‘Strong Girl’ Season 3 Theories: Will Jang Chung Dong Be The Lead Of Netflix K-Drama?


Strictly speaking, Strong Girl Bong Soon deserved a sequel and not a spinoff, and Strong Girl Nam Soon should have been written better. It is the biggest disappointment of all that Hee Sik and Ryu Si-O were not explored better as characters, despite the obvious potential of the actors. Additionally, the conclusion of Ryu Si O’s character was perhaps the most disappointing of them all. Regardless, there is plenty of scope for season 2, or, should we say, season 3 of Strong Girl franchise.

First of all, the obvious change in the story is that the third season would probably be spearheaded by Jang Chung Dong, the man with the super strength. There are a few reasons why this feels unnecessary and unwelcome. First of all, we are not saying that the feminism of the Strong Girl franchise was perfect. We are not even saying that it was present at all, but the underlying concept was that women, who are viewed as the ‘weaker’ society, use this perceived prejudice to their advantage and fight evil like no one else can. This is important because most Korean drama content, with its heroes and villains and even the power dynamics of the characters in romantic comedies, is inherently male-dominated. While in Bong Soon’s story, the power balance was slightly evened out due to the heroine’s strength, Nam Soon turned the tables around with no regard for concepts of equality or equity. But where does all of that go if the next hero of the story is a man with superhuman strength?

Jang Chung Dong is not rich, but he does not lack money since he has a fairy godmother in the form of Geum Ju. He is happy enough to spend his days gambling and playing games, so he is not as responsible as the women have been. But there must be something about him that makes Geum Ju decide that he is the man for the job. She could have just taken Nam Soon’s or Joong Gan’s help or gone on the mission herself. It is doubtful that her work or their marriages were the reasons she chose to leave them alone. We already know that Jang Chung Dong is super strong. Let us assume that he also possesses super speed and other keen senses like women. But there also has to be another quality that makes him even more powerful than the women.

A third season of Strong Girl franchise cannot have a hero with the same powers as the last one. On that note, should we assume that, given the budget of the third season, the drama will be shot outside of Korea? After all, Pavel is a Russian organization with branches all over the world, and Binbin was trained in Hungary, so Jang Chung Dong can be sent anywhere. We also suspect that he would be given a tragic past. The women were given mostly happy lives, but while ‘aegyo’ seems to be the formula to make women likable, ‘tragic past’ is that secret ingredient for men. Or maybe Jang Chung Dong will be the lighthearted devil, and the woman who will play his love interest will be the one with the tragic past in season 3. There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that she will be shown as some master assassin or a great fighter with an absolutely no-nonsense attitude, and Chung Dong may probably fall for her at first sight. Their story is already writing itself, and it is very important for us that the third season proves us wrong.

Let us address Ryu Si O for a second. He has issues with Pavel because he wants to take revenge for Binbin and be independent in the business. Si O was trained with a group of other kids, and so far, we have only seen Binbin. Taking down Pavel would mean dealing with the rest of the agents as well and understanding what happened to them. Also, Si O bought a shop for his birth father. Was love the only reason for that, or did Si O have some other motives? Where are his mother and the rest of the family? Si O’s arc is neither complete nor closed, despite his death, and it should be continued in season 3.

Finally, let us come to Bread Song, or rather, Nuzh. As Pavel’s heir, he needed to study various fields of business, law, and other things. But he had no interest in economics. It is highly likely that the reason he wanted to partner with Geum Ju was because of her expertise with money. Also, Geum Ju, Bong Go, and Bread Song may be the love triangle of season 3. It is quite surprising how he was able to cover his tracks this whole time. Nobody knows till now how he made his money, and there may be something to it with the drugs themselves.

Then there is Binbin. Si O and Binbin must have had a plan, and there is definitely a deeper meaning to Si O asking him not to abandon him. Was Si O’s suicide a way of saying goodbye after yet another betrayal and abandonment, or was it the first step of a new plan? Binbin has Si O’s secret phone, which means that it must contain some information about something. That is an indication that Si O was not as defeated as everyone thought, and he certainly did not reveal everything to Nam Soon, no matter how much he said that he trusted her. Right now, it is up to Binbin to figure out Si O’s wishes and probably take revenge on his behalf.

Finally, Si O was openly rebelling against Pavel. But Binbin may be more subtle with it. The antidote has already been lost, so Binbin doesn’t have anything to hold against the organization, which means that he would have to gather that first before making his moves. Like Si O, he may use the drugs to gain strength to fight Jang Chung Dong or any of the others. Or he may use some powerful weapons, like so many before him have failed to do, for reasons that don’t particularly exist. Hopefully, season 3 of Strong Girl franchise will be a better-written watch than the spinoff was.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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