‘Still Out of My League’ Ending, Explained – Does Gabriele & Marta Reunite?


‘Still Out of My League’ is the sequel to the 2020 Italian movie ‘Out of My League.’ This next part of the movie follows the life of a sick yet bubbly girl, Marta, who parts ways with her former lover Arturo and finds new love in Gabriele. Will Gabriele be out of her league, or will he be the just-right person for her?

‘Still Out of My League’ Plot Summary

Marta ends her marriage with Arturo because they don’t find each other compatible. No time has passed, and she meets Gabriele, an artist in a park, and they hit it off. This time, she tells him at the beginning about her illness. He says he feels worried, but that was okay. They start spending quite a lot of time together.

Jacopo downloads a dating app, but instead of finding one person, he keeps meeting multiple men and ends up losing sleep and dating no one. Federica wins a local gambling game and Mauro, who was also playing, offers her a job at his company. She gets an internship as an Ethical Hacker despite not having a degree or any experience.

After messing up all of his dates, Jacopo uninstalls the app and loses his interest in dating when Tommaso, a delivery guy, comes into his life. He develops a crush on him but has no idea if Tommy is gay or not. After some days, Federica discovers the dirty truth about Mauro from her senior colleagues and decides to expose him even if it means losing her job. On the other hand, Gabriele receives a job offer from Paris, but he declines because that means being in a long-distance relationship with Marta.  

Gabriele Moves To Paris

Marta doesn’t like the fact that Gabriele is declining such a good opportunity for their relationship. She convinces him to go to Paris. They decide to stay in a long-distance relationship but are worried if they can make it work. Gabriele says to Marta that he will be waiting for her to come to meet him. While Gabriele is gone, Marta has a lot of time to spare. She agrees to help Jacopo find if his crush is gay or not. 

To get close to Tommy and get his number, she asks him to change his soaked clothes and invites him inside the home. Gabriele watches him on the video call and feels uneasy. He comes back to visit Marta on the day when Tommy had asked Marta to go out with him. They go together with Jacopo; that’s when Gabriele assumes that Tommy likes Marta.  

‘Still Out of My League’ Ending Explained

Federica and her colleagues make a plan to expose Mauro in a global gathering. They set him up, and his true face about being a sexual harasser is revealed in front of everyone, and he gets fired. Gabriele is still insecure, and after trying to stop himself, he logs into Marta’s account to read her chats. He finds out that Marta and Tommy are going for dinner tonight. He calls Marta at night, and when she lies about being with Jacopo, he takes out all of his anger and says mean words to her. He says that she always dates boys out of her league and then dumps them. Marta is hurt, and they break up over the call. Gabriele calls her for days, but she doesn’t pick up and block his number eventually. Without having any idea of having created this chaos, Tommy is going back to his hometown and meets Jacopo for the last time, ending their short crush story.  

Marta’s regular doctor is retired, and she finds the new doctor very rude. Marta has been waiting for a Lungs donor for many years. The new doctor informs her to be ready whenever she gets a call from Hospital for her Lungs transplant. She is scared and wants to call Gabriele but doesn’t. Jacopo tells Gabriele the night before the surgery, but a problem arises, and Gabriele has to take the car because air flights are canceled. Marta is going inside the operation room when Gabriele reaches the hospital after driving for 7 hours. Unfortunately, he goes to Marta’s previous doctor’s hospital when Marta is in the new doctor’s hospital. Gabriele is too late, and he misses the chance to reunite with Marta. The next part of the movie will tell if Marta survived the transplant and if they will get to meet again.

Still Out of My League (or Ancora più bello in Italian) is a 2021 Romantic Comedy film directed by Claudio Norza. It is streaming on Netflix.

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