‘Spy x Family’ Season 2: Ending, Explained: Did Loid Meet With Donovan Desmond? What To Expect In Season 3?


Season 2 of “Spy x Family” begins with a very catchy opening score for the intro and ends with an equally catchy ending score for the outro. The much-awaited anime series was welcomed by the viewers with anticipation and a lot of hype as they waited patiently for Season 3, having binged through the rest of the episodes of this season. The intro to this series describes perfectly how melancholy a life each member of the Forger family had before they became a family. The onset of mostly pink flowers in the scenes with Loid and Yor shows how Anya’s bright presence has had a positive impact, giving both of them a reason to live happily along with their awfully gloomy professions. It gives a glimpse into how they try to make sure Anya is safe from their missions, as both Loid and Yor are protective of their little sunshine. Anya’s scenes are portrayed with excitement and fun new activities, which she had not experienced while she had led such a torturous life while being experimented on by scientists. She had developed her telepathic powers through those experiments, and thus Loid became her savior after he adopted her, and now she leads a better life and experiences something new each day.

The intro also portrays her budding friendship with her best friend, Becky, as they attend their classes and have fun together. The intro beautifully portrays their emotions in each scene with imagery designed with metaphorical compositions. The outro has a similar outtake as the characters open their metaphorical doors to bright light as they are guided toward leading a better life while interacting more with their colleagues and friends, which also adds a peek into their daily lives as a family. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi and created by Tatsuya Endo, “Spy x Family” Season 2 brings back the adventures of viewers’ favorite family, the Forgers, and establishes the plot point by placing the essential chess pieces to finally bring the ongoing mission, “Operation Strix,” to its next stage as Loid establishes contact with the mysterious Donovan Desmond.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Spy x Family'”‘ Season 2: Plotline – What Is The Second Season About?

Season 2 of “Spy x Family” begins with Anya meeting with her new family member, Bond, and solving a crisis with him. Loid is sent on an urgent mission while looking for pets for Anya. As Yor and Anya navigate the pet adoption fair, Anya’s attention gets diverted to a big white dog with an uncanny ability to see the future. She immediately rushes to him and gets the details of an organized terrorist mission. Anya and Bond save Loid from his impending doom, as she had seen in Bond’s vision, while Loid saves the Prime Minister from the terrorist attack and successfully averts a war. Afterward, Bond is accepted as a forger, and in the days to come, Yor seeks out cooking classes, where she learns to cook one dish perfect for the family. Loid and Franky’s friendship comes to light as they both drink away their relationship problems. In the meantime, a new spy, Daybreak, is hired to mess up the results of the Desmond brothers, but his career comes to an end before it starts because Loid intervenes and puts the results right again. Fiona is introduced later in the episodes as a love rival, and Yor becomes a little insecure due to Fiona’s presence. Fiona leaves the Forger family to go practice her serve after she gets soundly defeated in a one-on-one tennis match against Yor. Loid takes Yor out to address the insecurities she must have felt during that time as they get closer to becoming a real family. The season ends with Donovan’s introduction as the school holds an annual gathering for the Imperial Scholars and their families. The dynamics between Damian and his father, Desmond, are revealed as Loid tries to establish contact with Desmond.

The New Characters Introduced In Season 2

“Spy x Family” Season 2 introduces new characters and also establishes various arcs for character growth. Episode 13 introduces Bond, the Forger family’s pet dog, who also has the ability to see into the future and is the perfect partner for Anya. She falls in love with Bond and also has another being who can understand and also relate to the experiences she had gone through while she was a little baby. Episode 20 introduces the viewers to Fiona Foster, who is introduced mainly as Loid’s colleague to give the viewers a better understanding of Loid’s missions when he partners up with them and also introduces her as a love rival for Yor. Fiona plays a distinct role where Yor experiences certain insecurities and also goes through character growth as this brings her closer to Loid, who believes in communication and solving their problems by talking them out. Donovan Desmond was only shown in images as Loid was given his case study. However, due to Desmond being a recluse and never showing his face in public, Loid had no chance of approaching him. Donovan is mainly introduced as a top government official and as an absentee parent to Damian from the very beginning of the series, and it is not until Episode 25 that we get a look at the character that is Donovan Desmond. A lot of other side characters were introduced as well, including the son of the owner of Glooman Company, George, and his hired spy, Daybreak, as they had tried to sabotage the results of the Desmond sons. Damian’s brother Demetrius was also introduced only via his voice. He is an Imperial Scholar at Eden, and Donovan pays more attention to him, thus making Damian work extra hard to also excel just like his brother.

