‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 14 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Ryu Si-O Kill The Commissioner General?


An episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon is not complete without Grandma beating up some thugs on her own. It ceased to be funny long ago, but the writers have shown a commitment to this gag that simply cannot be shaken off. Meanwhile, Hee Sik was done dirty by the writers. They truly did not know what to do with him, and he has consistently been pushed to the background. The point to note is that it wasn’t because of the actor’s lack of potential but because nobody seemed to know what to do with the character. The others are simply shuffling around with life as usual, and overall, episode 15 of this season hasn’t given the audience anything to go by. Let us see whether we can derive something from the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

Why is the family going to Busan?

The sea hares for the antidote will be leaving from Busan, and the mother and daughter need to intercept that. They have to take the men of the family with them because they are a wobbly lot who cannot take care of themselves, be it Bong Go, Nam In, or Geum Dong. The way we have become fans of Lee Seung Joon, who plays the adorable Bong Go in Strong Girl Nam Soon and the sinister father in “Castaway Diva,” is so unexpected. Why has he not been utilized more by this show? This is the most criminal thing that has been done so far in this drama. Either way, grandma doesn’t want to go to Busan because she still has to deal with her husband. Geum Dong kicks up a fuss as usual, but nobody is listening to him.

Before they leave, Geum Dong confesses to Na Young once again, and, as usual, she rejects him. If only he knew that his mother was trying to set him up with his doctor. Meanwhile, Na Young comes clean to Geum Ju about how Si O is blackmailing her, and Geum Ju takes care of things, ensuring that Doogo is exposed as it was planned. The entire country knows about their drug business, and there is absolutely no way to save face for the company. The victims are coming out and talking, leaving no room for excuses. Si O tries to say that Geum Ju orchestrated the whole thing out of jealousy, but his case is absolutely weak at this point. Si O has simply come to believe that he should be more like the people who raised him and kill people instead of keeping them around for frivolous reasons. Si O can still feel the sting of Nam Soon’s betrayal, and as he remembers the times he had sung silly songs with her or asked her in all his vulnerability if he could trust her, the audience realizes that Si O’s feelings had always been sincere.

Right now, Nam Soon and her family are going to Busan so that the mother and daughter can carry out their sea hare mission and hide for a while from Si O., But it isn’t long before he finds targets for his revenge.

How is life in Busan?

Nam Soon is delighted to find her adopted mother in the Busan house, and the entire family has a nice time getting to know each other. Nam Soon shows her mother around Busan while Geum Ju attends to some business. Nam In and Bong Go also go out, though the latter receives a terrible shock. Geum Ju runs into Bread Song unexpectedly, and she decides that he was always a waste of her time. He tells her that he was born in Busan but grew up in Russia, and he even offers to help her if she wants. But Geum Ju is done. Unfortunately, this entire scene is witnessed and misinterpreted by Bong Go, who thinks that his ex-wife is moving on with someone else. 

Does Ryu Si-O kill the Commissioner General?

For Ryu Si O, everything is going wrong. All of his jackets with the drugs have been called back, his operations have been halted, and the people in the government he had influence over have left. The new Commissioner has reinstated Hee Sik and his team back to the case, so Si O is at an utter loss no matter how he sees it. But Si-O is bound to have a plan. He is bloodthirsty and is bound to find some leads from Nam Soon’s family.

The first person he catches hold of is Myung Hee. She had made a life for herself with Geum Ju’s help and had asked the rest of her friends to walk the same path with the promise of helping her. Si O may not have known that, but it was easy to guess that if she had lied to Nam Soon, then she must be connected to the family. He kills her soon enough, and this is the first tragedy of the drama.

The next thing for Si O to do is to control the legal fallout, and the easiest way to do that is to kill the person currently calling the shots. Nam Soon and Geum Ju have neglected to remember that Si O still has the drugs with him, and he can use them at will. That is exactly what he does. He buys a ballpoint pen, uses it to shoot up some drugs, and then overturns the Commissioner General’s car, only to kill the man and his bodyguards inside.

At the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon, Si O’s next step is to text Nam Soon from Myung Hee’s phone and tell her that he is going to kill her next. Nam Soon knows that she has been found out, and even Hee Sik is shocked at the spate of deaths that Si O is causing. Whether the mission in Busan is successful or not, Si O and Nam Soon have lost people important to them, and they want revenge as much as Si O does.

Final Thoughts

Will the audience finally see Nam Soon at a disadvantage in the coming episodes? So far, she and Geum Ju have fought because of their super strength and then their enormous amounts of money. There has been no intelligence otherwise, and with the tables likely turning against them, this is the exact quality they would be needing.

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