‘Sweet Tooth’ Aimee Eden, Explained: Is Aimee Dead Or Alive?


We saw how, after the outbreak of the H5G9 virus in “Sweet Tooth” Season 1, there was widespread chaos, and people’s lives were destroyed. People didn’t know how to adapt, and it felt like the world was going to crumble and come to an end. But then there were also people who realized their purpose in life and the true meaning of the word “existence” when the virus came and broke their shackles and gave them the freedom to be whoever they wanted to be. We are introduced to Aimee in episode 2 of “Sweet Tooth” Season 1, and we realize that she felt trapped in her own life, and at that point in time, she actually didn’t know what she wanted to achieve or attain that would make her feel fulfilled and satisfied. 

Spoilers Alert

Aimee was a therapist, and she was just sick and tired of her mundane life. After the outbreak, Aimee stayed at her clinic and made it her home. She felt like a captive in that small room, but she was probably too scared to go out and explore the world when she had no clue what kind of perils lay there. But one day, she had a realization of sorts, and without any particular rhyme or reason, she went out of her clinic. She saw a herd of elephants running free in the streets, and that left her feeling liberated. Watching the elephants run on the streets without any human interference made her feel like she was part of a fantasy where she had the power to transform into anyone she wanted to. For the first time in her life, Aimee felt free maybe because the society that had stopped her until then had fallen apart. She could finally breathe. It was as if somebody had opened her cage, and she could see the world in its full glory.

Aimee got an enlightenment of sorts; she knew where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do. She reached the Essex County Zoo and made it her home. She rescued a lot of hybrids and grew plants and crops to make the place self-sustainable, and the zoo came to be known as the Preserve, a place where the hybrids could thrive and stay safe.

Why Did General Abbot Attack The Preserve?

Aimee had a fear that one day, the Last Men would come to know about her paradise and take her children away from her. That is why Aimee took a lot of precautions when she contacted the outside world. Aimee had a radio setup through which she responded to anyone who wanted her to take a hybrid and keep it in the Preserve. A person had to leave the hybrid at a pre-decided spot, and then Aimee would pick them up once she was sure that there was no foul play involved. Whenever a person tried to compel her to let them come to the Preserve to leave the hybrid, she didn’t respond to them because she did not want to compromise on the safety of the other hybrids staying with her. Though she considered all the hybrids as her own children, Aimee was the closest to Wendy, probably because she was more human than others and had the mental capacity to understand things in a better manner. 

Wendy helped Aimee run the Preserve, and together they formed one big happy family. But their fantasy was broken when they found a pink ribbon tied to their fence, and Aimee realized that her secret paradise had been found by General Abbot’s army. General Abbot’s mission in life was to kill the hybrids, which he considered to be an abomination. If he couldn’t kill them, he would capture them so that they could be used to find a cure for the virus. The general came marching towards the Preserve with his entire army, and Aimee decided not to give up without putting up a fight. 

How Did Aimee Rescue Her Hybrids?

Aimee already had an escape plan in mind, and she was very sure that she would be able to save her children. She decided to stop General Abbot’s forces from entering the Preserve to buy time for Wendy to escape with the other hybrids. The tunnels opened in a nearby church, and Aimee had thought that she would meet Wendy and others there. Towards the end of “Sweet Tooth” Season 1, the hybrids were caught by Abbot’s army, and the army was also able to take over the Preserve. Aimee was able to escape, but she didn’t know how she would rescue her children, as they were now locked in high-security cells inside the Preserve itself.

Meanwhile, Gus’ location had been found by the Last Men, and they came all guns blazing and shot Big Man and took Gus with them. They believed that Big Man had died, though he was still breathing, and fortunately, Aimee, who had also intercepted the radio communication, rescued him. Aimee and Big Man decided that they would have to take outside help to wage a war on General Abbot’s army and rescue their children since even Gus was now imprisoned there. They found an ally in a small outlaw regiment that referred to themselves as the Air Lords. The Air Lords waged an aerial attack on the Preserve, and later, with the help of the Animal Army, Aimee and Big Man were able to take the hybrids to Gus’ house, where he was brought up by Richard.

How Did Aimee Die In ‘Sweet Tooth’?

Towards the end of Season 2, Aimee realized that she had been infected with the virus, and she wasn’t able to accept that fact. She asked the Almighty why it had to be her, but deep down, she knew that there was no reason for it. It was just unfortunate that it had happened when she believed that she would finally be able to have some good times with her family. Aimee had asked Big Man not to tell the others that she was infected, as she didn’t want Wendy to get disheartened by knowing that her mother wasn’t going to be there with her. Aimee fought till the very end and with Big Man, Gus, and Becky, she was able to crush Abbot’s army and make sure that her children were safe. She succumbed to the virus at the end of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, but the legacy of Aimee Eden lived on. She told everybody that there were still things left in this world that were worth fighting and that it is never too late to rediscover oneself. 

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