‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – Why Did Lucy Get Back With Stephen?


Students return to Baird College after the Christmas break. A lot had unfolded during that time. Lucy learned about a possible connection between Stephen and Macy; on the other hand, Diana mistakenly revealed that she had slept with Wrigley during Welcome Week. Disturbed by Diana’s past, in “Tell Me Lies” Episode 6, Stephen tries to get back with Lucy. Lucy decides to end her relationship with Stephen, knowing that he lied to her about his relationship with Macy. While it was a decision everyone was glad to hear, leaving a toxic relationship can never be an easy one.

Spoilers Ahead

Stephen And Macy: How Did Stephen Explain The Hand-Drawn Rose Lucy Found In Macy’s House?

Lucy was determined to end her relationship with Stephen. She knew that her boyfriend was secretive and dishonest, but the rose napkin in Macy’s house pushed her to the edge. She ignored his calls and texts even after returning to college. Stephen decided to meet her and sort out the problem. He had assumed that she was upset that he did not meet her during the Christmas break, but the truth was deeper than that. She showed him the napkin and demanded to know the truth about his relationship with Macy.

Initially, he denied her allegation and stated that it was just a welcome gift he made for Macy. But Lucy knew that was a lie. She further pressed him to tell the truth. Stephen confided that he once hooked up with Macy over the summer holidays, and they remained friends afterward. Lucy did not trust him; the fact that he avoided eye contact made her all the more doubtful. She asked him to confess the truth instead of making up stories. Stephen was in tears. He broke down. He confessed that he had slept with Macy several times before she joined college. They had a friends-with-benefits situation going on. Stephen had apparently promised Macy to never reveal their relationship to anyone, and that was the reason why he kept it secret after her death. Stephen went ahead and added that he went out with her once in college, and that was the night she died. After hanging out together, Macy agreed to drop Stephen off at college. As they were driving back, a car speeded by, and Macy drove the car astray and crashed into a tree. Macy had died on the spot. Traumatized by the accident, Stephen got down from the car and left. He went ahead and disclosed that it was Drew who was driving the car and that Wrigley had come to Stephen to seek help to protect his brother. Lucy was relieved that Stephen had confessed the truth. She sympathized with him, realizing how traumatic it was for him. She now knew why he kept the truth away from her.

But can Stephen be trusted? He was manipulative enough to completely change Lucy’s assumptions about him. Not just that, by mentioning Wrigley, he indirectly managed to convince Lucy to not trust them. He also proved what an amazing friend he was to have kept the truth a secret even though he lived with the trauma. How Stephen was involved in Macy’s death is still unknown. We would not know for sure if Macy died on the spot that night. We cannot blindly trust Stephen at this point in the series. But for Lucy, his explanation was satisfactory.

Stephen, Diana, And Wrigley

Stephen could not accept the fact that Diana had once slept with Wrigley during Welcome Week. Even though she said it was nothing close to passion or romance, Stephen could not help but picture the two in a moment of passion. Even though the incident had occurred before Diana and Stephen knew each other, he thought that his best friend and his girlfriend had deceived him. They kept him away from him, and he could not tolerate it. He competed with Wrigley in the gym, testing his stamina. He wanted to be more powerful than him. To humiliate Wrigley, he passed him some coke at a party. He knew that would make him weak the next morning.

At the gym the next day, Wrigley could not keep up with Stephen. Stephen secretly enjoyed watching Wrigley struggle. He took Wrigley to the sauna, making him all the more nauseous. Even though he constantly said that he was feeling sick, Stephen continued to ask questions about his relationship. He wanted to know about Pippa and how she was special to Wrigley. After pressing him for a few minutes, Wrigley gave him a detailed account of his sex life. The next minute, Stephen made Wrigley feel guilty about confessing it. He later used the detail to humiliate Wrigley and Pippa at a party. In a way, knowing the secret helped Stephen have the upper hand in Wrigley’s personal life. Meanwhile, Stephen broke up with Diana, stating that he could not accept her past with Wrigley. The fact that Stephen compared him cheating while being in a relationship with Diana to her sleeping with Wrigley before she even knew Stephen explains how problematic his understanding of commitment was.

‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – Why Did Lucy Get Back With Stephen?

Lucy forgave Stephen after he confessed to his relationship with Macy. After spending the night together, Lucy and Stephen left the room, and they came across Bree and Pippa. Lucy’s best friends were not happy that she was back with Stephen. They had warned her of his lying tendencies. But Lucy promised that she had sorted out her issues with him. Pippa could not help but mention how Stephen was sleeping with Diana all the while he was dating Lucy. Lucy was angered by her friend’s remark. She wanted everyone around her to not pass judgment on her relationship. She once again confronted Stephen about his involvement with Diana, but this time she was not going to let the response decide the fate of her relationship. Lucy added that she wanted to start their relationship on a clean slate. Whatever they did in the past would no longer affect their present, but she demanded respect from Stephen no matter what. Stephen agreed to the fresh start.

The two held each other’s hands and entered a college party together. What everyone thought about their relationship no longer bothered them. Evan always had a special liking for Lucy, and he finally admitted it at the party, though Lucy chose to ignore it. Stephen had a word with Pippa outside the party. He knew that she was the one who had informed Lucy about his relationship with Diana. Pippa had seen Diana and Stephen in the library together. He decided to make her feel guilty for trying to sabotage his relationship. Stephen asked Pippa to stay away from his relationship and to not stir up drama at the cost of him and Lucy. When she brought up how he lied to Lucy throughout their relationship, Stephen countered it with how Pippa, too, had lied to Lucy by not telling her the truth about Drew’s involvement in Macy’s accident. Even though Pippa’s situation was far more complicated than Stephen cheating on Lucy, Stephen managed to find a way to make Pippa feel terrible about herself.

At the end of “Tell Me Lies” Episode 6, we see Stephen and Lucy find their way back to each other through the crowded party. They had lost their friends, or at least their friends no longer cared about their relationship. Everyone knew how problematic Stephen was, but they were also tired of Lucy’s chosen blindness. Their friends had given up, and they knew that there was no point in addressing the issues unless Lucy decided to take a look at them. Knowing how in the future, Lucy and Stephen are no longer together, we can guess that Stephen might have betrayed Lucy’s trust. Considering how it took Lucy eight years to end her relationship with Stephen, it is understandable why Pippa was no longer on good terms with Lucy. The mystery surrounding Macy’s death continues to be an important aspect of the entire series, especially now that we know that Stephen was present with Macy that night.

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