‘Tall Girl 2’ Summary & Review: Jodi And Dunkleman Bring Things Full Circle


Netflix’s teen film, “Tall Girl 2” addresses the pressure that an individual feels due to him or her being a particular way physically. No, seriously. Imagine being taller than the other boys in your class. A young lady reading this is already considering whether or not it would be enjoyable. Jodi, our main character, is a high school adolescent who has discovered a new way to feel at ease in her skin. However, as time passes, other worries begin to torment her mind. The film follows Jodi and her loving family and friends on a sincere and warm journey that is unique in every aspect. They acknowledge her individuality and propel her on her life’s path.

The producers made a great effort to address all the issues around being tall in “Tall Girl 2.” They treat anxiety as an indispensable part of life that everyone must learn to live with. Netflix has taken a new direction by emphasizing original content like this. It allows the Gen Z generation to understand the meaning of growing positively while also providing tremendous emotional support to those in need.

‘Tall Girl 2’ Plot Summary

The film serves as a gentle reminder to all tall girls that loving yourself and others is achievable. Moving forward is not possible if you are bogged down by your anxieties. The voice in your head never dictates the route ahead, but it can be utilized as a crutch that helps you to keep standing even when you face the inevitable truth of life. 

Jodi is a high school adolescent who is dating her best friend, Dunkleman, who is considerably shorter than she is. He had no trouble getting up onto a crate for their first kiss until the crate gave way, and Jodi had to lean down to kiss him. Jodi and Dunkleman get off to a great start in their relationship, proving a statistic that couples of various heights remain together longer. Jodi feels more at ease in her skin now that she has given a speech in front of the entire school and is no longer worried about others making fun of her. She adores her height and intends to own it from now on. Stig, an incredibly attractive Swede who lives on rent with Dunkleman and his family, became the reason for Jodi’s heartbreak. Stig and Jodi find a way to stay friends, while Fareeda and Dunkleman profoundly disagree with Jodi’s validation of Stig.

Jodi’s celebrity status develops in tandem with her relationship with Dunkleman. Even though she is dating Dunkleman, she continues to be pursued by other boys, something he does not approve of. When Dunkleman believes they have arrived at a stage of true happiness as a couple, Jodi’s hidden fears and anxieties arise, causing her to withdraw. Dunkleman is deeply hurt by her withdrawal and begins to doubt everything between them. Jodi takes a step back to gather some perspective. Life throws them both a curveball when Stig’s sister Stella moves in with Dunkleman and Stig. Meanwhile, Jodi meets Tommy, a chocolatey lad who becomes her co-star in the musical Bye Birdie Bye.

As a dynamic fashion designer, Fareeda finally finds a boutique that displays and sells her original garment designs, only for Stig to buy everything to boost her confidence. Fareeda kisses Stig, stunned, after learning the truth about her birthday celebration. She takes a step back, realizing she’d broken the girl-best-friend rule. Jodi forgives her, once she admits that she is aware of the situation.

Jodi must find balance in this new phase of life. Between deciding whether a new flame, Tommy, is potentially true love or whether Dunkleman is the man, she can call hers for the rest of her life. She constantly engages in perspective and reality checks with her elder sister, Harper. The story moves you and provides mature support for individuals who feel lost.

The Review

The film is liberally sprinkled with fuzziness, which is ideal for today’s youngsters who want to perceive themselves in a more positive light. Something that Instagram’s filters are unable to do. Something they should learn to look into, on their own. “Tall Girl 2” is kept unique and new-age with song, dance, and characters that give snappy speeches that rapidly establish each personality as your ideal best friend in real life. The film makes for a fun watch on a Saturday night and urges you to enjoy every moment and dance all the blues away. 

“Tall Girl 2” is a 2022 Romance Drama film directed by Emily Ting.

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