How Is The Relationship Between The Desmonds?

The episodes in “Spy x Family” Season 2 show a strain on Damian Desmond’s relationship with his family, which includes his brother and his father. Donovan Desmond is portrayed as an absent parent as Damian strives for his praise and affection. Damian stays at the dorms and also spends his vacations at the dorm with his friends away from his family, but he still keeps a childish hope that his father will look at him. Damian’s striving to please his father so that he takes an interest in his life drives him to achieve excellence in every field. His strained relationship with his brother is only shown over a phone call, where he asks for his brother’s assistance to meet his father. Donovan does arrive at the gathering and also meets with Damian; without Loid’s interference, the relationship between father and son would be even more strained. This is because Donovan Desmond is a man of few words who considers his sons strangers and therefore does not feel the need to be present while they grow up. He gives off an aura where he expects his sons to excel and be competent to actually gain his interest. Although there are certain cracks in that facade, which are visible when he meets Damian upon his insistence as well as after being prompted by Damian’s brother, Damian gets praised for his efforts and gains back his happy, childish energy as he celebrates the moments with his friends. Even though he had kept his expectations to a minimum after being disappointed so many times, his happiness at being recognized a little by his father brings back his drive to be even better to receive more praise.

‘Spy x Family’ Season 2: Ending Explained – Did Loid Forger Successfully Meet With Donovan Desmond?

The series “Spy x Family” revolves around Operation Strix, which has moved into the next phase where Loid has to establish contact with Donovan Desmond, one of the key figures of the Ostanian Government. His one word could stop or begin another war between Westasia and Ostania. Donovan turns out to be reclusive, as he never emerges without security and also keeps his public appearances to an absolute minimum. It is very difficult for the agencies to successfully infiltrate Desmond’s mansion due to the high security. Donovan also raises his kids as absolute strangers to avoid having any weaknesses; therefore, if any of his kids are ever kidnapped to threaten his power, he could easily cut ties with them. Although this little fact was not known by Loid Forger, as he had established his family and also made sure Anya attended Eden and became closer to Damian, Anya tries hard to achieve the Stellas as well as create a better relationship with Damian, but to no avail; although Damian does exhibit the beginnings of a crush on Anya, even though he treats her a little coldly, he gives in to her antics. Loid established a little contact only, and only at the very end of this season when Damian had gathered enough courage to ask his father to meet him at the beginning of the gathering. Loid uses the matching keychain Anya got for herself and Becky to mark the beginnings of a beautiful friendship as an excuse to get to meet Damian, who would be meeting Donovan. Anya had played an important role in convincing Damian to meet his father and tell him about his achievements, as he had wanted to, but he kept hesitating for fear of a lack of response. Damian worked up the courage after being given the push by Anya, and he met with his father. Loid took this opportunity to shine in front of Donovan Desmond, assure Damian that his father did not abandon him, and also make sure that Donovan would remember his name. Thus, officially marking the end of Phase 2, establishing contact with Donovan, and beginning Phase 3, infiltrating his house.

What Should We Expect From ‘Spy x Family’ Season 3?

“Spy x Family” Season 2 ends with Twilight successfully establishing contact with Donovan Desmond and making sure he remembers his name. He also helps Damian improve his relationship with his father and gains a little appreciation. This marks the beginning of the next phase, which revolves around finding a way to infiltrate Donovan Desmond’s mansion. In the next season, we can expect Loid Forger to find his way into Donovan’s good graces. We can also expect Loid to solve more missions and indirectly help Yuri solve his missions as well. In the next season, as per the manga, Damian can also have a little day off with his friends and enjoy themselves with the help of Henry Henderson, their homeroom teacher. Bond could have his own adventures as well, just as we expect a little more of a peek into Becky and Anya’s friendship. In the next season, we are hoping for a little more progress between Damian and Anya as well. “Spy x Family” Season 3 has a lot of high hopes waiting for its arrival as all of us viewers wait for an equally catchy intro and outro. As the first episode of the season had an intro, it described the world views that Loid and Yor had, which were much different from the childish and cartoonish worldview that Anya had. The world views then merged to give them brighter and more colorful lives. Similarly, the season 2 intros and outros were equally outstanding, with even more catchy tunes defining them. Therefore, let us wait to see what design and metaphorical outlook “Spy x Family” Season 3 might adopt for the intro and outro.

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