‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Nam Soon Going To Doogo?


Nam Soon’s story is progressing just fine, and it is all good, except that we continue to hate the creative choice of making a grown woman behave in such a childish manner. Was it really required to go to this extent to make her ‘desirable’? It just makes her annoying to watch, and that is why we can’t help but compare her to Bong Soon despite not wanting to, because the charm was just taken away from the character by infantilizing her. Thankfully, there are other interesting characters in Strong Girl Nam Soon to focus on, and here is a recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

What happens after the reunion?

Everyone is happy to see the real Nam Soon, and this time, unlike with Hwa Ja, it feels right. Nam Soon tells Geum Jo that she can feel that the woman is her mother. Bong Go is also happy that his intuition was right, and Nam In is delighted at Nam Soon’s presence. The fat shaming of this character is deeply uncomfortable, but the writers of the show have proved that their bar for humor is very low. Coming back to the episode, Nam Soon has the golden wand and the clothes she was wearing to prove that she is the real Nam Soon, not that her family needed any of it.

Geum Jo wants to help everyone that has been a positive part of Nam Soon’s life, and since she cannot reach her adoptive parents right away, she helps Nam Soon’s homeless friends and gives them a place to stay along with some money for their well-being. Hyun Soo decides to start earning and investing the money, and he lands a part as a body double in a film set. But even here, Nam Soon kicks up a fuss about the real actor’s lack of competency and says that this must be capitalism. We are getting the idea that South Koreans think of Mongolia as some sort of behind-the-scenes, underdeveloped island where people don’t understand the real world, like South Korea. We will not outrage on their behalf for now, but the drama writers could have done better, especially after the backlash that Prince Samir’s character in “King the Land” received. If not that, even “See You in My 19th Life” was criticized for its portrayal of Arabs in a certain light. Some cultural sensitivity wouldn’t hurt the writers of Korean dramas.

But other than Nam Soon getting her makeover and discussing her philanthropic future with her mother, we also come to know that the moment Nam Soon uses her powers for evil, they will disappear. We can already smell the subplot this will be used for. In the parent show, Bong Soon losing her powers was a whole thing that brought her and Ahn Min Hyuk closer. We have to see how that happens with Nam Soon and Hee Sik, since Hee Sik got butterflies in his stomach when Nam Soon spoke about how she would protect him. He has pretty much fallen for her, and be it her wearing his white shirt or her mother’s designer clothes in short hair, he doesn’t look away from her once he starts. Even Nam Soon likes him because, when her mother pointed out that a meal with him meant a date, she couldn’t stop blushing. At least we know that Geum Jo’s approval is there for her daughter’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Hwa Ja has escaped, and she is looking for work. While she has a lot of money, she needs to use most of it to treat the gang members who were harmed by Nam Soon. Also, to escape everything altogether, she wants to take on a fake identity and start working so that she can disappear within the workforce. Greed really caused the girl a lot of inconvenience.

Are Geum Jo and Nam Soon Going to Doogo?

The drug investigation has featured prominently in Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4, though it is still not in full swing. Shi Oh, who runs Doogo, is making some sort of cryptocurrency of his own, and all of his investors are white, though the money is likely going to be black. He wants to show his company as an inclusive space, which is why he insists on hiring female delivery staff. But his main mission is to get in touch with Nam Soon, and it turns out that he did see her stop the plane. He should have approached her right away if he was so insistent on having her in his life and in his circle. True to his mission, Nam Soon joins his company along with Hee Sik, but she is working undercover since the police suspect the place of being the origin point of the drugs they are investigating, which has already claimed a few lives. Nam Soon doesn’t know it yet, but even Hwa Ja is working there, and she has seen Nam Soon.

Hee Sik asks Nam Soon why she doesn’t try to hide her strength, and Nam Soon simply replies that she doesn’t care. She may have to learn to care soon. Nam Soon finds the woman who scammed her and warns her to return people’s money to them. She doesn’t hit her but flings her bag far away as a display of what she can do. Maybe that will serve to scare the woman and make her do the right thing.

During Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 4’s ending, Geum Jo has found credible information that there are drugs at Doogo, and she is interested in taking them down. She already knows that Hee Sik is an ally since he mentioned the drug case to her, and she may count on him for help. She sets off to their warehouse, not knowing that Hee Sik and Nam Soon are already there. We suspect that the three will meet there or that they might clash with each other while trying to do the opposite things. There is no telling how Geum Jo will take Nam Soon’s involvement in such dangerous tasks. Nam Soon is not delicate by any means, but Geum Jo may not like her being in harm’s way. Or she might be enthusiastic about it since she wants her daughter to help the community. The mother and daughter are set, and we just need to see how the grandmother decides to get involved. She has found a new crush, and it would be something if he was tied to Doogo.

Final Thoughts

There isn’t much happening in the episodes. They are fun and feel good, but that is the extent of them. We suppose these are also essential for our survival, and we can’t just be dependent on thrilling, deep stories all the time. If only it were as charming as Strong Girl Nam Soon but let us wait a little more before the final verdict.

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