working with the government to prepare them for the East-West Tennis Tournament. During this match, meanwhile, Anya consoles a worried Yor, who is a little reminiscent of Fiona Forger. After dealing with a crushing loss to the Bolvic Brothers, Loid and Fiona went on to compete in the finals against the Campbell Siblings after breezing through the rest of the matches and were then taken to a guest room to provide them with a break. Fiona, ecstatic to be alone with her senior, had to put a stop to her thoughts when Loid noticed her injured palms and rebuked her for acting rashly. Fiona was secretly happy that Loid was caring for her, but her stoic image suggested otherwise, and Loid thought she was unhappy and angry with him for telling her how to carry out the mission. Their argument was put on hold when both of them noticed that they were being drugged slowly as the drugged air flowed through the vents. They agreed to pretend to be drugged while talking in morse code so that the enemy was not notified that they knew of this trick while they prepared for their next match against the Campbell siblings, who had been trained since they were young, and as their father was the organizer, they were not above using dirty tricks to win the tournament. Carol and Kim Campbell first proved to be formidable opponents, and they sabotaged Loid and Fiona’s moves when they finally gained the upper hand over the siblings. “Spy x Family” Episode 22 ends with Loid and Fiona preparing for their last set while figuring out the grooves on the playing field.

Final Words

“Spy x Family” Episode 20 introduced Fiona as a passing character; Episode 21 properly introduced Fiona as a formidable rival for Yor. Fiona loves Loid and is trying her best to become the best partner for him; however, Yor’s charms seem to have won over Loid as he slowly starts showing his genuine feelings instead of his practiced fake ones. Anya and Yor are slowly taking up a more permanent residence in his heart, making him feel at home with them. On the other hand, Fiona’s unrequited feelings are pushing her to be with Loid by hook or by crook. She wants to remove Yor and become Mrs. Forger, but her feelings come across as her ambition to rise above Twilight. Fiona introduces a plot twist, but I think Loid will probably let her down easily after he knows of her feelings, but still, I feel a little bad for her experiencing unrequited love. I just hope she does not become a villain to Yor, intent on becoming a thorn in her side and becoming somebody who would expose Yor to Loid and vice versa.

Episode 22 revolves around a tennis tournament, where we get to see Loid’s skill in tennis firsthand. Loid just repeatedly proves that there is almost nothing he is not good at. “Spy x Family” Episode 22 involves a full-fledged mission that also includes him having to partner up with a fellow agent. Although Fiona’s actions point toward an innocent love, her persistence might turn her character sour. These are usually the plotlines for a villain arc. I joke although I hope Fiona does not turn into a villain herself. Right now, I am looking forward to how they get out of the Campbell mansion with the painting. Does Campbell really not know about the painting? If not, why did he possess the painting? Was it simply greed to own something the East did, or was it his prior knowledge about the painting, and he is simply waiting for somebody to crack the code? Only the next episode will be able to answer these questions, I suppose.

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