‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3: Did Gus And Wendy Have A Son Or A Grandson?


When Gus first met Wendy in season 2, I believed they were going to be good friends, maybe the best of friends. But what happened at the end of Sweet Tooth season 3 completely changed the chemistry between the two. [Spoiler Alert] I mean, yes, it really came out of the blue when the ending sequence implied that Gus and Wendy got married or something and years later had a son (or a grandson) who got his distinctive features from both his parents. The young kid had antlers like his father, Gus, and a piggy nose like her mother, Wendy. And as the screen zoomed out, we saw an old Wendy sitting beside an old Gus on a rocking chair, telling their children some good ol’ bedtime stories about their friends. At the gathering, there were other young hybrids, too, which suggests that after the end of the outbreak, the hybrids hadn’t gone extinct. Instead, they could reproduce biologically, like humans and animals.

How Did Newborns Become Hybrids?

At the end of Sweet Tooth season 3, Gus’ adoptive mother, Gertrude Miller, feared that hybrids would cease to exist if Gus destroyed the very source of the virus. Her reason for such a theory was simple. The outbreak of the H5G9 virus had led to the birth of hybrids in the world, which she believed was a result of some sort of mutation so that the next generation could exist in the new environment. As a result of such a mutation, the babies born after “The Great Crumble” were immune to the virus. But it turned out that they also had a special sauce inside their heads, which made them the targets of the surviving 2 percent of the human population who wanted to hunt down these hybrids in order to create a cure. Gus and his friends believed that humans and hybrids would live in peace and harmony once they got rid of the virus because, in that scenario, humans wouldn’t feel the need to hunt down the hybrids anymore. But we don’t know if that day will ever come or not. Gus and his human friends, on the other hand, had understood one simple thing: there will always be good and bad humans, and one can never know which kind they will encounter, so it is better to protect themselves and separate themselves from human society as far away as possible.

Will hybrids survive in the new world?

So even though Gus had cured mankind from the virus outbreak, it is still possible for the hybrids to reproduce among themselves. And yes, if we must go there, then we can even entertain the possibility that a hybrid will fall in love with a normal human being and give birth to a special kind of child that comes from a human and hybrid association. I mean, it can sound creepy, but Sweet Tooth is a fantasy universe that teaches us that anything is possible. All the show wants is to leave a message behind: humans and other species can coexist without the former killing all sorts of life forms that seem different. And if you go back in the history of evolution, then humans too were apes at some point in time, who just evolved into intelligent beings for their survival, so one never knows what hybrids would evolve into someday.

How Did Gus and Wendy End Up Together?

After destroying the sacred tree and losing his best friend on his way home, Gus and his friends finally returned to Yellowstone, where he used to live with his Puppa. With Bear’s help, the hybrids turned the small cabin into a fortified sanctuary so that they could live in peace and harmony without human interference. As Wendy and Gus arrived at their new home in Yellowstone, they soon realized that all the people they once loved were no longer by their side. Gus wanted Big Man to become a part of the new hybrid kingdom, but unfortunately, he didn’t make it. His adoptive parents, too, were no longer alive. In short, Gus had lost all his family along the way. Wendy, on the other hand, had lost her adoptive mother, Aimee Eden, to The Sick while she was trying to protect the hybrids from the evil General Abbot. Maybe these two lonely souls found comfort in each other and filled each other’s void as they understood the pain of losing one’s family. But even though their association seemed a bit abrupt on screen, I can definitely understand how they would have ended up together.

What Happened to the Zhang Sisters?

Just as Gus and Wendy found their safe haven, Helen Zhang’s two daughters, Rosie and Ginger, accepted their hybrid children and most likely built a better world for them. It was implied that they would rectify their evil mother’s mistake and rebuild their lands to promote peace and harmony among humans and hybrids. The ending of the show just wants us to believe that hybrids are not going to go extinct in the Sweet Tooth universe, and they would coexist with humans just like animals do in the real world. So, it would be best for normal humans to accept their existence and make peace with the new reality.

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Shikhar Agrawal
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