‘Streamline’ Summary & Ending, Explained – Did Benjamin ‘Boy’ Become An Olympian?


Prodigies often feel the burden of their gifts. Their family and friends expect them to achieve goals designed around their talents. But what if he or she wants to pursue something different? They may want to live an infamous, anonymous life and may not want to achieve greatness. Therefore, they constantly ask themselves whether their talent is a boon or a curse. Tyson Wade Johnston’s debut film, Streamline, subtly underlines the conflicts of a teenage swimming prodigy.

Written and directed by Tyson Wade Johnston, the Australian drama film, Streamline, explores many intricate layers in a teenager’s life. And why not? It’s one of the most conflicted ages that follows a massive transition. The pressure from a swimming coach, the burden of his mother’s dreams, and the release of a convicted father merges into a moving drama that one cannot afford to miss.

Streamline’ Plot Summary

Benjamin ‘Boy’ Lane (Levi Miller) is a 15-year-old swimming prodigy, aspires to become an Olympian at just 15 years like his inspiration, Ian Thorpe. Boy trains under his dedicated coach, Glen Goodman, who leaves no stone unturned to prepare the boy for the qualifying event. At the same time, Boy’s single mother, Kim Lane (Laura Gordon), sacrifices her own social life to fulfill her son’s needs.

The film begins as the Boy’s father, Rob Bush (Jason Isaacs), an ex-naval officer, is released from prison after serving time for physically abusing his family. The news worries Boy and the people around him. Glen asks Boy not to ruin things they have built due to the release of his father. The coach even helps Boy get an opportunity to attend a prestigious athletic school that will prepare him for the Olympic Championships.

The news of his abusive father’s release from prison shakes Boy mentally. His coach burdens him with his expectations, and the rigorous training pushes him off the rails. Boy stops his training and enters into an emotional argument with Kim. Soon after, Boy leaves his mother’s home to live with his half-brothers, Dave and Nick. The rusty farm brothers spend a toxic life on the outskirts but accept Boy without any fuss. However, a bad company poisons Boy’s sanity, and he decides to leave swimming forever. Is it a wise decision? Is it what Boy wants? The upcoming turn of events will unravel further.

A Toxic Brother – Repeating the sins of the father

Dave intoxicated Boy’s teenage life. He took him to see their abusive father, who worked as a cook/dishwasher in a restaurant. Dave laughed at his old man, underlining that the man, high on power for 20 years, now worked as a dishwasher. Boy stood there silently watching Dave’s abusive behavior as he assaulted and humiliated Rob to vent his rage. Observing the devastating turn of events, a conscious Nick feared that Dave was turning like their father, repeating his hereditary sins.

On Boy’s 16th birthday, Nick subtly hinted to Boy that he should leave Dave’s company to better his future. Boy didn’t return to his mother because he thought he had burned the bridge. He didn’t want to accept his mistake and, in ego, stayed with Dave at the farmhouse. However, Patti saw him in an indecent state when a strange woman gave drugs to Boy and his girlfriend during his party. Boy realized his mistake. Boy followed Patti in Dave’s car, but Patti refused to talk to him. At Patti’s house, Patti’s older brother pushed and punched Boy, and suddenly Dave and his rowdy friends came for help. Traumatized by Dave’s toxicity, Boy blamed him for ruining his life. The revelations hit Dave emotionally, and as the police arrived at Patti’s house, Dave ordered Boy to run away. Later, Dave surrendered and took the blame to save his teenage brother.

‘Streamline’ Ending Explained – The Road To Olympics!

Finally, Boy confronted his father, Rob Bush, on his 16th birthday. Rob sought forgiveness for his abusive behavior and traumatic childhood. Rob explained that he wanted to hurt Dave’s mother and wished he could take everything back. He felt guilty and had remorse in his heart, but he couldn’t change the past. Rob underlined that he lost his boys due to his mistakes, but going to jail was the best thing that happened to him. It enabled him to reflect on his mistakes, and in his fortunate absence, Boy recognized his incredible talent.

“Men are made by their mistakes.”

Rob Bush

In the end, Rob urged Boy to turn back and fix things. He dropped the boy off at Kim’s house so that he could reconcile his relationship with her.

Months later, Benjamin ‘Boy’ Lane participated in the Junior Olympics Championship. But this time, coach Glen didn’t burden Boy with expectations. Instead, he asked Boy to enjoy the game. The screen faded out before revealing the results of the championship.

‘Streamline’ Credit Sequence – Verdict of the Championship

An interview sequence after the championship notified that Boy became an Olympian at just 16 years of age. He finally made peace with his gift and talent and won the Olympic Medal.

The coach, before the game, preached to Boy to enjoy the game. Hence, hopefully, after the championship, Boy’s mother and his coach would let him live his life as per his own accord. Hopefully, they would let him live everyday and peaceful life and not burden his innocence with the weight of expectations.

Streamline is a 2021 drama film written and directed by Tyson Wade Johnston. It is streaming on Stan.

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