‘Sugar’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Is John An Alien?


Although AppleTV+’s ongoing crime thriller series Sugar has been described as genre-bending by the makers, the seemingly outlandish twist at the end of this week’s episode 6 is definitely an unexpected one. During his search for the missing Olivia, granddaughter of famous Hollywood producer Jonathan Siegel, private detective John Sugar came across some horrible family secrets. Olivia’s half-brother, David, led a life of extreme debauchery, blackmailing women after assaulting them, and had also become friends with a dangerous criminal, Byron Stallings. As Olivia was actively helping a woman file a case against David, he had told Stallings about this trouble, and the latter seemed to have done something to Olivia. While Sugar waited for Stallings to return from Mexico, David Siegel shot himself at the end of the previous episode, and Sugar episode 6 further develops both of these matters.

Spoiler Alert

What happens to David Siegel?

At the end of Sugar episode 5, David Siegel had succumbed to the pressure building around him after the news of his extortion against women had been released in the tabloids. The man had shot himself with a gun that was always kept hidden inside his bathroom and had to be rushed to the hospital by his panicking parents. There seemed to be no chance of his survival, as David had shot himself in the mouth or face, in all probability, but this week’s episode 6 begins with a surprising revelation made by the doctor. David had indeed survived the suicide attempt and was still alive, albeit in a critical condition, but the positive nature of the news fizzes out very soon. Although the emergency surgery had been able to save David physically, his brain had been permanently damaged by the bullet wound, meaning that he would not be able to speak, move, or even think ever again. Thus, he would only remain alive in a vegetative state, and so the doctor immediately suggests that David be let go and his organs be donated to help a better cause. 

The news is obviously extremely shattering for both Bernie and Margit, as they are essentially told to make the decision to end their son’s life. Despite their flaws, both of them loved David dearly, arguably a bit too much, as they casually looked past all his unlawful and immoral acts, so taking this decision can never be easy. But keeping the son alive in this way, only for their satisfaction, also does not make sense, and Bernie is soon seen having an emotional exchange with his own father, Jonathan, who is also recovering from his heart attack. The scene reveals a distance between Jonathan and Bernie, which has existed ever since the latter’s childhood, and he has quite a few complaints against his father for the same. The legendary film producer was never close to his son, and in fact, he was rather ashamed of and distasteful towards Bernie’s mother as well. It can be assumed that to Jonathan, Bernie was a constant reminder of the woman and the relationship that he always regretted having, and so he never quite supported or tried to understand his son emotionally.

Bernie explains how he had done everything possible to help his son’s life for the better and states that he would choose to do so even at this stage, which means that he will let David pass away without struggling in a vegetative state. Despite their differences, Jonathan does show sympathy for his son at this terribly difficult moment, and this might well become a turning point in their relationship. Although Jonathan was not very close with David either, he supports Bernie simply as a father, for the grief of losing a son is something no parent can cope with easily. Ultimately, the tragic loss of David, despite his toxic ways in life, will obviously bring the Siegel family closer as a unit, and Jonathan might also now ask Sugar to finally stop the investigation. 

Can Sugar find Olivia at Stallings’ safehouse?

On the other side, John Sugar waits for the big day for his investigation, when Byron Stallings will return from Mexico, so that he can interrogate the man about Olivia’s whereabouts. Based on the information that the detective has been able to collect and also on the clues that viewers have been shown in the previous episodes, it is quite clear that Stallings definitely has something to do with the disappearance. Finally, as per the details provided by David, Stallings returns to his safehouse along with some of his henchmen and greets the woman associate whom he had trusted with the security of the place. Around the same time, Sugar drives towards the place, and he also informs his handler, Ruby, about the same. The detective had already fitted his spy friend, Charlie, to keep a lookout on the house, and Sugar finally arrives, hoping to find the answers to his questions.

However, before he can enter the area, Stallings is alerted by someone about Sugar’s approach, and he quickly prepares for an ambush. When the protagonist sneaks into the house, he finds it empty, as if someone has left in a hurry, until he can hear a woman whimpering. He naturally goes to check, and indeed, he sees a woman held hostage on a chair, crying in agony with her back towards him. Sugar is convinced that the hostage is Olivia, but when he reaches out, the woman turns out to be Stallings’ associate, who had been pretending to be a hostage for this long. With this revelation, Stallings finally jumps out of hiding with all his henchmen, and they carry out the ambush that had been planned so suddenly. Within seconds, Sugar is surrounded by enemies, and he has no choice but to give in to their demand to comply.

