‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Bread Song Really A Criminal?


It has been a long journey with Strong Girl Nam Soon, and it is finally coming to an end. There are not many feelings at this point except that Si O and Nam Soon’s chemistry, which was the talking point of the show for so long, did not get explored properly. Other than that, here is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

What happens after Hwa Ja’s death?

Hwa Ja’s death was an unexpected blow for everyone, and it is the only time we have been annoyed by Bong Go, who has otherwise been very cute throughout the show. He asks Geum Ju if she is seeing anyone, and when she talks about the dangers of her job, he decides it is an appropriate time to tell his estranged wife of some twenty years that he cannot live without her. To be respectful to Hwa Ja, her friends are sad that Hwa Ja’s desire to see them walk on the right path was not fulfilled, but Geum Ju promises them that there will be justice, and we guess that in the future, the friends will also get well settled. As for Nam In and Bong Go, they are taking care of Nam Soon’s adoptive mother till she leaves for Mongolia. After they see her off, they go to meet Geum Dong and his father, where Bong Go says that they should all live together and let Joong Gan live her own life. But Nam In immediately makes it clear that living with all the men of the family will never let him progress in life, so he would rather move out.

What is Ryu Si-O doing?

As Hee Sik has said, Ryu Si-O is on a rampage. He kidnapped the Commissioner General (not killed, as we thought in the previous episode), and he is negotiating with Pavel for his escape. Si O has killed the one-eyed woman, and he doesn’t care for the rest of Pavel either, but right now, he needs them. The leader of Pavel, Nozh, negotiates with Si O, and he mentions a nuclear bomb that is capable of causing great destruction. Its significance is yet to be understood, but for now, the police have smartly installed spyware on Si O’s phone, so they know what he is doing at every step.

Si O wants Pavel to protect him if they want the formula for the drugs and the antidote, and once the organization promises that, Si O sends them to look for Dr. Choi, who is the one who came up with both formulas. But Nam Soon gets to him first, and now Pavel is thinking that Si O lied to them. Si O won’t have trouble handling them, but his anger towards Nam Soon is rising. He orders for her entire family to be killed, and the immediate target is her adoptive mother.

Is Bread Song really a criminal?

This man is turning out to be more mysterious than the villain himself. First of all, Geum Ju has turned her news channel into an adult entertainment channel, probably to throw the law enforcement authorities off her scent. Secondly, the homeless friend of Nam Soon has lost all his acting jobs and brand endorsements because news has broken out that he abandoned his girlfriend after becoming rich and famous. It sounds a little petty on the part of his ex-girlfriend, but then, this man had also behaved rather coldly with her.

As for Bread Song himself, his business is certainly not clean since he is involved with some woman that Geum Ju knows from her poorer days, as she is a person who uses underhanded means to make money. Her involvement with Bread Song and his picture with Ryu Si-O are clear indications that he is a villain. At this point, we suspect that his motives and methods are going to turn out to be very stupid. There has been so much fuss over him with absolutely no payoff, so this is the inevitable conclusion. Or he could be Binbin and Si O’s friend who wants him to be a good person. It’s a corny alternative for Bread Song’s character.

How does the connection save Nam Soon?

Si O calls Nam Soon and tells her that her adoptive mother is in danger, and that if she wants to save her, she should come to the warehouse. Nam Soon has no choice but to listen, and when she gets there, she tells Si O to turn himself in since his entire business is in ruins, and he has nothing to go by. Bu Si O still has his revenge to take, and he tells Nam Soon that her mother has a bomb with her. Nam Soon must take the drug and resist the urge to drink water for an hour. If she gives in to the temptation, the bomb will be set off. Having no choice, Nam Soon takes the drug, only to discover that it is a fatal dose. Nam Soon doesn’t have long to live, and she is going to die if she doesn’t drink the water, but she isn’t able to get to it. Elsewhere, Geum Ju rushes to help her daughter, but she is feeling the effects of the drug on herself.

Geum Ju, Joong Gan, and Nam Soon can feel it when the other person uses a lot of their strength, but it is the first time that the audience comes to know that they also sense when the other is in mortal danger. Geum Ju tries to drink water to transfer some of that effect to Nam Soon, but to no avail. At that time, Joong Gan also came to know what was happening, and she had a solution. She realizes that using this amount of strength could potentially kill her, so she says goodbye to Jun Hee, and at the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 15, she lifts an entire statue by herself. This strength transfers to Geum Ju and, by extension, to Nam Soon, who wakes up and drinks some water. She breaks free of the room and is once again the strong girl who is ready to fight the bad guys. Elsewhere, Joong Gan may be a little weakened, but we are sure that she will be fine. Maybe her weakened state will encourage her son and husband to let her live her life.

Final Thoughts

The precap of Strong Girl Nam Soon finale tells us that everything is going to be solved in the finale. We don’t have any questions left except for a desire to watch a clean ending. It would be nice if Si O and Nam Soon could come together and have some interesting banter, but that is too much to expect at this point.

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