‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 Theories: Is Eun Hyeok Back? Did Sang Won & Dr. Lim Create The Virus?


Sweet Home season 3 is set to release in the summer of 2024, and it is much welcomed after the extremely underwhelming season 2. Season 1 was a moment, and literally everyone, even the Korean drama haters, tuned into it along with Squid Game. Looking back at it, perhaps season 1 would not have gained such popularity had it been released outside of the pandemic. Was it really that good, or were we all just stuck at home and scaring ourselves with horror after we got tired of the unrelatable, feel-good genre of content? It is with these doubts that we approached Sweet Home season 2, and it is uncomfortable how we may be just right because we desperately wanted to be wrong.

Spoiler Alert

Will there be a New breed of monsters?

The thing with season 2 of the show is that it promises a lot but gives very little. There are many interesting ideas and variations of the concept of ‘the monster within us’, either presented as the protective cover of one’s desires and insecurities or as the stronger part of your personality that protects you and what not. But all of these were barely touched upon. Another interesting concept that came up was the new generation of human beings who are hybrids between monsters and humans. Unlike people like Hyun Su, who have only accepted the monster side of themselves, the other group thrives in it. Yi Kyung’s daughter saw nothing wrong with turning her mother into a monster, but Hyun Su seemed to think that it was wrong. The space for the connotations of a choice that were being allowed by Hyun Su or Eun Yu was not accepted by the girl, and she is not entirely wrong. How can she believe that her mother loves her if she hates such an intrinsic part of her? It is one of the many discussions that season 3 is going to address, and the dialogue is something we are looking forward to.

Has Eun Hyeok returned?

In terms of what we can expect from season 3, the first and foremost thing is the return of Eun Hyeok. The audience was completely convinced that he had passed away, and Eun Yu’s search for him was simply a way of being unable to cope with her grief. But it turns out that he meant it when he said that he would come back. Did he know that he would come out of a larva? In the webtoon, he and Hyun Su were two larvae side by side, whereas in the series, it is just Eun Hyeok. Probably, this is an indication that the next season will see Hyun Su in a larva while Eun Hyeok’s transformation will follow its own story. Since the series has already deviated from the webtoon at this point, the characters may have different fates in furtherance of the storyline.

It is worth considering whether Eun Hyeok knew what would happen to him after the monsterization. Until the end of season 1, the only sentient monster that they all knew about was Hyun Su. But Eun Hyeok couldn’t be sure that he would share a similar fate unless he had met someone at that time. Probably Ui Meong had already worked his magic, or Eun Hyeok had chosen to trust the sheer force of his will to do the right thing, or maybe he was just trying to reassure her in the only way he knew how. This is a question that will be answered in season 3 of Sweet Home. The second question is whether he has still retained his human faculties of the mind. Considering what we saw of Hyun Su, it wouldn’t be surprising if Eun Hyeok has completely gone over to the monsters’ side. But again, Sang Wook (Sang Won) seemed to remember his life as a human and the accompanying feelings with it, though they were largely those of resentment and anger. That may change when he comes to know that he has a daughter from Yi Kyung. Will he like the result of his madness or will he regret what he has done so far? Coming to Eun Hyeok, will he have love in his heart for his family and friends, or have those been destroyed in the cocoon? Who else is going to drop from the cocoons other than him? Will we find that Ji Su has survived since her monsterization process started?

What Can We Expect from Hyun Su?

The next character to think about is Hyun Su. His monster side, being such a dominant part of his brain, was a surprise. So far, it had only looked like a moral dilemma, but to see it become something so physical was unexpected. A brief background on that would be required. Also, how powerful is the violet-eyed boy, and how ethical? He says that he is there temporarily to help heal Hyun Su, but how does their arrangement work, and what does he get out of receding into the background later on? Why would he make that concession for Hyun Su willingly? In other news, Yi Kyung and her daughter are not done yet. The daughter abandoned her mother because she thought that it was what she wanted. That misunderstanding has not been cleared, and now that Yi Kyung is dead, it may never be. It is important to remember that, in many ways, the girl is still a child. She had a growth spurt whenever she was in danger, and that means that other than her fight and flight senses, the others have probably not been developed as much. It is why she is thinking in terms of black and white without understanding the complexities of grown humans.

Did Sang Won and Doctor Lim create the virus?

In Sweet Home season 3, Sang Won and Doctor Lim may either join hands or stand against each other. Either way, the girl will be of primary interest to them because she represents the idea that MHs can be born. Her abilities are bound to surpass those of the other MHs because she has free will and a host of other powers that have yet to be discovered. It may be inferred that she could also be a hope for humanity. When Hyun Su’s offer to be used for the development of a vaccine was rejected by Doctor Lim, we presumed it was because the doctor was evil. But maybe he had tried and failed at such experiments before, so he knew that Hyun Su wouldn’t be very helpful. However, the girl might be the key to making the vaccine, and that should be questioned.

What Will Happen to the Survivors?

All of this is on the science fiction side of things. Coming to the people themselves, nothing romantic seems possible between Hyun Su and Eun Yu anymore. However, the nice army man is interested in Eun Yu, and hopefully they will meet again. Ye Seul has things to sort out with her mother, and things are going to blow up in the shelter with monsters being bred by pushing innocent humans into a corner. It is all going to come together with the return of Eun Hyeok and whatever plan Sang Won has for them. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he is already far ahead of Doctor Kim in matters of monsters, and maybe we will be given the answer to how the monsterization process of humans has started. Sweet Home season 3 has a lot to make up for and deliver some spectacular storytelling if it is going to be the last of the franchise.

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