Susie Glass In ‘The Gentlemen’ Explained: Did The Queenpin Avenge Jack?


Susie Glass is the secondary protagonist of The Gentlemen. While Bobby Glass was the owner of the weed empire, Susie was the face of the business because Bobby was in jail and Susie wasn’t. Since she loved her brother, Jack, she saw to it that he got everything that he wanted to be a professional boxer, while also taking his advice when it came to her business deals. She ensured that all 12 (or 13) of the weed farms functioned properly and that the dukes and duchesses were paid properly so that they didn’t go to the authorities to complain about the illegal activities happening in their backyard. When the Duke of Halstead passed away, and the title was transferred to Eddie Horniman, she pulled up to his doorstep to inform him about the deal. She assumed that it’d be a simple “yes, thank you” kind of interaction. However, when Eddie sought her help, since his brother Freddy was drowning in debt, their relationship took a wild turn and became the central focus of the show.

Susie began her journey with Eddie with the intention of appeasing him by saving Freddy and then continuing her weed business without any hiccups. But when Eddie decided to get them out of his property by promising to do everything that was needed to help the Glasses earn a lot of money, the dynamic changed a little bit. Susie realized that she could make Eddie do anything she wanted him to do without getting her own hands dirty. She made him do several odd jobs, come up with solutions to the most idiotic problems, and have a more hands-on role in the business than his deceased father had. Susie was under the impression that she was flexing her power. In reality, she was coming to the realization that she needed Eddie’s help to weather the storms that were coming in her direction. Yes, we can say that if she never approached Eddie and she never revealed the weed empire to him, she wouldn’t have run into the issues that she did run into throughout the course of The Gentlemen Season 1. However, I don’t think that’s true, because, one way or another, Stan Johnston would’ve come for the Halstead estate. In that scenario, she would’ve been forced to show her hand all on her own. So, I can say that Eddie was a blessing in disguise for her.

Susie Glass was a very calm person. She maintained a very professional image. She never got friendly with her employees. Her relationship with her father, Bobby, was very formal. The only person she behaved very casually with while she was sober was her brother, Jack Glass. When she had some poitín in her system, she got pretty cozy with Eddie. But apart from that one night of revelry, she made sure that her boundaries were never crossed. On paper, that can get very one note. However, Kaya Scodelario did a truly fantastic job of making her feel like a three-dimensional person. The first time that she broke character was when she was being shot at by a Nazi and his Nazi companion in a Nazi basement filled with Nazi memorabilia, which was understandable. That said, it was heartbreaking to see her hold on to her sense of composure while seeing her brother get pummeled to hell because she didn’t want Henry Collins to know that he had gotten to her. That was the moment she decided to put aside all her sensitive feelings and unleash the beast inside her. It was so scary that it even shook her father up, and he was a seasoned gangster. I mean, she was killing people in broad daylight. In that brief period of time, she was the most dangerous individual in the United Kingdom. She was dangerous before that, too; don’t get me wrong. But she reached a new level after Jack went into a coma.

Susie Glass didn’t lose complete control of her psyche, even though she was blinded by rage. She was open to reason. That was why, when her father got in touch with her and stopped her from upsetting the balance of the world of crime, she understood that she had gone too far. She realized that there was a better way to avenge her brother, and since her collaboration with Eddie had worked so well so far, she put her trust in him again. The moment where she allowed Eddie to shoot Henry Collins instead of doing it herself was quite interesting. If you remember, when Susie captured Henry, she said that she wasn’t going to kill him easily; she was going to inflict the same kind of pain that Henry had dealt out to Jack. So, the general expectation was that she was going to butcher Henry until he begged her to end him. That said, when the moment arrived, she took a backseat. I think that by doing that, Susie re-established the status quo. Before everything went down, she rarely picked up a gun to kill anyone. By making others do the killing for her, she painted an image of dominance. She sent the message that she was beneath all that petty violence. After Eddie came into the picture, she started using him as her gun while she metaphorically pressed the trigger. Therefore, at that moment, she went back to that dynamic. Pretty impressive, I’d say.

Susie Glass lived a very private life. Apparently it was difficult to find out where she lived, which was obviously her way of making sure that the hundreds of enemies that she was making due to the nature of her business didn’t attack her when she was sleeping or having dinner. The only person who was allowed to enter the premises was Eddie. So, it won’t be wrong to assume that she trusts her more than anyone else. The Gentlemen has already hinted at the romantic undertones between them. Whether or not they will engage with each other romantically sometime in the future (i.e., in a potential second season of the show) is a big question mark. Personally speaking, I don’t want that to happen, at least not so quickly, because it’ll be so cliche. I want it to be a long-drawn-out affair. I want to see some more shades of the queenpin of the United Kingdom before she settles down. Since her weak spot has been established, I want to see how it’s exploited again. I won’t be surprised if Eddie ends up becoming the antagonist of the show while she becomes the protagonist (everyone likes a little lovers-to-haters arc, right?). And even if that’s something that the showrunners don’t have on their minds, I just want to see more of Kaya Scodelario. She is simply amazing.

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