‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Are Lee Yeon And Moo Young?


Whoever wrote Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 is giving us exactly what we want. It started out with fanservice, and when the joy of that was on the brink of wearing off, they started making meaningful strides in the story. In that spirit, here is the detailed recap and ending of Episode 6.

Spoilers Alert

Why Has Moo Young Come To Meet Yeon?

We like Ryu Hong Joo, especially the way she simplifies things to plan her next move. It was awesome how she threw a sword at Yeon and Moo Young as they were fighting, simply because she knew that Moo Young’s blood could revive Yeon. Apparently, his blood is very rare and comes across only once every few centuries. Moo Young saves Yeon, which was unexpected since we don’t understand why he met with him, to begin with. Episode 6 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 showed Moo Young in a different light than what we have gotten used to. In this episode, he really came across as sad and not in control of what was happening around him. In Episode 5, the God of the Five Paths had met him. We discover why in this episode. The God gives Moo Young a red pouch and asks him to place it somewhere in Myoyeonguk. The pouch is an invitation for a particular being that Moo Young needs to catch. Since the being is extremely powerful, Moo Young says that he will ensure it is caught even if he is not the one to do it. This entire exercise will ensure that Moo Young gets his complete body back.

When Moo Young met Yeon, the latter attacked him because he believed that he was the masked man. Though Yeon was right, his suspicion was based on the fact that he had watched Moo Young die and believed that the person in front of him was an imposter. The next morning, when Yeon wakes up all healed, he knows that the person is indeed Moo Young and his healing blood is proof. Ryu Hong Joo demands that they go out and have fun that day, just like they used to in old times. Ryu Hong Joo gets what she wants, though there are some underlying tensions among the friends. Moo Young is enjoying a taste of his past, but he is a man on a mission to harm Yeon. As for Yeon, he is skeptical as to what is going on, but he has pushed aside his doubts for the time being.

Concerning other affairs, it is safe to say that Rang has started caring for the mermaid. She still has some wishes to get through, but Rang doesn’t think of it as an obligation anymore and is genuinely enjoying her company. Meanwhile, Shin Joo has joined the Korean resistance movement with Ginko, and he finds that Taluipa’s husband and the Water Snail Bride are also a part of it as their patriotic duty. Taluipa doesn’t approve of it since she believes that Korea would be fine either way and that gods should not get involved in the affairs of humans.

Back in Myoyeonguk, Hong Joo has put the word out that she is hiring more gisaengs. The magical being arrives hidden amongst the six candidates. The women start getting hints that something is not right, especially Juk Hyang. But before anything can be done or understood, Ginkgo Tawara ends up missing. She was playing the “corners game” with the other gisaengs, and in the process, they accidentally ended up inviting the ghost amongst them, which kidnapped Ginko. When Hong Joo learns of this, she is furious, and the three friends decide to play the game among themselves to understand the ghost they are dealing with. But this time, Hong Joo gets kidnapped. The fact that someone as powerful as her was taken away means that they are not dealing with an ordinary ghost but with someone very powerful.

Where Are Lee Yeon And Moo Young?

In modern times, Shin Joo has made a career as a vet, talking to animals. That skill is useful even in 1938. He finds a cat lurking outside, and it tells them that the magical being was Jang San Beom. We understand that he is one of the most menacing figures in the underworld and kidnaps women to be his wives. There is one known survivor of his, and she tells the brothers that she escaped by following a cat. Yeon and Moo Young must now plan their rescue mission, and the cat is the key to their safe return. Honestly, Moo Young never wanted things to turn out this way. He always wanted Hong Joo to be safe, but Jang San Beom didn’t care about that. He only accepts the invitation and then does whatever he pleases. Yeon already suspects that Moo Young might have something to do with it all since Jang San Beom came to Myoyeonguk at the same time as him and, while playing the corners’ game, Moo Young insisted that Hong Joo not be a participant. Yet, Yeon decides to take a chance and start the rescue mission with him for the sake of their old friendship and, if nothing else, to find out what he wants. Yeon and Moo Young set off but find themselves in the Joseon era, with completely empty streets. At the end of Episode 6 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, when Yeon and Moo Young enter one of the rooms, a mysterious gas knocks them down, and when they wake up, they find themselves on the set of a show titled Jang San Beom’s Bride. It looks like the being is playing with them by shuffling them through worlds, and we believe that it is going to be a time for revelations for the two friends moving forward on this journey.

Final Thoughts

Episode 6 was undoubtedly the better episode to come out this week, and it moved the story forward in a meaningful way. There is a lot to uncover about the three friends’ past, but if our suspicions are right, then the real villain is someone else entirely. Maybe the later episodes will tell us who it is.

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