‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Gus Find Birdie?


Based on the characters created by Jeff Lemire, the Netflix series, “Sweet Tooth” follows the story of a genetically mutated boy named Gus, who is forced to step out of his cocoon after the death of his father and realizes that the world is a nasty place where one has to fight to survive each and every day. The second season of “Sweet Tooth” once again sparks the debate about humans being the sole reason for the destruction of the planet and how nature has to resort to extreme measures to bring back balance to the world. When the human race was plagued with a deadly virus, nature thrived, and the situation seemed quite similar to what we had to face in the real world for the last couple of years. There were no poachers to kill the animals; there were no people to cut the trees, and there were no industries and vehicles to pollute the environment. Nature healed, and the message was loud and clear: if humans could put an end to their greed, the world could be saved, and the generations to come wouldn’t have to face the consequences of our actions.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Second Season?

Gus had lived alone for almost a year when Big Man arrived at the scene. Gus had no idea about the outside world, and that is why when Big Man came, he thought that maybe he could go with him and find his mother, who he believed lived in Colorado. Big Man had lost a lot in his life, and his experiences had made him averse to developing attachments. Big Man had made it very clear to Gus that for him, he was just cargo, and as soon as he dropped him off on the train to Colorado, his job was over. But Big Man wasn’t able to hold onto his no-attachment theory, and he ended up developing fatherly feelings for his little deer. Gus was taken hostage by Abbot’s army, and since then, it had become the mission of Big Man’s life to find him before it was too late. Aimee had rescued Big Man and saved his life. Big Man had a few contacts in Factory town, and so he went there with Aimee to get help so that he could save Gus and bring him back before Abbot tortured him. Once he reached there, he realized that the people from whom he wanted to take help from had been long dead. Aimee knew of a group called the Air Lords who used to rescue the abandoned hybrids and drop them off at a specific location, from where Aimee took them to the Preserve. The airlords came on board, and together, they decided to raid the Preserve, which was once Aimee’s home but now belonged to the tyrant, General Abbot. The Preserve had become Abbot’s fortress, from where he was conducting business, and he had even held Dr. Aditya there with his wife, Rani, so that he could find a cure for the virus. Abbot was really forcing Aditya to find a cure so that he would have leverage over the leaders of the Three families, but Aditya knew that it was not such an easy task to create a vaccine overnight. 

Was Dr. Aditya Able To Create A Vaccine For The H5G9 Virus?

Since Dr. Aditya and his wife Rani had been taken into General Abbot’s custody, they were under a lot of pressure. Rani knew that she was dying, and Aditya wanted to find a cure to treat his wife as soon as possible. Making an antidote to a killer virus was not an easy task. Aditya did have the research of Dr. Bell, but that was not enough, and he was having a hard time looking for a breakthrough. Every day, Aditya toiled hard to find that one missing link that would solve the mystery, but he was unsuccessful. For nine years, he kept Rani alive, but they both knew that what they were doing was unsustainable and sooner or later, they would have to find a permanent solution to the problem. There seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel, and Aditya was on the threshold of losing all hope when something unusual happened, and he met the deer boy, i.e., Gus.

The moment Aditya saw Gus, he knew that the little boy was the key to open all the doors. Aditya went to Fort Smith Hospital with Gus in the hope that he would remember something about what Dr. Gillian Washington and Dr. Gertude Miller were actually trying to do. The decision to go to Fort Smith was absolutely right, and Aditya found out about Project Midnight Sun. He got to know how Dr. Gertude Miller, a.k.a. Birdie, accidentally ended up creating the first hybrid while working on an experiment that aimed to increase the longevity of human life and make a human body disease-resistant so that no one ever died of any ailment and remained healthy throughout one’s lifespan. Aditya noticed that the secret sauce, used by Dr. Bell, only made the virus dormant but never eradicated it completely. That is why, until the time Rani was taking that secret sauce, she was fine, but as soon as the effects of the medicine started to wear off, the symptoms of the virus showed up.

Aditya had found the chickens that Dr. Miller was working on, and he used them to incubate the antigens and create antibodies. In “Sweet Tooth,” episode 4, when Aditya mixed these antibodies with Dr. Bell’s secret sauce, something extraordinary happened: the deadly virus was destroyed. Aditya was elated, and General Abbot started making plans to collaborate with the three families and working on his dream project, i.e., Evergreen, in which he aimed to create a self-sustainable residency. But the happiness was short-lived, and when Aditya started dreaming about the day his wife would return to normalcy, he realized that something had happened overnight, and the test results once again showed the presence of the virus.

Aditya, until the very end of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, wasn’t able to find a cure for the H5G9 virus. Towards the end, his obsession and frustration started driving him mad, and Rani made a choice to part ways with her husband as she had qualms about his dubious medical practices. Rani didn’t feel that it was justified to kill innocent hybrids after she saw them in the Preserve. She realized that they were not abominations like they used to think, and they were probably more human than anyone. After the Preserve was raided by the airlords, everything was destroyed. Aimee had burned down the laboratory, and Adtiya knew that he had no option but to leave the place. Towards the end of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, we saw that Aditya arrived at Gus’ house in the forest and saw a page of the confidential document from Fort Smith that mentioned the name of a place in Alaska called Agvagniagvik. In the third season, we might see Dr. Adtiya go to Alaska to find a cure for the virus and treat his wife.

