‘Sugar’ Ending Explained: Did Henry Kidnap Djen? What To Expect In Season 2?


John Sugar is a movie star. Or at least that’s what he believes himself to be. In his life’s story, John plays a conflicted private detective. He has lost his sister, Djen, in the past and doesn’t want anyone else to go through a similar pain. That is the reason why John takes up missing people’s cases quite often. [Spoiler Alert] Sugar’s ending contained quite a few revelations about the major characters, which I would like to discuss in order to speculate on what we can expect in Sugar season 2. So without further ado, let’s get this started.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Olivia Siegel’s real father?

After saving Olivia from the psycho killer Ryan Pavich, John finally brought her home. But there was something that had been troubling him about Olivia’s real father. As shown throughout season 1, the big boss Jonathan Siegel was more worried about Olivia than her own father, Bernie, which made John Sugar really suspicious of Jonathan’s relationship with Olivia and her mother, Rachel. Turns out, Rachel wasn’t happy in her marriage with Bernie and found comfort in the arms of her own father-in-law, Jonathan Siegel, who started an illicit affair with her and also got her pregnant. Long story short, Olivia wasn’t Bernie’s child. And I guess Bernie too, somewhere at the back of his head, knew that Rachel was cheating on him, but he surely didn’t know that it was with his own father. Well, that’s the twist in the story John Sugar was hoping for, and he finally got it.

Why did Henry help Ryan Pavich?

So, time for the serious stuff. The aliens in the Sugar series were instructed to just observe human behavior and report it to the higher authorities. Their agenda was to learn from the mistakes of human beings so that they wouldn’t repeat the same. I guess we all understood that. But John didn’t. Being a cinephile who had watched a lot of films, John knew a very simple fact: if you don’t raise your voice against injustice, then you simply become a part of it. Henry was indeed the culprit in John’s eyes, but he had his reasons too. So, see, the aliens wanted to create a utopia by learning from the mistakes of their neighbors. But in any ideal society, there will always be good people and bad people around; at least that’s what John learned from the movies, right? Henry was the bad person who came from outer space, and John was the hero who was betrayed by his only friend. On John’s planet, Henry kidnapped (or killed) John’s sister, though we don’t know the reason why. Maybe Henry, too, didn’t exactly know the motive behind his actions, which was why he was observing someone who was more like him. 

Why did Henry decide to stay on Earth?

Listening to Pavich’s tapes made John realize that maybe Henry was going through the same dilemma as Pavich. Henry, being an academic, could have done anything in the world, but kidnapping and torturing people made him feel powerful. Above all, it made him feel alive. That explains why Henry used Pavich’s words during his conversation. Henry didn’t just want to merely observe; he wanted to do much more than that. He wanted to kill humans (or his own people) and feel the adrenaline rush one gets out of it. Unfortunately, John got the same high when he murdered Stallings and his gang. It was the reason why John felt Henry and he weren’t much different. They were both trapped in a cycle of violence. But what makes John different is the fact that he has developed a conscience through movies. He knows the difference between right and wrong.

It is said that one often attracts the things they believe in. While John saw the hope in humanity, Henry only looked towards the darker side. He saw humans as the engineers of their own doom, and Henry was happy to be the bringer of that bloody chaos.

What’s Next for Henry and John?

In Sugar’s ending, Henry cut off all ties with his people. So, if I am not wrong, he is a beast without a leash who doesn’t have to abide by the rules of his community anymore. The days of Henry being the observer are over. He wouldn’t mind becoming Ryan Pavich himself and spilling blood for the adrenaline rush. The question here is: to what length is Henry capable of going, especially with those alien powers at his disposal? And will John be able to stop him from harming innocent humans on Earth?

John Sugar yearns for closure for his sister, Djen, but Henry is a man of few words. In Season 2, John has no other option but to go after Henry to find his sister’s whereabouts, if she is still alive. But much more than that, John wants answers: why did Henry kidnap Djen in the first place? John is a conflicted protagonist and the only person left on Earth who knows Henry’s true identity. He is the only one capable of stopping Henry, which is what makes John’s mission so important to him.

Along with John and Henry’s rivalry arc, we can also expect the return of some important characters like Ruby and Melanie in the second season of Sugar. John had already made it quite clear that he had developed feelings for Melanie, and maybe their story will be further continued in the next season. Additionally, some powerful humans, with whom the aliens had entered into a secret pact to protect their identities, had issued an order to kill all the aliens on sight. It is most likely that Ryan’s father, Pavich Sr., had turned his back on the aliens as he didn’t want his son’s crime to come to light as that might jeopardize his political career. Additionally, John has his son’s audio recording, and Olivia’s testimony, which he might use against Pavich Sr. to expose him and his secret group of politicians who had been using aliens for their dirty cleanup missions.

So, with only Henry and John left on Earth, these politicians and corrupt law enforcement officers wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to hunt down these two aliens and silence them for their benefit. It is indeed going to be an uphill task for both Henry and John to stay hidden for long without conflict and struggle. And last but not least, the aliens could send some help for John to catch Henry, as it was they who had sent such a dangerous threat to Earth. So, let’s see how the second season of Apple TV+’s Sugar unfolds.

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