‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3 Full Recap: Did Gus And Jepp Stop Helen Zhang?


Sweet Tooth season 3 has finally been released on Netflix, and once again, we are made privy to the conflict that existed between the hybrids and the humans. As we saw in the previous two seasons, there were a bunch of humans who had formed an alliance whose purpose was to eliminate each and every hybrid from the face of the earth. These people believed that hybrids were responsible for the spread of the infection they termed the Sick. It was believed that Gus was the first hybrid that was created, and so the alliance led by General Abbott believed that finding him was the key to their solution. In the previous season, we saw that General Abbott and his army of Last Men perished, and Helen Zhang took charge of things. So, let’s find out what happened in Sweet Tooth season 3 and if Gus was able to find a cure.

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How did Jepp and Gus get to Alaska? 

Jepp aka Big Man, Gus, Becky, and Wendy were on their way to Alaska, but they knew that it was not going to be such an easy task. Alaska was quite far from where they were, and moreover, they didn’t have the resources to make such a long journey. They found a casino that was under the control of a bunch of elderly people. Jepp and Becky believed that they would get some resources from there, but they realized that the old people were probably the most selfish individuals they had met on their entire journey. They wanted to enjoy their last days, so they told Jepp and his group to go away from there. Jepp was disappointed, as he desperately wanted to reach Nag Reeves, from where a ship named Whale Song was supposed to leave for Canada.

Meanwhile, Dr. Aditya Singh found out Gus’ location, and he joined the gang. Jepp was apprehensive about letting him do so because he was not sure what the man was up to. But Aditya said that he saw the exact same cave in his dreams that even Gus had seen a while back. Gus asked Jepp to let Aditya stay with them because he believed that Aditya would play a critical role in the scheme of things. The group met a man named Ven on their journey, and they believed that if they helped his wife deliver a baby, he would give them his airplane to fly to Nag Reeves. Ven informed Helen Zhang about Gus and his crew, but the latter was able to make a near escape from there. Ven’s son was a hybrid, and he could never accept that fact. He brainwashed his son, Theo into believing that being a hybrid was bad. But at the end, Gus and Wendy made him realize that his father was not right in telling him so and that changed the life of the little boy. He felt liberated and he even helped Gus and his team to escape from there. 

The cruise had already left before Gus and the others could reach the dockyard. They decided to mend a spare boat that was lying there and catch the ship, as it was still standing at a small distance away from the coastline. But before they could do that, Helen’s men arrived at the scene, and in the chaos, Wendy and Becky were left behind. Everybody on the cruise was infected, and Gus came to know about it when he was contacted by Darwin, who was one of the crew members. Darwin told Gus that he would have to dispose of the bodies and throw them in the ocean. Now Gus could do that as he was a hybrid, and as we were told in the previous seasons that hybrids couldn’t get infected by the Sick. The poor boy felt wrecked from within, but he did dispose of all the bodies. Once Darwin came out of hiding, he realized that even he was infected, and so he made the sacrifice and took his own life. Aditya, Gus, and Jepp finally took control of the ship, and Sian awas able to establish contact with them and inform them that they were only a couple of days away from reaching Alaska. 

How did Munaq help Gus find the cave? 

Gus reached Alaska, and he met Siana, Nuka, and others there, but the problem was that Tex, who was keeping a close eye on the outpost, got to know about it. He informed Helen that he had seen the deer boy, and so Helen made arrangements to come there with her whole cavalry. Big Man, Gus, Aditya, and others were inside the Alaskan outpost when Helen came there and took the entire establishment under her control. She had Rosie’s boys with her, and she told all the people that if they didn’t want her to unleash the beasts, they should tell her where Gus was. Jepp realized that he would have to send Gus alone and distract Helen’s men to buy some more time. Jepp knew the risks of leaving the little boy alone, but he had no other option. There was no way to escape from the facility, and he had to take the risk. So Nuka and Gus escaped from the facility using the air vent while Jepp went out to stop Helen from going after them. Jepp was talking to Helen when Aditya arrived out of nowhere, and he told Helen that he was going to tell her where Gus was. Aditya saw the dream of entering the cave with Gus, and he believed that he was destined to stop the Sick. Jepp tried to stop Aditya, but the man didn’t listen to him and told Helen that Gus was headed towards a secret cave. Lucky for Jepp, Siana came to his rescue, and both of them were able to escape from there. Helen started making arrangements to go to the cave and do whatever Dr. Aditya was telling her. Aditya said that though he told everybody about his visions, the fact he hadn’t revealed was that to complete the ritual, he would have to sacrifice Gus, and only then could the virus be stopped. 

