‘Strong Girl Nam Soon’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: How Is Ryu Si O Testing Nam Soon?


Perhaps one of the most striking parts of Strong Girl Nam Soon is the fashion of Geum Ju. Always monochromatic and over the top, she is the unexpected show stealer. How funny would it have been if the mother and daughter had simply reversed their personalities? Maybe they can do that in the second spin-off of this show. Until then, here is a recap of this episode.

Spoiler Alert 

Is Nam-In Addicted To The Drug?

Nam In took a pill that a random lady gave him because he wanted to lose weight, and that pill has started showing its effects. He has already lost most of his appetite, and while his family has noticed it and is surprised, they are still not concerned since, rather shamefully, this is what they wanted. The fatphobia of Strong Girl Nam Soon is very disappointing. Nam In has started drinking a lot of water, but it has still not reached alarming levels, so no one has noticed. His father is a tad bit concerned when he sees that Nam In is unable to finish his steak at his birthday dinner, but he doesn’t bring it up. Nam In has told Bong Go that he took the pill, but it may be a while before they start connecting the dots. It is likely that Nam Soon may notice something since Hee Sik told her that she should spend more time with her brother.

Hee Sik lost his brother when he was eighteen years old, and that is why he chose to become a police officer. As he shares this story with Nam Soon, they may have just had their moment if Nam Soon’s grandmother’s boyfriend had not passed out after excessive drinking. Nam Soon and Hee Sik are flirting with each other just fine, with Hee Sik calling her pretty in his own roundabout way and Nam Soon acknowledging that. On the other hand, even Bong Go and Nam Soon spend some time together, and he makes her promise that she won’t hurt herself.

When Nam Soon was a child, Bong Go used to take care of her since Geum Ju was always working. He was worried for Nam Soon because he thought she might actually jump to the stars and hurt herself. Unlike Geum Ju, he understood that the recklessness that came with the enormous strength could be harmful, and he did not want Nam Soon to be in the line of fire. Nam Soon promises him to be careful, but we don’t think she has realized what that means since she still openly flaunts her strength. There is a lot coming for the family in the upcoming episodes, and perhaps that is why they got their sweet moments here. Geum Ju still seems to like her ex-husband, though she won’t admit it, and Jeong Hoon is in love with her boyfriend, whose USP is that he is good-looking, sweet, and doesn’t mind his girlfriend’s strength. The three strong women spend a nice time together and make moonbows with their strength. It is surprising that every time they throw something in the air, it always lands on Hee Sik.

What Is The Progress Of The Investigation?

Hee Sik’s senior, who was recovering in his house, manages to get well to an extent, but the moment he goes to the station, he gives in to temptation and consumes some water, reactivating the drug. He has asked Hee Sik not to investigate Doogo since none of the stuff they took from there has reacted with water to reveal the drug. That is why Nam Soon wants to go to Ryu Si O’s office so that she can snoop on his computer and find a client or any other evidence. Elsewhere, Jeong Hoon successfully traces and takes down the people who were scamming others through deep fake technology. The police department is completely scared of her but also very respectful, and they tell her that the man she had a fight with for parking his car wrong has passed away due to a drug overdose, and she may be called in as a witness as she was one of the last few people to talk to him.

How Is Ryu Si O Testing Nam Soon?

While Nam Soon is planning to meet Si O, Geum Ju is keeping tabs on him in her own way. She offers to become an investor in his company if he tells her who has been funding him so far. Geum Ju lets Si O know that all her money is legitimate, which means that it would make things a lot less complicated to be involved with her. She also has more money than anyone could imagine, and that cannot be turned down easily. Elsewhere, Geum Ju is also trying to keep track of Bread Song, who is continuing his scams. So far, she just knows that the Russian mafia is involved with Si O and probably with Bread, but the confirmation is yet to come.

Si O has been looking for Nam Soon, and he calls her to his office on the pretext of talking to her about her stealing things from the warehouse. Nam Soon is delighted at the way it has opened itself up, and when she meets Si O, she brazenly tells him that she stole for her parents since she hasn’t gotten her salary yet. Si O is sufficiently impressed, and he wants to work with Nam Soon right away. He has a little investigating to do, and he finds that video of Hwa Ja being flung across by Nam Soon. He comes to know that Hwa Ja had pretended to be Geum Ju’s daughter before the real one came back.

Geum Ju has covered her tracks well, and the newspaper article that supposedly had a picture of Geum Ju’s real daughter published a photo of someone else. Therefore, Si O has no idea that Nam Soon is the daughter of Geum Ju. But we don’t understand why it is so difficult to connect the dots. None of the women in that family have hidden their strength, which means that Si O only had to give things a second look to see that Geum Ju shared Nam Soon’s strength, making the connection between them obvious. Even if he simply talks to Hwa Ja, the secret will be out. But he does none of that, and at the end of Strong Girl Nam Soon episode 7, he takes Nam Soon with him to an empty warehouse where he wants to test her strength. He drops a heavy load on her, and Nam Soon is using all her strength to hold it up, alerting her mother and grandmother that something is going on.

Final Thoughts

In its own way, Strong Girl Nam Soon is a fun watch. It helps to not compare it to Strong Girl Bong Soon, though we will maintain that this show may never attain the cult status of that one. For what it is worth, Nam Soon and the characters of her world deliver a good time.

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