‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3 Theories: Will Helen Zhang Emerge As A Villain After General Abbot?


“Sweet Tooth” Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger where Gus embarks on a journey to Alaska with his friends, who have now become akin to family. A cure for the virus had still not been found, though Dr. Miller was up to something, and for the past decade, she had been missing and was probably in Alaska. Dr. Aditya’s obsession with finding a cure had almost driven him to madness, but he still hadn’t given up on his hunt. After the death of General Abbot, there was a new power rising who wanted to take charge of things and do things her way. In her brief appearance, Mrs. Helen Zhang proved that she was probably even more menacing, treacherous, and lethal than the general. So, let’s find out what can be expected from Gertrude Miller and Mrs. Zhang in “Sweet Tooth” season 3 (if there is one) and how their actions will determine the fate of the world.

Has Dr. Gertrude Miller Found A Cure In Alaska?

Big Man and Becky, throughout their journey, had no hope that Dr. Gertrude “Birdie” Miller would be alive, and they were just not speaking out their concerns as they thought that Gus wouldn’t be able to accept that fact. Gus was eager to find his mother since he had learned that she was in Colorado. Gus felt quite bad when he got to know that Dr. Gertrude Miller was not his biological mother and that she had created him in a lab. He felt like he had nobody in this world whom he could call his own. Big Man and Becky didn’t want to disappoint him any further by letting him know that the chances of Birdie being alive were quite negligible. But the unexpected happened, and they came to know that they had not made the trip to Colorado fruitlessly. Birdie was still alive, and Becky came into contact with her accidentally. Birdie told Becky to take a tape she had kept in her attic in which she had tried to make Gus understand that it was never her intention to make him feel abandoned and that whatever she was doing was for his own good. Birdie and even the director of Fort Smith, Gillian Washington, felt that the cure for the H5G9 virus lay in Alaska.

Gillian’s great-grandfather, James Thacker, had gone on an expedition to the same region to search for a cure for his degenerative muscle disorder. Nobody knew what happened to him once he reached Alaska. Gillian always felt that he might have found something that could help them eradicate every disease from the face of the earth forever. After Gillian self-injected herself with the virus and made herself patient zero, she told Birdie that in order to find a cure for the virus, she must bring Gus to her, but on the contrary, Birdie was of the opinion that if she went to Alaska, she might be able to dissipate the situation and find some remedy. Birdie had been in Alaska for more than a decade, and we believe that she might have found some potential leads that made her stay in the region for so long. It might be possible that a lot of research is still needed to make a vaccine out of those potential leads, and that’s what Birdie is trying to do there. Towards the end of “Sweet Tooth” season 2, we saw that Big Man, Gus, Wendy, and Becky had decided to go to Alaska after they had come to know about an outpost where Birdie might have been staying for the last 10 years. It is also possible that Gus’ biology had a role to play in the creation of the vaccine, and Birdie might be trying to find a way to use him or any hybrid as an asset and extract whatever she wanted without killing them.

Will Dr. Adtiya Be Able To Save Rani?

Dr. Aditya believed that he was very close to finding a cure, and he had become obsessed with his research work. Rani, his wife, told him time and again that he had gone too far, but Aditya was just not ready to accept defeat, as he felt he was very close to making a discovery. At one point, it felt like the doctor would go mad, but the Preserve got destroyed, Aimee burned his lab, and Aditya had no option but to leave the premises. Aditya had accidentally reached Gus’ home inside the forest, and there he got to know that there might be some secrets hidden in Alaska that could help him in his research.

There is a possibility that in “Sweet Tooth” Season 3, Aditya might end up meeting Dr. Gertrude Miller, and they might join forces, combine their research, and inch closer to finding a permanent cure for the virus. Obviously, Miller knew way more than Aditya did, but for the past many months, Aditya had researched each and every aspect of the virus, and his hit and trial might prove quite beneficial for Miller and probably even make her discover things that she had been unaware of. Rani was still alive, so it is possible that if Aditya finds a cure in time, he will try to find his wife and save her. But time was of the essence, and we don’t know how long Rani would be able to survive in that state. According to what Aditya believed, Rani only had a couple of weeks before the virus killed her, and that is why it was imperative that whatever discovery he had to make happen within that stipulated time period.

Will Helen Zhang Emerge As A Villain In Season 3?

In “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, we are introduced to the fierce leader of one of the three families that controlled the free cities, Mrs. Helen Zhang. Mrs. Zhang was the kind of woman who didn’t like sharing the spoils of war, and she had only come to meet Abbot because she knew that he had found a cure for the virus. By the looks of it, it felt like she generally didn’t believe in making coordinated efforts or collaborations, as the other leaders also felt startled that Abbot had been able to do the impossible and make her come to the Preserve. Abbot told them about his idea of a self-sufficient township, which he called Evergreen, spread across acres of land and surrounded by a 30-foot-tall boundary wall on all sides. Abbot offered a place to all three leaders and told them that to successfully execute his plan, he would need their assistance.

Abbot’s plans to convince the leaders to come on board failed when Gus arrived at the scene, and the leaders came to know that in order to create the cure, Abbot was killing the hybrids. At that point, it felt like Mrs. Zhang wasn’t coming on board because she didn’t want to kill the hybrids, but later we came to know that she had no qualms about slaughtering the hybrids if she got all the spots in the Evergreen residency. Abbot had told the leaders that he had only 150 spots inside his township, and Mrs. Zhang didn’t want to leave any member of her family behind. She gave Abbot the option that she would kill the other leaders and take their resources, provided he guaranteed her that she would get all the spots. Mrs. Zhang killed the leaders in cold blood, and that’s when we came to know the kind of woman she was. She was brutal and ruthless, and she considered herself to be way more superior than any of her counterparts.

Towards the end of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, the news that Abbot had been killed was delivered to Mrs. Zhang. In an unnerving manner, she told herself that she would have to take charge of the situation, as she didn’t believe that anybody else had it in them. While Gus and his friends are making the journey to Alaska, we believe that Mrs. Zhang will follow them there. Mrs. Zhang might assume the position of the general and drive the narrative the way she wants. She had made it very clear that family meant everything to her and that she would do anything for them. In “Sweet Tooth” season 3, we might see her taking the reins in her hands and starting the construction of Project Evergreen. If Birdie and Dr. Aditya are able to find a cure, she would like to have complete control over the production of the vaccine. In comparison to Abbot, Mrs. Zhang was worse, and moreover, she was unpredictable and brutal. Gus and others had no clue what was brewing inside Mrs. Zhang’s mind, and in season 3, they would have to face the wrath of a woman whose disdainful glare could send shivers down people’s spines.

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