‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Does Hong Joo Discover Lee Yeon’s Secret?


The fourth episode of Prime Video’s fantasy drama Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 was a whole lot of entertaining nothing. We don’t mind the story not really going forward as long as we enjoy the minutes we spend staring at the screen. Also, does anyone else love how Lee Yeon’s hair looks darker sometimes but shines a beautifully coppery red in the sunlight? We are simps, and you cannot change our minds. Here is a detailed recap and ending of Episode 4.

Spoilers Alert

What Happens With Lee Rang And Yeo Hee?

Lee Rang is certifiably embarrassed at the attention he is receiving from a girl, and his brother and Shin Ju are not making things easier for him. They keep teasing him all the time about the mermaid’s obvious love for him. As for Rang, we are not sure if he is actually clueless or if he is acting like that on purpose. Since Yeo Hee saved his life, he thinks that he owes a debt to her and must repay it. Yeo Hee directly flirts with him, but Lee Rang doesn’t see what is going on. Sensing it, Yeo Hee asks for seven small wishes, one of which is horseback riding. She expected something romantic to happen but Rang turned it into a lesson. Yeo Hee even tries hard to find common ground between them but has trouble since Rang is a little curt. However, she ends up getting her romantic moment when she sprains her ankle, and Rang has to take her back on the horse.

Who Is The Baby?

While investigating the masked man, Yeon gets a clue that he needs to go to the boutique where Yeo Hee works and steal the jewelry box. Shin Ju is sent for the task by Yeon, but unfortunately, that is where he runs into Ginko Tawara, who is guarding the store. Of course, Shin Ju mistakes her for Yoo Ri, but that is cleared up soon enough. Luckily, Shin Ju escapes from her and the rest of the security, and Ginko is surprised that he is able to run even after being shot that many times. We suppose the boutique is part of the resistance movement, and they are expecting a shipment of sorts, which is why Ginko is guarding it so vigilantly. But back to Shin Ju: he and Yeon run into the masked man who wants to steal the box from them. There is a bit of a fight and some foul play and elaborate traps, but this time, Yeon wins and gets away with the jewelry box. Though it has a lot of precious jewels, it also has a “ruler,” a scale that brings a dead person back to life when their body’s length (height) and width is measured with it. This scale had supposedly disappeared during the time of the Japanese, and Yeon speculates that it is why the masked man came to this era. But Yeon has yet to find out how it might be useful for him.

As for Ginko, her father has found another gold mine and is ecstatic about it. But he is informed that every time they uncover a mine, a man with a bamboo hat is spotted nearby, making them think that he must be the god of wealth and prosperity. As their luck would have it, they spot the man right then and there, and the general has him arrested. But the man is completely nonchalant about his new circumstances and just asks his torturer to find him a baby if he wants him to talk.

This particular baby mysteriously shows up at Yeon and Rang’s doorstep and turns their lives upside down. Yeon doesn’t want to raise a child since he believes that it was his mistake that turned Rang into a bandit and eventually led to his death. As for Rang, he simply claims to hate human babies. Only Shin Ju is taking proper care of the baby, with Yeon and Rang ready to abandon her at any time. But no matter how much they try, the baby always finds its way back to them. Having no other choice, they start taking care of the child and name her Lee Mi Ho. Yeon and Rang also discover that the baby is a harbinger of good luck. Maybe she is the god of wealth and prosperity. When Rang goes gambling, he wins all the time with the help of Mi Ho, and that makes her an instant favorite. One day, when the brothers are out and about with the baby, they discover that she is wanted by the police. Of course, they do not hand her over because they know by now that she is no ordinary baby. However, their little chase across town alerts the authorities to her presence, and they show up, wanting to take her back. But a bunch of humans are no match for two foxes, and they knock them down in no time.

Does Hong Joo Discover Lee Yeon’s Secret?

Ever since Hong Joo came back from the Ice Hell, her belief that something is off about Moo Young and Lee Yeon has gotten stronger. Hong Joo feels that she knows them, but they remain strangers. As she inquires about Lee Yeon from the townspeople, she finds a very different picture of him than what she has been seeing for a while now. Apparently, Lee Yeon is an opium addict, as we saw in Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 Episode 1, and he beats up the villagers at his slightest displeasure. Those troubled by him have formed a support group of their own, and Hong Joo is surprised at everything she is hearing right now. But she decides to test it for herself. She calls Lee Yeon into her office and lights up some opium, but as expected, he is completely unaffected. Finally, having no choice but to clear her doubts, Hong Joo sets off for Manchuria. Remember in the first episode how Yeon had gotten rid of his 1938 self by telling him that Ah Eum (his first love) was in Manchuria? At the end of Episode 4 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, Hong Joo finds Yeon’s house in Manchuria, and to her surprise, she also finds Lee Yeon, the opium addict of 1938, who is passed out on the sofa. It is only a matter of seconds before Hong Joo discovers that the Lee Yeon in her inn is from the future. Once she connects the dots, she will also know that it is where Moo Young has come back from. Taluipa is already aware of this, so maybe she will help clear some of Hong Joo’s doubts. We will find out next week.

Final Thoughts

From the precap, we know that Moo Young and Yeon are going to meet, as well as Yeon and the demon general. We also look forward to seeing what happens with Ginko Tawara and Shin Ju. Hopefully nothing, because she is very different from Yoo Ri, but we suspect a friendship is in the making. We also have doubts that more of Yeon’s family is going to show up. In the prequel, we were introduced to the family dynamics, but we don’t suppose they were ever properly resolved. Maybe the entire Fox family needs to come together and get therapy. Maybe we will see that happen in the coming episodes.

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