Who Is Supersonic In ‘The Boys’ Season 3? Is He Dead?


The Amazon Series “The Boys,” like the Justice League, depicts a team of seven superheroes known as “The Seven.” The team is headed by the most powerful superhuman in the universe, called Homelander, while other less powerful ones have to willingly or unwillingly follow his orders. As ‘The Boys’ Season 1 began, a supe named The Lamplighter had retired, after which there was an ongoing audition to add someone to the team to fill the seat, and there came Starlight, aka, Annie January. However, by the end of season 1, we were certain that “The Seven” would never be complete, at least not for a long period of time, as someone or other was getting killed, either by their adversary Billy The Butcher or Homelander himself, who enjoys terrorizing people around him.

In Season 1, “The Seven” had almost shrunk to four members as Translucent was killed by the boys, while Deep was removed by Madelyn Stillwell after Starlight accused him of a sexual assault. On the other hand, A-Train had been abusively injecting himself with Compound V in order to amplify his powers and, in turn, got addicted to the chemical, due to which he suffered a heart attack at the end of Season 1. Fortunately, this large gap was filled by Stormfront in Season 2, who single-handedly managed the affairs of four other supes. Vought International, however, needed to bring other supes to ‘The Seven’ for PR and branding purposes, so they not only re-appointed A-train and Deep after an attack on Stormfront, but also elected another supe named Supersonic aka Alex, to replace Stormfront after she was declared dead in Season 3.

Who Is Supersonic?

Formerly known as the Drummer Boy, Alex was a second generation Mexican-American who was Starlight’s first boyfriend in college and dated her on the Capes for Christ circuit. Alex was a part of the musical band, Super-Sweet, and their song, “Rock My Kiss,” was on top of the charts, but for some reason, the charming cute boy disappeared from the scene. He re-entered an American Hero Reality Show produced by Vought International, whose winner would be chosen as a member of “The Seven.” Vought International or its PR employees were more concerned about a hero’s public rating than his superhero skills or talents, and thus they would invest a massive amount of money to get a superhero on board who has a hundred percent public approval. To search for such a talent, there couldn’t be a better platform than a reality show like ‘American Hero,’ as in ‘The Boys’, people are glued to their screens.

Alex changed his name to Supersonic and got all beefed up to amplify his chances of winning a competition and securing a place at ‘The Seven.’ The scriptwriters of the reality show didn’t miss an opportunity to play around with Starlight and Alex’s previous love affair so as to create some TRP for the show. During the finale of the show, only three contestants were left, among whom two were going to be selected for ‘The Seven.’ Stan Edgar had made Starlight the co-captain of the team and assigned her the authority to make selections, but soon Homelander intervened. He didn’t want another woman on the team as he believed they looked weak, and hence, he chose Supersonic to fill a slot and re-appointed Deep to fill another. Starlight, with a heavy heart, had to let Silver Kincaid and Moonshadow leave the show.

Is Supersonic Dead?

As soon as Supersonic came on board, Homelander started playing nasty. He never missed a chance to comment on Alex and Starlight’s relationship to tease Hughie, and it worked. Hughie felt insecure as soon as Supersonic started spending more time with Starlight, but his attention got diverted when he found out about a way to get rid of Homelander forever. Queen Maeve had told Butcher of an ultimate supe-gun that would blow Homelander’s head off, but to find that weapon, the team needed time, and Hughie requested Starlight to tolerate Homelander’s menace for some time more. In the meantime, Starlight got frustrated with Homelander’s remarks and constant tricks to humiliate her and thus decided to form a secret team who would help her fight against Homelander in the face of an emergency.

Starlight first contacted Maeve to be a part of her secret rebellion, but soon believed that they needed more supes to be on their side, and thus, in her eagerness, thought that the new supe and her ex-boyfriend, Supersonic, could be trusted. Well, he didn’t actually betray Starlight but was too naive to understand the internal politics of the Vought International or the people in it. He thought A-train could be trusted with their little secret, and thus, after Deep and A-train’s argument, Supersonic tried to recruit A-train for their secret team, soon after which A-train ratted on Starlight and Supersonic to earn Homelander’s loyalty once again. For Homelander, what he hates the most is people around him plotting against him. He wants to be surrounded by people who love him, pamper him, and worship him like a god. In God’s shrine, there is no place for a rebellion, and hence to curb it, Homelander brutally murdered Supersonic without wasting a moment. Supersonic’s death was revealed at the end of “The Boys” Season 3 Episode 4 when Homelander carried Starlight to a terrace after some event. It is at the terrace where Starlight finally witnessed Supersonic’s melted face and amputated leg, which probably resulted after coming in contact with Homelander’s laser eyes.

After killing Supersonic, Homelander warned Starlight to stop her planning and plotting against him, or there would be grave consequences for her actions. He wouldn’t hesitate to kill or hurt Hughie the way he butchered Supersonic, and there wouldn’t be anyone to stop him from doing so, especially after he had dealt with Stan Edgar, who made Starlight the co-captain in the first place. Nevertheless, what’s ironic in this affair is that no matter how much PR agents of Vought International try to get a complete supe-team, at the end of the day, one or two members of ‘The Seven’ are always missing or found dead. Maybe there is a curse on the team, and it is probably called Homelander.

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