‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Ending Explained & Finale Episode 16 Recap: Is Ryu Si-O Dead?


Strong Girl Nam Soon has come to an end, and there is no denying that it doesn’t feel satisfying or complete in the least. The series suffered from some terrible writing and awful character choices. It relied on gimmicks and poor humor for most of its plots, but now that it is all over, the only hope we have for it is the promised season 3. For now, let us go through the recap and ending of Strong Girl Nam Soon.

Spoiler Alert

How does Nam Soon become involved with Ryu Si O?

The story starts many years ago, when Nam Soon was just a child. Her father had taken her to Mongolia, but she ended up getting lost there. For many years, the family has been looking for her, and Nam Soon has grown up as Tsetseg, though she remembers her real name and that she is from Korea. When she becomes old enough, she travels to Korea in search of her real parents, and it is a while before she finds them. In the meantime, she runs into two other homeless people who end up becoming her friends, and she also meets Hee Sik, the police officer who helps locate her family. An imposter by the name of Hwa Ja had taken Nam Soon’s place, but she left and turned over a new leaf with the help of Geum Ju and Nam Soon.

As soon as Nam Soon reunites with her family, she wants to start using her powers for good. Geum Ju is already investigating the drug trafficking business in the country, and Nam Soon also joins in her capacity to help Hee Sik. She starts working in the Doogo Warehouse, where the drugs are supposedly there, and soon, she catches Ryu Si O’s attention, who is the mastermind behind the whole thing.

Ryu Si O was an orphan who was taken in by Pavel, and he was trained to be a ruthless killer designed to manage businesses for the organization. But Ryu Si O has wanted to be independent, especially since Pavel killed his childhood friend, Binbin, or so he thought. Pavel has developed a powerful drug, and once somebody takes it, they gain immense strength, though that drug also ends up killing them in no time. Ryu Si O has spearheaded the research on the antidote, and the organization’s business model is for people to be given the drug and then sell the antidote for a high price. Ryu Si O is trying to get his independence from Pavel by keeping control over the antidote. Meanwhile, he comes across Nam Soon and is instantly attracted to her because of her natural strength and her unassuming personality, not knowing that this whole time she is working against him. Ryu Si O eventually discovers who Nam Soon is, and he is furious at the betrayal. According to him, he was abandoned three times in his life. The first was by his parents; the second was by Nam Soon; and the third was by Binbin, whom he finds is alive after all. At the end of the day, Ryu Si O’s life was nothing but a series of tragedies, and only if he had tried to gain his freedom without destroying the world would he have had a chance at happiness.

Is Ryu Si-O dead? Who is Jang Chung Dong?

Ryu Si O takes the drug to gain enough strength to kill Nam Soon, but he is the one who ends up injured in the process. Si O escapes, but his strength is going down, and while it is not clear, we suspect that he did not have access to the antidote. Nam Soon is still very weak because of the dose she has taken, and Hee Sik scrambles to get her the antidote, which he ultimately finds in Doogo. Nam Soon’s life is saved, and more importantly, so is Joong Gan’s. When Joong Gan’s husband sees how worried Jun Hee was for Joong Gan, he decides to not get in their way and let them have their own lives. As for Geum Ju, she seems open to a reconciliation with her ex-husband, and even he is blushing at the thought, though it may be a while before that actually happens.

Coming to Ryu Si O, he meets Binbin and finds that the latter was sent to Hungary as a child and trained by Pavel. Binbin’s first assignment is to kill Si O, and this is when Si O asks that he not be abandoned by his friend. The context of this statement is not clear, but Binbin gives his gun to Si O, and the latter ends up taking his own life with it. However, Binbin has already escaped with Si O’s phone, and there is already some other plan in place, perhaps one to bring down Pavel. Nam Soon and Hee Sik realize the loneliness of Si O, especially when they learn that he has tracked down his birth father and taken care of him by giving him a shop to run. But it must be questioned whether this was an act of kindness or if Si O actually had some hidden motives behind it. Meanwhile, there is a shock waiting for Geum Ju as well. Right from the beginning, Bread Song has been an enigma for her. He has pretended to be an investor who is doubling the money of the women who bring their investments to him, but Geum Ju is sure that he is a cheat since there is no way to legally do this. But so far, she has found no proof of his wrongdoings or a connection to Si O, except that one picture.

During Strong Girl Nam Soon‘s ending, Geum Ju discovers that Bread Song was none other than Nuzh, the heir to Pavel. He was in Korea to learn finance, and his facade as an investor was a means to an end. But Bread Song had hated that job, and he wanted to get back to doing what he did best: killing people. Though he had now left the country, he had already placed the target on Geum Ju’s back and, by extension, her family. On the other hand, Hee Sik proposes to Nam Soon. His family is initially disapproving when they hear that Nam Soon grew up in Mongolia and doesn’t have a college education, but when they see how rich Geum Ju is, they are happy with their son’s choice. Nam Soon joins the police department, and Joong Gan goes on to use her powers to protect the elderly. Geum Ju is on a spree to sue anyone and everyone she can to gain justice and make things difficult for Pavel. As Nam Soon fights to catch the bad guys, Geum Ju contacts a relative, whose son, Jang Chung Dong, has the same powers as the women of Geum Ju’s family. He is a vagrant as of now, but Geum Ju wants to put him to use for her next mission. This was a surprise, something that doesn’t feel particularly welcome, but let us see where they go with it.

Final Thoughts

The entirety of Strong Girl Nam Soon finale was a set-up for the much-talked-about third season of the Strong Girl franchise, except that this time, a strong boy may take the stage. That seems a little against the initial concept of the stories, but the plot was already lost with the spinoff, so why complain now? Hopefully, things will improve in the next installment of this franchise.

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