‘Sweet Home 2’ Ending Explained & K-Drama Summary: Is Yi Kyung’s Fiancé, Sang Won, Alive?


The much-anticipated second season of Sweet Home is finally here, and it has been a long wait for it. This mega-hit drama had captured people’s imaginations when it was released during the pandemic, and people could feel the sense of dread and unintentional familiarity that instilled fear in people’s hearts. A huge part of the success of Sweet Home season 1 was the step-by-step buildup of the characters and a look into their psyche that worked hard to establish that ‘humans are the real monsters.’

Sweet Home season 2 does not follow the webtoon that the original plot of the story was based on, and while that should have meant a huge scope for the exploration of the new world, it was a serious letdown due to the writer’s lack of imagination. It is acceptable that very few characters from season 1 are carried forward into season 2, but it is just tiring when almost all the new characters, especially the women, are given the same blase personality. On the other hand, literally no one is behaving intelligently unless they have a conspiracy to attend to. While panic is a given in a world being taken over by monsters, there is something uncomfortably lacking in the imagination of a writer if they think that this is the only alternative. Essentially, Sweet Home season 2 is nothing but a cash grab to bank on the success of season 1. Season 3 must have already been shot since it was announced for the summer of 2024, and Song Kang has said that Sweet Home season 2 is his last project before his military enlistment. Either way, this is not the show we couldn’t get enough of when it was first released. While we grieve that, here is a recap and ending of Sweet Home 2.

Spoiler Alert

What happens to Hyun Su?

The greatest cliffhanger of season 1 was the fate of Hyun Su, as he was being driven away by Ui Myeong. Hyun Su catches on to it almost immediately, and for a brief second, he is overpowered by him. Ui Myeong clearly wants to form an army and make full use of their powers. Hyun Su is not on board, but the two stick close to each other. They get into an accident where Ui Myeong is severely injured, and for some reason, he is not able to heal. Hyun Su sees that, and he has his chance to help humans, so he drags Ui Myeong to the army personnel standing guard, only to get shot himself. Hyun Su is not affected by that at all, but he is taken in for an experiment by Doctor Lim to check how the Monster Humans (MH) behave. When Hyun Su encounters the monster in the ring, he finds that he is able to read his memories and realizes that the bloodthirsty monster is just looking for his pain to stop. It is that grief that has turned him into a monster, and when he withdraws himself, the scientist sets him on fire. Hyun Su has somehow brought the monster’s human emotion to the surface, which has overpowered the monster part of him. There is still some time before Hyun Su understands exactly what is happening, but at that time, he realizes that taking the monster’s life was unfair. But Dr. Lim has no such qualms. He notices that Hyun Su is special in some respects and has an unprecedented effect on the monsters. Additionally, Hyun Su offers himself up for the preparation of a vaccine at the cost of his life, but the doctor’s intentions are far beyond that.

Elsewhere, Ui Myeong has escaped from the morgue, and as he wanders around, he sees Yi Kyung heartbroken as she has discovered her fiancé, who is an MH and is up for study in a glass case. He is as good as dead to her, and Yi Kyung has no choice but to leave it all behind. After she leaves, Ui Myeong opens all the cases of the MHs and proceeds to set the facility on fire, now that he has recovered. He gets into a fight with Hyun Su, who is still against him, and manages to incapacitate him by turning him into a stone.

What happens to Eun Yu?

Of all the characters, Eun Yu is the one in this season who deals with the monstrosity of people the most. She is hopeful that her brother is still alive, but while she doesn’t find his body, she finds a note from him detailing how he has started turning. Perhaps Eun Yu hopes that Eun Hyeok has turned into someone like Hyun Su, and there is hope for a reunion after all. But for the time being, she has to keep moving with the residents of Green Home. They lose Su Young, who becomes a monster, and her brother, Young Su, becomes their responsibility. Sadly, even Ji Su loses her life soon enough. She is already in pain because of the injury from the previous season. She bleeds from her ear, which is an indication that her monsterization process may have started. But she actually loses her life because of the idiocy and belligerence of the Prime Minister. Doctor Lim has hidden the vaccines because he wants to see his theory to the end that monsterization is an evolutionary process, and he doesn’t want to give people the vaccines because that would interfere with his study. To coerce him, the Prime Minister bombs a shelter, which ends up taking many lives. Eun Yu and Ji Su were in that shelter, but they managed to stay alive. However, Ji Su’s leg was injured, and she had to push Young Su out of the way when something was about to fall on them. That is how Ji Su lost her life, and if she is actually dead, it means that her mosterization had never begun.