Was Abbot Able To Capture The Hybrids?

After General Abbot had taken over the preserve, he aimed to first find a cure for the virus, for which he had brought the Indian couple Aditya and Rani on board. Secondly, he wanted to entice the three families into accepting his offer and investing in his residential project called Evergreen. Abbot hated the hybrids and treated them as mere objects, and additionally he believed that they were responsible for the spread of the virus. Abbot and Johnny had an abusive father, and their mother always used to tell Abbot that he should protect and look after his little brother at all times. Abbot had assumed the position of that toxic alpha male, maybe due to his childhood experiences, and all that hate had stayed with him evershine which he now wanted to channel in his objectionable policies.

Abbot had charted out each and every detail, and he had planned that once the leaders of the three families, i.e., Mrs. Zhang, Voss, and Dutch, accepted his offer, he would start large-scale production of the vaccine and create that safe haven that he had always planned to do. But an attack from Aimee and the Airlords spoiled his plans. While the Airlords waged an aerial attack, Aimee and Big Man were able to breach Abbot’s fortress and make all the hybrids escape with them. Abbot was burning with rage, and he took a vow to capture the hybrids and kill anybody who came in between. Becky’s animal army was helping Aimee and the Big Man take the hybrids to a secured location, and Abbot came to know about it. Abbot killed each and every member of the animal army mercilessly, though fortunately enough, Tiger, Becky’s friend, was able to warn them about the danger before taking her last breath. The thought of leaving his brother had crossed Johnny’s mind many times, but he just couldn’t find the courage to tell him face-to-face that what he was doing was not right.

Even Rani had noticed that there was a stark difference between the behavior of the two brothers, and that is why, when she was going to leave, she asked Johnny to come with her. When Abbot was preparing his mercenaries for the final showdown, Johnny packed his bags and made up his mind that he was going to leave without telling anybody. But Abbot caught him before he could do that and took Johnny with him to the Yellowstone Forest Reserve to Gus’ house, where he was hiding with the other hybrids. Johnny could not suppress his feelings any longer, and he felt it was imperative that he shed all his fears and speak to his brother face-to-face. Johnny pulled a gun and told his brother that it was high time that he stopped his endless pursuit and understood that hybrids were not responsible for the spread of the virus and didn’t deserve to be killed. Johnny told his brother that humans had already caused enough damage to Mother Nature, and it was about time they came to their senses and realized that they were the evil they sought to destroy.

Abbot told Johnny that he was free to go and asked his soldiers to step down and let him leave. But as soon as Johnny turned around, General Abbot shot him in the back and killed him. Even after killing his own brother, the cruel general did not have any remorse. Abbot went inside the forest, but Gus, Aimee, and Big Man were ready for him. Abbot’s entire army of mercenaries was slaughtered, and in the end, he was left alone to fend for himself. Abbot believed that he was infallible, and he underestimated the power of nature. Nature has its own ways and means of taking back what belongs to it and restoring the balance of the world. A herd of bison came charging toward the general and gravely injured him. Abbot fired one last shot from his crossbow at Gus before succumbing to his injuries and bringing his oppressive rule to an end.

Was Gus Able To Find Birdie?

Dr. Gertude Miller, a.k.a. Birdie was still alive, and we learned about it in “Sweet Tooth” Season 2 when she made contact with Becky accidentally. Birdie asked Becky to take a tape that was kept in her attic and give it to Gus, as she wanted the little boy to know that she hadn’t abandoned him and that it was the circumstances that had forced her to take certain steps and go to a distant land in search of some answers that she knew would save the world. Dr. Gillian Washington had told Birdie before she died that she would find all the answers in Alaska, where her great grandfather, Dr. James Thacker, had gone to search for a cure for his degenerative muscular disorder. Gillian told Birdie that by mistake, they had opened the box of mystery, and now that it was wreaking havoc on the entire world, it was their responsibility to close it and end the nightmare. Gillian and Birdie both knew that in the entire fiasco, Gus was the most important link and that the little boy’s fate was sealed even before he knew it. Birdie knew that if she was around Richard and Gus, their lives would be in danger, and as much as she loved her little boy, she had to make the sacrifice for his own good.

Towards the end of “Sweet Tooth” season 2, Becky accidentally discovers something that gives them a potential lead about the whereabouts of Gus’ mother. Becky noticed that there was something written on the pages of the storybook that Richard had made for Gus back in the day. Richard had used pages of a report that had been published by Fort Smith. Becky realized that Birdie was in Alaska, and she told Gus about it. After Aimee died due to the sickness, Wendy also felt that it was her responsibility to help in whatever capacity she could to find a cure. Wendy decided to accompany Gus, Becky, and Big Man on their quest to find Birdie, as she knew that her siblings would be safe with the Anderson family. The four of them didn’t know what lay ahead of them, but they knew that as long as they were together, they would be able to tackle any obstacle that came their way. In “Sweet Tooth” Season 3 (if there is one), we would get to know if Gus was able to reunite with his mother and whether they were able to find a cure or not. 

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