‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Si-O Find Out Tsetseg’s Truth?


The one thing that has become clear after so many episodes of Strong Girl Nam Soon is that grandma has got game. Even Ryu Si-O cannot top that, especially after his embarrassment in this episode. Nam Soon and Hee Sik were hopeless, to begin with, so there is nothing to be said. Maybe Nam Soon’s previously homeless friend was a smooth talker, but his ex-girlfriend looks like she has become homeless again. That is as sad a turn of events as any. The rest of the story remains nonsense, and nobody can convince us otherwise. So here is the recap of Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 13 with our now-favorite character, the grandma.

Spoiler Alert

Does Jun Hee confront Joong Gan’s husband?

We said that Joong Gan had game, not Jun Hee. These two are obsessed with each other’s names, and that makes us think that there is a joke that is getting lost in translation. It is our honest belief that writers should start making scripts, keeping in mind that they will be translated. After all, a huge part of the success of the Hallyu wave is the international audience, and we are as curious about Korean culture as we want to feel included in these tiny jokes.

Moving on, since Geum Ju is a target, so is her family, and these foolish villains absurdly assume that the grandmother would be an easy target. Did these people not do any research beforehand? Needless to say, it is the same old gag of Joong Gan beating up three strong, able-bodied men, all by her seemingly old, feeble self. The second gag is that Jun Hee checks whether Joong Gan’s husband is out of his stitches or not and proceeds to threaten him to back off by saying that he shared hangover soup with his estranged wife. Wasn’t ‘let’s have ramen’ the lingo for that a while back? When did it change to ‘have hangover soup together,’ or was it an old people thing, or are we a little out of touch?

With that matter sorted, Jun Hee reaches Joong Gan’s house, and she rushes to wear makeup to welcome him. As they are having a lovely time together, Geum Dong arrives there to voice his disapproval. Why did Joong Gan not throw HIM across the airport? But we can’t criticize him too much since we are secretly jealous of him and want his life of absolute luxury and pampering.

What is Hee Sik doing?

Nam Soon wanted to marry a Korean man because she was influenced by the dramas and thought that they were pretty and romantic. She was right regarding the first thing, but when was Hee Sik ever romantic with her? He was as stoic as could be, and in fact, it was Si O who was the romantic one. That is why even social media is rooting for the villain rather than the hero. But in the ‘Strong Girl’ universe, all of Hee Sik’s colleagues have started calling Nam Soon his wife. That was a given, considering he was the only one who liked her over-spiced food. Even Geum Ju tells her daughter that she has high hopes for her and Hee Sik’s progress. Why is our mother not like this?

Either way, now that his feelings are out in the open with the confirmation that they are duly reciprocated, he focuses on the investigation. His senior is not happy about him working with Geum Ju and threatens to suspend him. Meanwhile, Nam Soon continues to send him information, and they find that Si O’s boss is there, and they are going to meet. Later, Si O and his entire team are suspended, and Si O has had enough. The words of Geum Ju have gotten to him, and he believes in vigilante justice now, just like his future in-laws. Therefore, he brings the team over to his side with some of the money left behind from Geum Ju’s stash, and they celebrate before they start working independently.

 Does Ryu Si-O find out that Tsetseg is Nam Soon?

Si O is in love with Nam Soon. He wants to completely trust her, and his assurance for doing that is asking her whether he should, as if she would refuse him. Nam Soon is always sitting in his office, yet Si O never suspects what she must be doing. Is he really that delighted by her goofy company? We can’t relate. He takes her to the factory, where he meets his one-eyed boss, and Si O is ready to rebel. He talks about how he can exchange an eye for forgiveness, but the woman tells him that he would lose his life if he continued being stubborn about the antidote. Later that day, Nam Soon finds out from Ms. Baby Face (this is the name given in the drama; we are not making fun of her) that the sea slugs will arrive in Busan later.

Meanwhile, Si O’s company is suffering because of Geum Ju’s telecast about how they are manufacturing drugs. But Si O is extremely calm about it all, and he still has the kidnapped secretary in hand. He tells her that if she doesn’t say the next day on a live stream that Geum Ju is the real liar and drug trafficker, then the secretary’s sister will be killed. With that in place, Si O is out doing other forms of damage control and trying to find all the loose ends. He desperately wants to know who Nam Soon is because she is the only person he doesn’t know from Geum Ju’s family. Considering that she is known to be super strong, Si O needs to find out her identity to be prepared for her. Surprisingly, a lead comes in the form of one of his deceased employees’ family. It was the boy that Nam Soon had given money to, and we had predicted that this could lead back to her, which it did. The boy gives Nam Soon’s number to Si O, and it matches Tsetseg’s.

At the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon Episode 13, Si O’s security found footage of Nam Soon from when she was rescuing people from the burning building. He sends the picture to him, and it is Tsetseg. Even the boy confirms it for him. Si O knows that he has been taken for a ride, and he is ready to burn down everything for revenge.

Final Thoughts

The next episode of Strong Girl Nam Soon will finally see some development in the Geum Ju, Bread Song, and Bong Go love triangle. It might even be revealed that Bread Song is Binbin. But Geum Ju getting back together with her ex is going to be the highlight because everything else was chaos anyway.

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