These are the events that happened immediately after the end of season 1. From here on, there is a time leap, and the next phase of the story starts. Eun Yu is living in a different shelter, and everyone thinks she has murdered Madam Ji’s (the chief of the area) husband. The truth is that the man had started turning into a monster, and Eun Yu had no choice at that time. However, Madam Ji knows the truth, yet she keeps blaming Eun Yu because that is the only way for her to cope with her grief. Eun Yu also keeps quiet because they all need shelter, and agreeing to be blamed is the only way she can get them that. Eun Yu eventually gets out of the place before finally running into Hyun Su and Yi Kyung for the long-awaited reunion.

What happens to Yi Kyung?

Yi Kyung and her daughter’s plotline is the key to the story of Sweet Home seasons 1 and 2. The monsters that humans turn into are a representation of their innermost desires and fears. The first monster of season 2 (the giant lizard) was simply a mother who refused to harm a child that had come her way. The womb monster from season 1 gave birth herself and was pretty harmless otherwise. The man on the bus (who killed Su Young) was obsessed with his looks, and he turned into a monster who was made of faces. And who can forget that the protein monster from season 1 must have been a gym-obsessed guy? It is when these desires and fears go beyond the breaking point that people turn into monsters. But the key to remember is that, at the end of the day, even though it might be a less desirable side of it, it is humanity that is at the base of the monsterization. That leaves scope for evolution and communication, the two things that are so unique to humans in the world.

Yi Kyung gives birth to a girl who is half human and half monster. At first, Yi Kyung wants to kill her, but she can’t bring herself to do so. Therefore, she leaves him in Hyun Su’s care and sets out to understand more about her daughter. That is not entirely successful, and she returns. Hyun Su, the daughter, and Yi Kyung form a surrogate family. The girl seems to grow up faster in the face of danger, and when a few people attack her, she immediately turns into an adult when trying to protect herself. The girl is formidable with her powers, but soon enough, she separates from her mother when she sees how Yi Kyung had wanted to kill her at one point in time. Heartbroken, she decides that all humans are worth nothing and tries to kill Eun Yu, who is saved by Hyun Su, leading to the reunion. But that is the start of the tragedy. Yi Kyung is severely injured, and in an attempt to save her, the girl turns her mother into a monster. However, Yi Kyung has only half-turned, and when Hyun Su reads her memories, he realizes that she had been battling her grief and anxiety this whole time. Usually, when humans give in to their innermost feelings, they end up finding happiness beneath the single-minded monsters. But Yi Kyung still did not have that because she was holding on to her humanity with all her might. She escapes for now, but there is a battle ahead of her.

Who Is Nam Sang Won?

During Sweet Home 2’s ending, a fierce battle takes place inside the abandoned research facility where Hyun Su was locked in the second episode. The idea of Monster Humans was not just a field of study for Doctor Lim. He runs into Sang Wook, aka Ui Myeong, aka MH 1, who was once his colleague, Nam Sang Won. For those who don’t remember, he is none other than Yi Kyung’s former fiancé, who she believed had died but, to everyone’s surprise, has been very much alive and has been swapping bodies for a long time.

Nam Sang Won is taking monsterization to the next level, beyond what Doctor Lim could have imagined. There are more MHs in the facility than ever, and innocent humans are forcibly being turned into monsters. The infected people were segregated into groups of symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. Since season 1 of Sweet Home, the theory of evolution and the question of the ‘survival of the fittest’ has always been brought up, time and again. It is highly likely that this segregation was part of Sang Won’s plan to breed a new race of humans. Maybe he thought of this plan with Doctor Lim, and we know that he was the first test subject. It is highly likely that Yi Kyung’s former fiancé was trying to be the whistleblower before things got out of hand or when he realized what they had done. There are many such revelations that will be known only in Sweet Home 3.

Is Eun Hyeok Alive?

The biggest shocker is that in the monster nest that is growing in the building, it is Eun Hyeok that comes out of it. In the beginning of the season, a woman, named Im Myung-sook, had come out of a similar monster womb, and it has been debated whether she was human or a monster, with the opinion leaning towards the former. Considering that the monsters were evolving, perhaps the answer would be clearer with Eun Hyeok, and he has indeed left behind his monstrosity and come clean as a human. Or he may be a fully formed monster and another person with a dilemma between humanity and monsters.

Final Thoughts

It is undeniable that Sweet Home season 2 has come up with a lot of unique concepts. There also seems to be great scope for their integration; however, the season’s one failing is the way the characters have been developed. They are painfully one-dimensional, and none have been able to incite the love that season 1’s characters did. Hopefully, that will be fixed in season 3.

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