‘Sweet Home’ Season 2 Story, Plot & Theories: Will It Follow The Original Webtoon?


The underlying theme of Netflix’s popular K-drama, Sweet Home, is that humans are the real monsters in society. Falling prey to their desires and temptations, a man is capable of bringing death and destruction upon the entire world. The show introduces a similar infection called monsterization, which transforms a human body into a form that depicts their most obsessive desires. For example, in season 1, we came across a shopkeeper named Kim Suk-hyun, who wore a wig and was really insecure about his thinning hair. After he got infected, Suk-hyun turned into a monster covered with hair from top to toe. Similarly, Im Myung-sook, a mother who had recently lost her newborn baby in a road accident, turned into a harmless womb monster as her only desire was to carry her child once again. In simple words, if a person lets their desire consume them entirely, then no one can really keep them from turning into a monster. As soon as they get infected, they start hearing voices of the monster slowly evolving inside them, which is followed by an abnormal nosebleed that suggests their monsterization process has begun. 

Spoiler Alert

Yet, there were three people in Season 1 who were able to resist the monsterization process. The first one was Cha Hyun-soo, the main protagonist of the show, who had no will to live in the human world and therefore was left with no “desires” at all. A similar instance could be noticed with the second male lead of the show, Pyeon Sang-wook, who was just surviving in the lonely world and didn’t have any materialistic desires. In short, the show tried to show that anyone who is suicidal and doesn’t have the will to live will survive the monsterization process. Theoretically, they will be the only ones who will go on in the post-apocalyptic world. But doesn’t it sound like a punishment to them? Nevertheless, in the second season of Sweet Home, the efficient Korean army has only one task to do: to capture Cha Hyun-soo so that they can torment him like a lab rat and develop a vaccine for the remaining survivors. But as we explained earlier, the likes of Hyun-soo are special, who were able to resist their temptation, because of which they were mostly immune to the monsterization process. Hence, it can be surmised that resisting monsterization is more of an internal process for a particular subject, and maybe an external antidote won’t be able to help much in this matter. We are not even sure if there is any solution at all, as the original webtoon refrains from exploring that territory as well. Nevertheless, let’s have a detailed breakdown of Sweet Home Season 2 to better understand what we can expect from it.

Story and Plot

The Sweet Home Season 2 trailer begins with a voiceover that revisits the main theme of the show: mankind is the real virus. In their greed, they have pushed all other species to the brink of extinction, and it is these monsters that will act as a vaccine against humans. So if it’s not obvious, the second season will follow a fierce battle between humans and half-humans (conscious monsters). Even in the previous season, the survivors were threatened by Hyun-soo’s presence and therefore locked him up so he wouldn’t kill them if he transformed into a complete monster someday.

Going forward, we see Lee Eun-yoo, Hyun-soo’s romantic interest, walking to a heavily guarded military safe camp along with thousands of other survivors. In the previous season, the Korean Prime Minister died on camera, after which the military took control of the entire country. The lawlessness of their actions is evidently visible in the trailer, as they didn’t think twice before pulling the trigger on any suspected infected. In the next scene, we also come across a special monster who shows potential signs of self-control. Until now, only half-humans like Hyun-soo have been seen with this kind of ability, so we are most likely to witness new breeds of evolved monsters in the next season.

Next, we see our hero, Hyun-soo, behind bars. We are not sure if it is a military research facility or not, as the man standing outside the cell is Pyeon Sang-wook. In the previous season, Ui-myeong had possessed Sang-wook’s body and taken Hyun-soo hostage because the young boy refused to be a part of his evil scheme. It is possible that Ui-myeong will push his evil agenda further and try to convince Hyun-soo to join his side, as he is the strongest half-human known to mankind.

Hyun-soo, on the other hand, goes through a dilemma throughout the trailer as he fails to choose a side. If he ends up becoming a monster, then he will have to kill all those military personnel who are trying to harm him and his kind. Hyun-soo doesn’t want to end up as a murderer, which is why he is really afraid of unleashing his full power because he believes he might lose control of it and end up killing innocent people around him, something that happened in the previous season. However, if Hyun-soo decides to become the savior of mankind, then it is going to be an extremely lonely battle for him, as neither the monsters nor the humans will put their trust in a half-human. However, his most lethal nemesis is Ui-myeong, who won’t leave a stone unturned to turn every human against Hyun-soo so that Hyun-soo won’t have any other option but to join his side and destroy humanity. Ui-myeong believes he is an evolved individual and a chosen one meant to rule in the new world, but for that, he has to destroy the weaker humans who may become a threat to his grand scheme of things. In the end, it all depends on Hyun-soo, whether the boy with feathers will be able to stop Ui-myeong or not.

Will the second season follow the original webtoon?

The Netflix series is based on Kim Carnby’s webtoon that followed a group of survivors trapped inside Green Home Apartments, similar to what we saw in the series. The majority of the characters and their arcs are exactly similar to the source material; however, the ending of the webtoon is somewhat different. It ended with Hyun-soo completely transforming into a monster and losing his conscious self in the realm of desires. The monster takes complete charge of Hyun-soo’s body to fight against evil Shin Jung-seop, the mercenary whom we had seen in the show. In the series, it was a new variant, Ui-myeong, who killed Jung-seop, but the manga has a different turn of events. Nevertheless, after killing Jung-seop, the monstrous Hyun-soo tried to harm Eun-yoo, forgetting the fact that she was the one whom he loved the most in the world. In order to stop Hyun-soo from becoming a murderer, Eun-yoo’s brother, Eun-hyuk, intervened and sacrificed his own life, similar to the sacrifice that Han Du-sik made in the series. However, the story doesn’t end here. In the epilogue, Hyun-soo is somehow reincarnated into his human form with faded memories of what transpired. As he walks towards the ground floor of the building, he finds a music player with the song “Sweet Home,” which perhaps reminds him of all the memories he once shared with Eun-yoo. In the end, a vagabond named Hyun-soo walks into the thick snow towards the military safe camp where all the survivors of the Green Home have been staying. He is finally reunited with his extended family, especially with Eun-yoo, who hugs him tight as the webtoon comes to an end.

So, the webtoon has already come to its definitive conclusion and given a happy ending to the readers, but the same is not the case with Netflix’s show, which will probably explore a different storyline from hereon. Hyun-soo and Eun-yoo will surely get reunited in the end, but before that, the two have to face a plethora of obstacles, which might have also included the hunt for an antidote that might help mankind survive the monstrous apocalypse. However, how the showmakers are going to explore that is indeed what we are excited to see in the upcoming season.

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