‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3: Will Helen Zhang Die In Alaska? Character, Explained


In Sweet Tooth season 2, we saw that “The Three” had risen to power after the chaos had spread throughout the entire world, and together, they sought to eliminate all the hybrids from the face of the Earth and become the masters of the new world. General Abbott, in the previous season, called a meeting as he believed that firstly, Dr. Aditya had a cure for the Sick, and secondly, he wanted to tell them about his project, which he called the Evergreen. Abbott had no clue that Aditya didn’t have the cure and that he was making a fool of himself by calling Dutch, Vox, and Helen Zhang for the meeting. He told them how he sought to create an establishment named Evergreen that would be no less than a paradise. Abbott also informed them that he had limited spots there, so he wouldn’t be able to accommodate everybody. But Helen Zhang knew that she would be able to convince Abbott to give all the spots to her because of the kind of resources she had. Abbott agreed, but things didn’t turn out the way they had planned, and Helen Zhang realized that she would have to capture the “deer boy,” as he was the solution to all their problems.

Spoiler Alert

At the end of season 2, we saw that Helen had dangerous wolf hybrids in her captivity, and eventually we came to know that they were her grandsons. Helen despised the hybrids, and she considered them to be the source of every problem that mankind was facing. Her daughter gave birth to hybrids, and though Helen didn’t have anything against her daughter, she never loved her grandkids. Helen treated the hybrid wolves as fodder, as mere abominations who didn’t deserve to be given equal status. Rosie, Helen’s daughter, believed that maybe with time, Helen would change, but nothing of the sort happened. When Rosie gave birth to hybrids, she told her father about it, and he showed the same disdain as Helen. After Rosie’s father passed away, Helen took the mantle, and she made it her life’s mission to find and kill every hybrid. What Helen didn’t know was that the problem was more deep-rooted than she imagined, and killing the hybrids wasn’t the solution to her problems. In Sweet Tooth season 3, we saw that Dr. Aditya met Helen once again, and the latter decided to help her in her endeavor. Dr. Adtiya told Helen that he had read James Thacker’s journal and that he knew how to find a cure for the Sick.

Aditya believed that he would have to kill Gus, and only then would the world get rid of the deadly virus. Helen gave all the resources to Aditya and asked him to lead the way. When Helen Zhang reached the cave, we learned about the kind of hatred she had for the hybrids and how she saw them as mere insects. She wanted to use the sap of the magical tree to create a virus that would kill each and every hybrid. She wanted to wipe out the entire hybrid population even when it was very clear that they were not trying to harm her, and additionally, there was no evidence to prove that their existence was the reason behind the spread of the virus. But unfortunately for her, Aditya’s conscience came in the way, and he didn’t kill Gus. In fact, he helped Gus and the Big Man escape from the cave. Helen was livid, and even after the odds didn’t favor her and her entire plan was ruined, she still wanted to kill Gus. She came out of the cave, and she asked her men to finish the work and kill Gus and other hybrids. Her own men stood there in disbelief. All those men had a change of heart after what they saw inside the cave, and they realized that their unfounded beliefs wouldn’t lead them to a better future. However, the entire episode couldn’t bring about a change in Helen’s ideology. She still had a lot of hate inside her heart, and she had no plans to bring about a shift in her sensibilities. 

Even the sight of her grandchild couldn’t change Helen. Helen’s daughters felt sad for her, for it meant the world to them to win the validation of their mother. Even after going through so much and enduring all the pain, the daughters wanted their mother to hug them and accept them and their babies. But Helen was so far gone that it was impossible for her to turn around and start afresh. Helen’s hatred became the reason for her downfall, and she found no spot for herself in a world where hybrids and humans wanted to cohabit in peace. Helen wandered like a nomad on the snow-covered Alaskan terrain, looking disoriented and lost. There was no purpose left in her life, and she didn’t know what she would do or where she would go from there. She saw her own family and other people who once swore their allegiance to her leaving from there. Probably, Helen will never come back from there, and she will take her last breath in Alaska itself. I hope that in her last moments, she gets rid of all that poison and hate she had inside her and that she stops fighting the natural order and, for once, brings about a change in her perspective.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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