Rosie’s boys were after Gus, and they almost caught him when a giant man arrived out of nowhere and saved his life. The giant man was Ikiaq and Nathaniel Burke’s son, Munaqsiri, and he was the first hybrid to have been born. Munaq’s life was made miserable by human beings who saw him as an abomination, which was why he despised them. Gus finally met Birdie, and they both couldn’t stop their tears as they had waited a long time for that. Munaq got injured when he was bitten by Rosie’s boys, and he knew that he would eventually succumb to his injuries. Before taking his last breaths, he told Gus to never go to the cave and try to change anything like what James Thacker did. Munaq believed that humans were the actual disease, and the Sick was the cure. He believed that nature wanted to eradicate the human species because of the damage they had done to Mother Earth. He felt that the Sick was a way Mother Earth took revenge on humans, and he didn’t want Gus to change anything about that. After Munaq passed away, Gus noticed that there was something written on the tusk that he had in his possession. That’s when it struck Gus that it was a map where the location of the cave was drawn. Gus and Birdie decided to go to the cave, though they had no clue about they kind of challenges they would have to face there. 

Why did Birdie want nature to take its course?

Just when Birdie and Gus were about to leave, Jepp broke the door open and came inside. Gus was ecstatic to be reunited with his Big Man, and the trio started walking on the ice-cold terrain to locate the cave. They found the cave and entered it. There was a patch of ice on which they had to walk, and Jepp made a near escape as the ice cracked and the floor beneath him collapsed. They finally reached the tree that had its branches protruding like antlers. There was an ax stuck in it, and Birdie realized that it was James Thacker’s doing. Gus wanted to take out the ax, but Birdie prevented him from doing so. She knew that if they took it out, his generation would probably be the last hybrids to walk on the face of the earth. The words spoken by Munaq struck a chord with Birdie, and she didn’t know if finding a cure for the sickness was the right thing to do or not. She saw what humans were capable of. She was seeing the havoc that Helen and other people, like the Last Men, wrecked on the planet. She saw how selfish and unkind human beings were, and that’s why she asked Gus to let nature take its course. Gus was not ready to do that, as he knew that the disease, at some point in time, would infect Jepp and Birdie, too. But before they could do or undo anything, Helen arrived there with her entire army, and she took charge of things. Dr. Aditya was not in the right of mind, and he was adamant about destroying everything that he once took a stand for. He charged towards Jepp to kill him, but instead, Birdie came in between and got stabbed by his knife. Meanwhile, Becky, Wendy, Siana, and others were chasing down Rosie, Jordan, and their entire caravan. They knew that if Jordan, Rosie, and others reached the cave, then Helen would be able to accomplish her goals and destroy the hybrids forever. 

How Did Gus and Jepp stop Helen Zhang? 

In Sweet Tooth season 3’s ending, Helen Zhang revealed that she wanted to create a virus using the sap of the tree in the cave and kill each and every hybrid that was present on Earth. So basically, Helen not only wanted humanity to prevail, but her hatred for the hybrids, whom she considered unworthy of living, made her cross all the boundaries. Aditya knew that he needed to kill Gus and accomplish what he was destined to do according to the vision he got in the previous season of Sweet Tooth. Jepp was held by Helen’s men, and the man cried and shouted so that he could make Aditya realize the kind of catastrophe he was going to bring on the world. Aditya was just about to kill Gus when something snapped inside his mind. He thought of his wife and who he was before he got soaked in madness and hatred. He realized that what he was doing was not right, so he pounced upon Helen’s men and didn’t kill Gus. The ax that was stuck in the tree was taken out, and the liquid inside it, which was referred to as the blood of the earth, started flowing.

Suddenly, each and every human got infected with the virus, and it felt like all of them would succumb to it. But Gus, in the end, put the tree on fire, and instantly, all the humans got healed quite magically. The entire cave collapsed, and Aditya sacrificed his life to save Gus. Aditya was liberated from his miserable existence, and in the end, he made sure that he did the right thing and honored the memories of his wife. He didn’t know if his wife was dead or alive, but Jepp knew that had she been there, she would have wanted him to do the exact same thing. The best of mankind was preserved by Gus, and he left people like Helen to their own fate. Helen, till the very end, was not able to accept her defeat. She was not able to accept that hybrids would still exist on the face of the Earth. She couldn’t even accept her daughter’s newborn baby, and it felt like her entire life was ruined when she found out that it was a hybrid. 

Jepp was gravely injured, and the show’s abstract ending leaves it up to the discretion of the viewers to decide if he survived or not. He probably came back from Alaska with Gus, or maybe he took his last breaths there, but the point was that Gus kept him alive through his stories. Gus married Wendy, and together with the humans and hybrids, they created a world where there was acceptance and where hatred ceased to exist.

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