‘Sugar’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Olivia Alive?


What had been hinted at in last week’s Sugar episode 6 is now confirmed in episode 7 of AppleTV+’s detective thriller series Sugar. A bizarre twist in the tale was presented last week when it was suggested that the titular detective whom we had been following, John Sugar, might not be human after all, as he turned blue and revealed an alien appearance after taking a life-saving injection. The new episode reveals that the protagonist is indeed not a human being and also sheds light on the spy network that he works for, along with the situation of Olivia Siegel.

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What are the real identities of Sugar and his colleagues?

Sugar episode 7 begins with Ruby entering a room in her house along with Miller, the man who had been revealed to be a senior official of the detective agency that John Sugar works for. The room is the same as the one in which Ruby was earlier seen interviewing each of the detectives who worked for the agency, catching up on the updates in their various cases. On the table of the room is now a device that resembles a typewriter, even though its functioning is very different from it. As Ruby types on the keys, under the supervision of her boss, Miller, a dice with numerous faces is used to maneuver a cylindrical object, which soon operates by itself. Instead of a typewriter that would have paper attached and imprints made on it, this machine is an other-worldly device that is used to find someone being searched. This is made clear from the conversation between the two right after, as Ruby asks her boss not to hurt Sugar and to be careful with the man instead.

Back in the hotel room, Sugar wakes up from his deep slumber, having survived the fatal injuries he had suffered at the safehouse of Byron Stallings. Melanie, who had stayed by his side throughout, now naturally asks for clarification about his real identity and what exactly he is mixed up in. But within this time, Miller and two men reach the motel room in search of Sugar, and the detective has an eerie feeling about the situation, despite Miller being his friend. Soon, the situation turns grave, and Miller physically attacks the detective, holding him up in a tight grasp, showing superhuman strength. Sugar and Melanie manage to escape, though, and the latter keeps questioning the protagonist about his identity. He admits that he cannot reveal the truth, despite genuinely wanting to come clean to her, and instead makes Melanie believe that he is an international spy who works for a secret spy network. Although Sugar does not tell his friend and supposed lover about who he actually is, we learn of the truth later in the episode.

Before that, though, the detective fears for the safety of his dear friend, Henry, the doctor who had nursed him back to health in Sugar episode 6, and rushes to the university where Henry is a professor. The stark difference in professions is quite obvious, as Henry now does not seem to be a medical doctor but instead a professor of history, and this adds to the mystery. Despite his best efforts, Sugar is unable to reach the university in time and learns that Henry has already been abducted by Miller and his men. He then attempts to reach out to one of Stallings’ henchmen, Moss, whom he had released in the previous episode after the shootout. Sugar had taken Moss’ phone from him, and now repeated texts on the cell about various people wanting to meet him make it clear that Moss is the next target. Once again, Sugar is too late for the scene, as Moss has already been killed by the time he reaches the henchman’s house.

Desperate and disturbed, the detective starts following his boss, Miller, next, and ends up at a house where all of his associates have gathered. Henry is also present, in good health, as Miller had not hurt him, and it is through this situation that we learn of the real identities of John Sugar and the other supposed detectives in his agency. All of the individuals, including the detective protagonist, are alien beings who have been living on Earth as part of a mission of theirs, which seems to be aimed at learning more about human life. In his self-conflicted assurances to Melanie, Sugar keeps saying that he and his associates never want to hurt anyone, and killing or injuring are not actions that they prefer. Although the exact nature of this alien mission is not yet revealed, it is mentioned that the beings had come to Earth to study humans and learn and understand more about them, which would ultimately help them in their own survival.

Each of the alien beings had been given the physical appearance of a human, along with the day jobs that they performed in order to stick to their cover. While it was earlier suggested that everyone gathered at Ruby’s house were detectives or spies working for one agency, it is now clear that each had their own profession that was given to them. The likes of Sugar, who are private detectives, are actually on the same mission as those like Henry, who are professors or teachers at universities and schools– to study and understand humans. During the meetings held at Ruby’s house, the aliens reported to her about their learnings about humans and how well they were emulating human life. This is precisely where things started to go wrong for John Sugar, as he started to feel like a human himself, sometimes even believing that he was on his home planet. His extreme love for movies and the rather dramatic profession he was given, as a private detective, greatly influenced this change in him.

