‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Do Nam Soon And Geum Jo Meet?


Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 3 was a show of strength for the ladies of Nam Soon’s family. There was absolutely no story here, and at the risk of sounding cringe, it was just about the good vibes. But we got that cameo by Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik, and while that connected the universes and gave something to the fans of the original, it may have been a mistake in hindsight because it also showed us what is lacking in Strong Girl Nam Soon. 

The charm of Ahn Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon as characters and as a couple remains unmatched. Nobody fell in love with the original show because of the arc of Bong Soon’s powers. It was the love story at the heart of the story that was its main attraction, and Strong Girl Nam Soon isn’t serving us at all with it. But for the sake of being fair, we revisited the original trailer for this show and realized that it had never promised us a love story to begin with. We had just jumped the gun with our over-enthusiasm. Still, even the supposed feel-good vibes are not landing because they are completely dependent on the over-exaggeration of things, and none of it is as funny as it should be. That better change soon, because we don’t want to give up on this show as it is. Let us look at the recap of the episode in the meantime.

Spoiler Alert

Does Bong Go recognize his daughter?

The man was not lying when he said that he would know it when he saw Nam Soon. He felt it immediately that the person in front of him was his daughter, and the reunion would have happened right away if she had gone into his studio and seen her photographs. But she got a call from the police saying that her things had been recovered, so she did not need photographs for a new passport. But Nam Soon still doesn’t have any money, and she has to continue living like before. It doesn’t help that she gets sued by a man whom she had previously stopped from uprooting her grandmother.

The man is grievously injured, and his wife demands compensation from Nam Soon. She promises to pay for his treatment by working odd jobs, but she also says that she will sue him in return for trying to harm her friends. True to her words, Nam Soon takes a job as an extra on a film set. There is no relevance to these 10 minutes of the episode other than to probably show Nam Soon’s sense of justice and fairness. She doesn’t like that the food truck for the extras is different from the rest of the workers, and she drags the vehicle to her place before proceeding to entertain everyone with her super-strength.

But there is trouble brewing for Nam Soon in the meantime. Hwa Ja wants to eliminate her, as she wants to take Nam Soon’s place permanently. She is not aware that Geum Jo already knows about her being a fraud. She is only being nice because of her belief in karma, that if she ill-treats someone, something similar would happen to her daughter. Hwa Ja tries to take down the gears and probably kill Nam Soon, but the girl is simply too strong. It was foolish of Hwa Ja to underestimate her, and she is seething with rage. While Nam Soon’s friends are left homeless once again, Nam Soon is taken by Hee Sik to his house. His investigation shows that the people who attacked Nam Soon’s gers were Hwa Ja and her troop. Hee Sik calls Geum Jo and tells her that he has found her daughter, and he arranges for them to meet the next day. Bong Go’s son was right in reading his tarot cards when he said that Nam Soon was coming towards them soon.

Needless to say, Hee Sik is already falling in love with Nam Soon, and he was left dumbfounded at the sight of her in his shirt. He tells her everything about his mother and her attacker, and she is also happy that the man kept his promise. We are beginning to think that, despite the lack of chemistry, Hee Sik might be the love interest and not Ryu Shi Oh.

Do Nam Soon And Geum Jo Meet?

In the ongoing drug investigation, it was uncovered that the drug in question is a synthetic one and was previously unseen. The nurse from episode 2 is the new victim, and Hee Sik deduces that the drug perhaps kills the appetite of a person since the body of the woman was many kilograms lighter than when they first saw her. None of the police are able to discover how the drug is being smuggled, but Hee Sik has his lightbulb moment when he sees the masks. Upon testing, they found that they were indeed carrying the drugs.

At the beginning of the episode, Shi Oh introduced himself to Geum Jo, saying that, like her, he was also newly rich. Geum Jo did not seem impressed since she thought of him as a trust fund baby, but she asked him to stay in touch nonetheless. Shi Oh has not really made an impact on the story, and he is mostly just flitting through the episodes. Maybe later in the story, his villainy will come out in full force.

Coming back to the mother and daughter, they are set to meet the next day. If Hwa Ja had any sense, she would quietly leave the house after the fiasco at the park, even though she believes that Geum Jo knows nothing about her real identity. But for now, the mother and daughter are preparing to meet. Since they are two of the strongest people on the planet, their meeting could not be as easy as coming face-to-face in a park. There had to be some drama, and that happens when a woman accidentally sets a building on fire under the influence of drugs at the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon episode 3. Nam Soon and Geum Jo do everything they can to save the people, and that is when Geum Jo sees a girl with superpowers jumping into the building and realizes that it is her daughter. Both of them finally meet each other, and Nam Soon faints due to the exertion and the impact of an explosion, while Geum Jo jumps to save her. They will be fine, and the long-needed reunion has finally happened.

Final Thoughts

Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4 preview tells us that Nam Soon is back home, and she will actively start helping Hee Sik with his investigation since the mother, daughter, and grandmother are cut out for that. The way this happened so soon makes us wonder what the point was of Nam Soon being lost in Mongolia for all those years. We simply have to see what the writers are cooking.

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