‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Stephen Destroy The Pictures?


In Episode 7 of “Tell Me Lies,” the Baird College friends travel to Evan’s family lake house to celebrate his 21st birthday. The series gradually becomes monotonous, with the usual lying, backstabbing, and toxicity. The only likable characters are Bree and Evan. They are aware of how problematic their friends are, but they still try to keep up with them in the most polite way possible. Stephen continues to spread hate and doubt among his friends. Even though he and Lucy are somewhat official as a couple now, his loyalty remains doubtful.

Spoilers Ahead

Evan And Bree

Evan buys himself a cake and candles for his birthday. Everyone around him thought it was strange, but for Evan, buying his birthday cake seemed like a very normal thing to do. He knew that his friends would be caught up in their own mess and would forget about buying him a birthday cake. Evan had very low expectations from his friends, but without them, he would be lonely, and maybe that was the reason why, no matter how obnoxious they were, he used to put up with them. The moment he was about to enter the lake house, a neighbor came up to him, questioning his motives. As a black man growing up in a posh neighborhood, Evan was used to white neighbors questioning his legitimacy. After tackling the white woman smoothly, he got the house ready for his guests.

Bree had been dropping hints on Evan, but he never took notice of them. Bree was attracted to Evan because of his nature. Even though he came from wealth, he was never arrogant about it. It was only Evan who had ever asked Bree about her past and knew that she grew up in foster care. There was a sense of certainty and honesty in Evan that Bree did not find in anyone else. During the birthday weekend, her friends made it evident that Bree fancied Evan, and he eventually took note of it.

The Wrigley Madness

Wrigley was his usual hyperactive self. His loud personality was a lot to handle for everyone, especially Pippa. Throughout the weekend, she was busy texting someone. In a drinking game, when Stephen asked her to show her phone to the person on her left, she chose to not do it. There seems to be another man in her life, though she continues to show affection to Wrigley. At one point in time, Pippa could not help but complain about Wrigley’s loud personality to Lucy. She wanted him to tone down, but he was not someone who would listen. Wrigley made a mess when he threw a bowling ball out of the window, breaking a table that was set beside the pool. Evan was disappointed with Wrigley’s immature behavior.

Stephen planted a seed of doubt about Pippa’s loyalty in Wrigley’s head by mentioning how she was always busy on her phone. After trying to destroy Wrigley’s relationship, Stephen targeted Drew. He informed Drew that Wrigley had discussed the accident with Pippa. Stephen knew that Drew had been suffering mentally for months now, and by disclosing this information, he made Drew all the more anxious. Drew feared that if Wrigley and Pippa ever broke up, his secret might be spilled out. Stephen’s motive seems to be to destroy Wrigley’s life. Clearly, he had not gotten over the fact that Wrigley had slept with Diana.

‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – What Made Evan Lose His Temper? Why Did Stephen Destroy The Pictures?

If you have friends such as Wrigley and Stephen, you are bound to lose your mind one day or another. Evan had been tolerating Wrigley’s antics throughout the weekend. He also had to watch Lucy and Stephen’s steaming romance even after knowing how manipulative Stephen was, and the fact that he liked Lucy did not make it any easier. Bree was his only respite, but Lucy had turned their interest into a fun game. Stephen and Lucy had made it clear that Bree was attracted to Evan, yet during a drinking game, Lucy asked Bree to kiss Evan every time she took a sip. The friends hooted every time they kissed, making them extremely uncomfortable. They were having fun at the cost of two people’s emotions and comfort. Evan left the room, refusing to be an entertainer any longer. He later accused his friends of being hypocrites who never really cared for each other.

Bree found Evan the next morning in the woods. He tried to walk back to college but collapsed on the way. He apologized for his behavior the previous night, but Bree thought that he must not be sorry for his honesty. After all, they both knew that their friends were problematic and needed to hear it from someone. Bree eventually expressed her affection for Evan, and the two walked back to the house. On their way, Bree asked what Evan’s parents did for a living. As it turned out, his father was the man who had invented the materials used to make slimy hands. Bree could not hold back her laughter since, as a little girl, she could only afford slimy hands, and it was an important part of her childhood memory. To learn that the toy that made her happy during a time she barely had anything was made by Evan’s father was a beautiful coincidence. They went back home and made love to each other. That was the beginning of Bree and Evan’s long-lasting romance. They eventually got married, as we witnessed in “Tell Me Lies” Episode 1.

When Stephen was cleaning the house, he got hold of the camera. Bree had borrowed the camera from college to capture happy moments. Pippa took pictures of Lucy and Stephen, announcing that she would upload them all on Facebook. Pippa knew what a liar Stephen was, and she doubted his loyalty. Stephen dropped the camera into the pool, and Pippa caught him in action. She knew that Stephen would never publicly accept Lucy as his girlfriend, and the fact that he destroyed the camera proved her doubt. But she could not say anything to Lucy because she feared that Stephen would seek revenge on her as he had warned her in “Tell Me Lies” Episode 6. Moreover, she had advised Lucy against Stephen multiple times, but it was never effective.

Amidst it all, Drew continues to be distant. Even though his behavior was concerning, the people around him barely focused on him. “Tell Me Lies” Episode 7 was mostly about Evan and how he and Bree found love in between all the toxicity.

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