‘Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Where Are Moo Young, Hong Joo, & Yeon?


We believe that it was in our recap of Episode 8 that we mentioned how the weekly episodes of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 were unevenly paced, with one being intriguing and another being haphazard. Episode 9 was a bit of both, and that has made us uncertain as to our opinion of it and what is to come next. Either way, there was one particularly hilarious moment in the entire episode when the hypnotist switched the personalities of Yeon and Hong Joo’s entourages. Everything else was an average Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938 episode, and here is a recap of it.

Spoilers Alert

Why Are Yeon, Rang, And Hong Joo Going To The Hando Hotel?

At the end of Episode 8, Lee Yeon decided that he would get involved in the affairs of humans and be a part of the Korean Independence Movement by destroying the Japanese Shinigami demons that were on a rampage. He notifies Taluipa about it, who asks him why he is getting involved in such matters so close to his departure date. Lee Yeon says that it is his “debt to pay” and wonders whether Taluipa might have been frustrated at her inability to participate in the movement. Even Taluipa thinks that this is probably why her future self-sent Yeon to this era. In this entire context, we would have liked the makers to address the spirit of patriotism in the Gods of the Nine Tailed universe. One would imagine that their perspective is wide enough to encompass the entire world’s rights and wrongs instead of the individual interests of a country. This must be why they don’t get involved with humans, but Lee Yeon, Taluipa, and the others seem to feel differently. It would be very easy for the series to denounce Japanese imperialism and comment on how it was a detriment to an entire country’s progress and resources and how this actually ties to the greater good of the world. This would have further justified the godliness of our protagonists instead of simply painting them as mortals with powers who have lived too long.

Now that Yeon has started his mission of dealing with the Shinigami gods, he tells Hong Joo that he will be at the Bando Hotel, and whoever wants to take the guardian stone and the golden ruler from him can meet him there. He also throws that challenge out to Moo Young, saying that they should fight each other for what they want. Yeon is doing this because he wants Moo Young and Hong Joo’s help in fighting the Shinigami gods. He knows he won’t be able to take them alone, but unlike him, his friends may not be interested in the independence movement. This is his method of pulling them in for help.

Yeon doesn’t want Rang to come to the hotel with him as he is worried for his safety, but he ends up going anyway. Hong Joo and the girls of Myoyeongeok accompany them since Hong Joo believes that leaving the girls behind could endanger them. General Ryuhei will exploit every weakness of Hong Joo that he can, and she is just taking precautions against it. But that is not all Ryuhei is doing. In the previous episode, he had asked for Ginko’s hand in marriage from her father and also told him that she was an activist. In Episode 9 of “Tale of the Nine-Tailed Tiger,” 1938″, Ginko’s father asks her whether it is true and tells her that she must get married to the general. Ginko is not heartbroken yet, but she tells her mother that she has always preferred her Korean name, Sunwoo Eun Ho. When she tells Ryuhei that she doesn’t want to marry him, he doesn’t care. He had always wanted to marry Ginko, and he only had to wed her sister because she stepped in to protect her. Ryuhei tells Ginko that her sister didn’t commit suicide, but he killed her because she stumbled across something she should have stayed away from. Does this mean that Ginko’s sister saw the true form of her husband?

Back to the Shinigami demons: they visit the boutique of the water snail bride but leave her alive. They are going to the hotel, and when Yeo Hee learns that, she rushes to tell Rang, who she knows is there. That proves a mistake because while Yeon is out hunting the demons, Moo Young has created a distraction by releasing the yacha (zombie) into the hotel, and Rang must now protect Yeo Hee while fighting off the rest of the zombies.

Where Are Moo Young, Hong Joo, And Yeon?

After a few mishaps in the hotel with Shin Joo’s prank and a hypnotist around, it is time for the real work. Yeon goes to the room where the demons are supposedly residing, but they are not there. The demons have taken residence in a painting in the room with the help of an illusion charm. We wish this charm had been explained a little more because one of the demons said that he wanted to relieve himself. Does that mean that the illusion will lead him to the room’s bathroom disguised as part of the forest, or will whatever he does be a part of the painting? These are pertinent questions, and they need answers.

As for Yeon, Moo Young has followed him into the painting, as has Hong Joo. Moo Young had earlier asked the vision of his brother why he had tried to kill him. Ho Young replied that it was a trap set by Taluipa so that their clan wouldn’t become too powerful. Moo Young finds that hard to believe since he has felt her affection for him, but he also can’t deny that she turned him into stone for centuries. Though he accepts his brother’s explanation for the time being, the softer side of him is still there; he loves his friends and doesn’t want to hurt them. However, at the end of episode 9 of Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938, he, Yeon, and Hong Joo come down to blows in the painting as they try to grab the treasures: the ruler and the stone. While Yeon gets the treasures at the end, the three friends spot a fog coming their way and immediately cover themselves. We believe the fog is the creation of one of the demons who are preparing for the battle with the three former mountain gods. We will know what it does in episode 10, which is going to be dedicated to their battle.

Final Thoughts

We are not too fond of precaps where we can accurately guess what happens next. They shouldn’t take away that element of anticipation. Concerning the Shinigami and the three friends, it is safe to assume that they will accomplish their mission and come out safe, but we are worried about Yeo Hee. It looks like she is going to be in danger. We suspected something like that when we heard the way-too-emotional background music during Rang and Yeo Hee’s scenes in this episode. In Kdramaland, that is the hint of an upcoming disaster. Either way, we are keeping our fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

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