Stallings wants to kill the detective, but nonetheless, the latter tries to reason with the gangster, saying that he only wants information about the missing woman. Sugar’s tone and choice of words imply that he is not directly holding Stallings responsible for the fiasco, for he still feels that David, and possibly also Bernie, had something to do with the case. Therefore, he even offers to help them strike a deal with the police when they eventually come. Sugar does not understand the brevity of the situation, which becomes clear when the goon is unfazed by his words, and so he has to change his negotiation style. Instead of trying to evoke sympathy for Olivia, he now states that he does not want to get violent and hurt the criminals in the process. While we had already witnessed the sheer extent of violence and bloodshed that Sugar might go to when irked, in the previous episode, the gangsters had no idea about it. Therefore, a fight breaks out, and it is ultimately the detective who comes out victorious. Although he is stabbed quite terribly in the stomach, he manages to kill all of Stallings’ goons and the leader himself.

However, the stab wound, which is profusely bleeding, still does not hurt Sugar as much as the betrayal that he discovers right after. Realizing that someone had obviously tipped off Stallings about his plan to visit the safehouse, he checks the gangster’s phone, only to find Ruby’s number in the call logs. It was indeed Ruby who had tipped off the man, stating that Sugar was on his way to interrogate him, making it clear that Ruby and Stallings were actually working together to some capacity. The protagonist is shocked to find this out, for Ruby was also his closest friend for a long time, and so her betrayal is something very unexpected for him. Therefore, the plan of interrogating Stallings does not work out for the detective in any way—neither is he able to find any clue about Olivia’s whereabouts, but he also learns of a major betrayal in the works against him. With nowhere else to turn, Sugar tries calling his new closest friend and company, Melanie Mackenzie, and asks her to come to a motel room.

How does Sugar react to Ruby’s betrayal?

After successfully reaching the motel room, Sugar is almost about to pass out from the constant blood loss and the pain, but he is able to tell Melanie to contact a doctor friend of his, Henry. By the time the doctor arrives, Sugar is in great physical torment and has very little consciousness left. Henry immediately starts to operate on his friend but then soon creates an excuse for Melanie to leave the room, asking her to rush to a drug store and bring some medicines to cure the infection. Melanie’s hesitation is quite evident, even though she does not say anything, for she does not know whether to trust Henry to be alone with Sugar, especially in such a vulnerable state. But she does not have any option either, and so she runs out to help her dear friend survive the situation. Henry’s attitude changes as soon as he is alone in the room, locking the door to ensure that Melanie cannot enter the washroom even if she returns. 

This is when Sugar suddenly takes a turn away from the usual detective crime thriller genre that it had been following, as Henry knows exactly the medicine to help his friend survive. He pulls out a bag of blood to inject into Sugar’s body, but very strangely, the blood seems to be alive in a way, with many moving objects in it, streaking from one corner to another. When Melanie finally returns, the doctor is done with his treatment, and he prescribes total rest for the patient. Sugar sleeps for very long stretches until he wakes up to full consciousness, with recollection about what had happened at Stallings’ safehouse. Despite the doctor’s orders, he steps out of the motel, as Melanie is also seemingly not present, and drives to Ruby’s house in order to confront her.

Ruby initially pretends to not know what happened, asking Sugar whether his mission at Stallings’ house had gone sideways, and then even offers to give him some aspirin after seeing his injuries. The protagonist does not want to play around, though, and he directly confronts her about the betrayal. Ruby responds that she had only told Stallings and his goons to leave the house and not attack Sugar, but it does not reveal anything about her reasons. She refuses to say anything else, sometimes stating that she cannot because of pressure from the higher-ups and sometimes stating that she does not want to. Ruby just claims that Sugar has to stop investigating the disappearance of Olivia no matter what, suggesting that even greater dangers would come his way otherwise. 

The protagonist’s insight into what might be actually going on also makes things clearer for us as he presents his new theory about the disappearance of Olivia Siegel. Although he had learned of her from the Siegel family and suspected that David had something to do with her disappearance, the truth was quite different. David did have connections with Stallings, but the latter did not kidnap the woman for him but instead for some other, more important client. Sugar believes that this client is someone very important for the spy agency that he works for, and this is why they are trying to keep him off the case.

Is John Sugar Actually An Alien Being?

Finally, at the end of the episode, another shocking twist plays out, as Sugar manages to steal an injection with some medicines from Ruby’s house and then returns to his motel room. Back in the washroom, he injects himself in the neck with the medicine in the vial, and this turns his body entirely blue, giving him an alien appearance and suggesting that this is who he really is. While this sudden scene might be considered Sugar’s drug-fueled hallucination, in which he sees himself as an outsider, quite literally, the pack of blood earlier seen cannot be overlooked. 

What Henry administered to the protagonist was surely not any normal human blood or blood from anything terrestrial. As strange as it might sound, the ending of Sugar episode 6 suggests that the protagonist, John Sugar, is an alien being out here on Earth for some mysterious purpose. If this is indeed the case, then we are left with too many questions with regards to his presence on Earth, and especially about his heartfelt search for Olivia Siegel. Can it be that the woman was actually abducted by a similar alien being? The final two episodes of Sugar will hopefully answer these questions and provide a clear idea about the detective, and also about the suspicious spy agency that he belongs to.

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