‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Geum Ju Dead?


It is a good thing that Strong Girl Nam Soon has managed to be entertaining because the writing is very lazy overall. It is the ninth episode, and there is very little progress, either in terms of relationships or the investigation. The wheel refuses to move, and we have pretty much given up. Regardless, let us go through the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens When Jeong Gan’s Husband Comes Back?

Jeong Gan is so in love with the trendily named Jun Hee, and her daughter is truly concerned for her when she hears that her father is coming back to Korea. He was meditating in Tibet all these years, and now he is coming back. The first person that Geum Ju tells this to is her brother, who passes out after falling from his chair on hearing this. After all, his life is one of ultimate comfort, and his nerves had to be wrecked by this inconveniencing news.

Meanwhile, Jeong Gan is on an amusement park date with Jun Hee, and she finally tells him that Geum Ju made all her money when she found oil in a foreign country. Even we are thankful for the explanation. Jun Hee is completely smitten by her, and he is already dreaming of a future together. Jeong Gan has to rush to the hospital to take care of her son, and she hears him muttering in his sleep that his father is coming back. Jeong Gan is shocked, and when she meets her daughter while being honored by the police, she loses her mind upon confirming the news. Geum Ju barely controls her, and Jeong Gan decides to handle the matter herself. She goes to the airport, and when she sees her long-lost husband walk out, she flings him across the area. Jeong Gan is completely justified in her anger. Her husband left her a decade ago, and now that she has moved on in life, he is back and acting as if Jeong Gan had been waiting for him this whole time. The entitlement is infuriating, and Jeong Gan can do whatever she wants to.

Does Nam Soon Find Out What Is Going On With Ryu Si O?

Nam Soon’s ghostly disguise allows her to steal the computer, and Hee Sik and his partner are shocked at the speed and strength exhibited by her. It has started feeling like we have ten to fifteen minutes of each episode simply dedicated to how strong the women are. Also, is their love story not going to progress at all? We are more than halfway done with the show, and these two haven’t even gone on a proper date or developed a rapport that could last more than five minutes. We miss Bong Soon and Min Hyuk. At the very least, they didn’t waste their chemistry.

Either way, there is absolutely nothing on the computer since the data keeps being deleted from time to time for purposes of safety. But suspicion goes towards Nam Soon when the bodyguard points out that the thief was of her height. Also, Nam Soon is the only person that Si O knows who has such strength, other than Geum Ju. Therefore, he is once again suspicious as to whether she is Geum Ju’s daughter, so he decides to ask Hwa Ja.

In the hospital, Hwa Ja meets Geum Ju, who wants to tell her that as long as she repents properly, she will continue to consider her her daughter. Maybe that is all Hwa Ja needed: a sense of security and belonging. That is why, when Si O asks her if Tsetseg is Nam Soon, she denies it. Tsetseg simply tells Si O that she learned Korean because she wanted to come to Korea and marry a Korean man. That part was true anyway.

Is Geum Ju Dead?

The Heritage Club has become a staple of this drama. Once again, Si O takes Nam Soon over there, saying he has a meeting. But what Nam Soon doesn’t know is that the meeting is with Geum Ju and Hee Sik, who have come disguised as her employees. While Hee Sik goes about planting a hidden camera in one of the rooms, Geum Ju tries to corner Si O. She asks him straight away how he is related to the Russian mafia and whether they are funding his business. Frankly, even we are shocked at Geum Ju’s tactless ways. She has gained information that Pavel is training someone to be the heir, and all the information points towards Si O, though that is yet to be confirmed. Thankfully, Nam Soon interrupts Geum Ju and tells her that she is prying too much. While Geum Ju backs off and leaves, Si O talks about how she is getting on his nerves. We don’t understand what Geum Ju expected to get out of such a direct confrontation. Did she actually think that she would catch a mafia kingpin off guard and make him confess his crimes in a drug syndicate? This causes Nam Soon and Geum Ju to have a fight when they meet at home. Luckily, this is just a part of the mother-daughter relationship that Geum Ju has always craved, and she is happy to spar with her daughter.

The next day, Geum Ju goes to meet Bread Song, who believes that Geum Ju has feelings for him. But the moment she asks him about his connection to Si O, he turns hostile. Bread says that he doesn’t know Si O, but when he sees the picture of them both, we can tell that it was a shock to him. Perhaps Bread was Si O’s companion in his childhood? Either way, Bread tears up the picture and bans Geum Ju from the premises.

At the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 9, we find that Nam Soon is trying to find out the codes for different products in Doogo. Also, Nam In’s drug addiction has completely caught on, and he loses consciousness in the house. Meanwhile, Si O asks Nam Soon whether she would be willing to kill Geum Ju for him. Nam Soon is in shock upon hearing the request, but Si O simply laughs and tells her that the job is already done. He claims that Geum Ju is dead, and we see a bleeding Geum Ju lying in an overturned car. It may be in good faith to say that Geum Ju cannot be dead so easily. She will be cured and back on her feet in no time, while Nam Soon plots how to get back to Si O.

Final Thoughts

The preview for the next episode tells us that Hee Sik will be in another disguise. That seems to be his entire objective in the series, since the entire heavy lifting is being done by Nam Soon, literally and figuratively. There isn’t much substance to this drama, and it is just getting by with quirks and antics.

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