With time, Sugar grew very attached to the idea of being human and feeling like a mortal being, and this was why he got unusually attached to the current case of finding Olivia Siegel. Having a sense of purpose and being driven by love and concern for someone are essentially human traits, and this is probably what struck the protagonist most. After spending possibly months, or maybe even years, in the same profession solving criminal cases, he started to grow attached to the job and find his life’s purpose in it. This is why he had started to take only missions that involved searching for missing people, and in the process of it all, he had also gradually developed the human sense of moral judgment and the urge to punish people. Despite being a non-violent being from some peaceful alien planet, Sugar had developed the tendency to beat up people and launch severe violent attacks, during which he had to control himself as well. But when faced with Stallings, Sugar could hold himself anymore, and he shot the man dead only because Stallings was a criminal who made money from the misery of helpless people. 

This gradual change in Sugar’s attitude caused trouble for the alien community, so Ruby announced that their entire mission had been aborted. As their main order was to stick to their stories and live their usual lives as human beings without raising any suspicion, Sugar’s developing humanness marred their situation. Thus, all the alien beings are to return to their home planet immediately, but the protagonist still refuses to leave without solving his current case and finding the poor woman, Olivia Siegel, who might still be alive and stuck somewhere.

Is Olivia Siegel alive?

Seeing his friend’s determination to solve his final case and find Olivia, Henry decides to help Sugar with the matter, and he directly gives him an address, much to the shock of the protagonist. Sugar is simply baffled and slightly irked, too, knowing that his people knew exactly where the missing woman was for all this time and yet had not told him or helped her in any way. He immediately rushes to the place, all by himself, since he had parted ways with Melanie temporarily right before he started following Miller. The place is a private house belonging to a US senator named Pavich, and as it looks empty, the detective sneaks into the house in his usual careful but effective style. Looking through the rooms and the items at the house, Sugar tries to find some connection with or evidence of Olivia, but his search is cut short by the presence of someone else at the scene.

A young man in a police uniform spots Sugar inside the house and investigates the matter, having seemingly grown suspicious of him. Although he initially handcuffs the protagonist and puts him inside his trooper car, Sugar is able to convince the officer that there is something severely wrong going on at the house. He mentions that a young woman is being held captive at the place, possibly in the basement, and this immediately catches the attention of the policeman. He brings the detective back into the house and then goes to take a look himself. However, this turns out to be only a false pretension, as Sugar finds out from a photograph that the police officer is actually related to the family that owns the house. As it turns out, the young man is the son of the senator, Pavich, and he is the one who kidnapped and kept Olivia hostage for all this time. 

The man, who also happened to be a policeman, had returned home incidentally at this very time, only to find Sugar snooping around the place. He was ready to let him go with some simple legal repercussions but then changed his mind as soon as the detective spoke about a woman being kept hostage, and he realized that he was in trouble. A fight breaks out between Sugar and Pavich Jr., and seeing no other option to save himself, the latter decides to take the easy way out. Pavich Jr. shoots himself dead, much to the shock and horror of Sugar, but he also does not have much time to waste. The detective now searches through the basement of the house and finds a secret compartment under the staircase. By breaking the lock and the door open, he is able to find and rescue Olivia Siegel, who is indeed alive.

Why was Olivia’s kidnapper being protected?

Sugar episode 7 finally reveals that Olivia Siegel had not been targeted by her own family, but rather, she had fallen victim to the horrific human trafficker, Byron Stallings. The reason or exact manner of this kidnapping is not yet revealed, but Stallings abducted the woman and then handed her over to Pavich Jr. It could be that Olivia had spoken out against the man, or his senator father, as part of her activism, and this had made her a target. Sugar finds various instruments of torture at the place, suggesting that Pavich Jr. was a sick, perverse man who probably often abducted and tortured women and Olivia was just one of his targets. But the reason that the alien group on Earth was protecting the man was that either Pavich Jr., or most likely his senator father, had somehow found out the secret behind their identity. The senator knew that the group, and especially the private investigator searching for Olivia, were all alien beings living undercover on Earth, and he threatened to reveal their secret unless his son’s crimes remained hidden. Out of fear that such an occurrence would lead to extreme consequences, the aliens had been trying to keep Sugar away from Stallings so that he would not reach the perpetrator. But with Pavich Jr. dead and the alien group preparing to leave Earth, what consequences Sugar might face for his brave actions and whether he might have to stay back on the planet still remain to be seen in the season finale episode next week.

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