‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained – Why Did Lucy Drop A Note To The Dean?


Episode 8 of “Tell Me Lies” is all about Pippa. By now, it has been established that Pippa always wanted to be the popular girl in college, and at times, she resorted to lying to seem relevant. In Episode 8, we learn the reason for her desperate behavior. Stephen continues to spread hateful rumors about Wrigley and instigates Drew to an extent. Lucy keeps trusting Stephen, even though she doubts his loyalty. “Tell me lies” Episode 8 is as monotonous as it can get. Apart from the Pippa backstory, nothing significant occurs in the 49-minute runtime.

Spoilers Ahead

Pippa And Her Past

In “Tell me lies” Episode 7, Lucy noticed how Pippa was always busy on her phone. She and Stephen assumed that Pippa might be cheating on Wrigley. But episode 8 begins with Pippa asking Wrigley to accompany her to lunch with her father. This was a step forward in their relationship, and Wrigley was glad that they were making progress. Pippa’s father was impressed by Wrigley’s accomplishments as the captain of the college football team. But his actual reason for visiting Pippa was to check on her well-being. He was concerned about the kind of friends Pippa was making in college because she was a loner in school. After learning about the many friends Pippa had in college, her father was relieved. Pippa chose not to share her past with Wrigley. Pippa needed her relationship to be perfect. She knew that if he learned her truth, her reputation as the cool, popular girl in college would be ruined. Even though she knew that she was faking it, having a boyfriend like Wrigley was nothing short of a dream for her.

Pippa and Charlie, Lucy’s roommate, had become great friends over time. Since Bree was mostly away spending time with Evan and Lucy was busy with Stephen, Pippa would often end up spending time with Charlie in her room. She yearned for honest conversations, and Charlie was the person with whom she could express her true self. Charlie stayed away from drama and preferred spending time by herself. She was quite the opposite of Pippa, who survived on attention. On days when she would feel low, Pippa would end up watching films with Charlie in her room. She enjoyed Charlie’s company and would drag her along to events. But she would eventually get busy with being Wrigley’s girlfriend, and Charlie had to go her own separate way. One night, Charlie asked her what she was searching for because clearly, there was something more than friendship brewing between them. Pippa knew she had feelings for Charlie. She would often catch herself feeling jealous when she saw Charlie with other women. She proceeded to kiss Charlie, and they started making out. Pippa began faking orgasm as she did with Wrigley. Charlie could not help but laugh at her pretense. Charlie knew that Pippa was faking it, but she wondered why. Pippa discussed her inexperience with intimacy. She would make fake claims about pleasure to seem cool and easy. Wrigley was her first boyfriend, and he was the first person she slept with. But he did not know the truth. Wrigley took her for the girl she projected herself to be.

Pippa discussed her past trauma with Charlie. Pippa was considered a loser in school, and she was ill-treated by her classmates. Her situation got worse in junior high when her classmates created a fake account and pretended to be a man obsessed with Pippa. Pippa fell for it and decided to meet the man, only to learn it was an elaborate prank. She became a laughingstock and had to be transferred to another school. The next two years were extremely lonely for Pippa. Before entering college, she knew that she could not be the loser she was considered in school. She created a fake personality to be accepted by everyone. The worst part was that she did not know if Wrigley liked her for the person she was or the person she pretended to be. Her past explained why she would often come across as a wannabe. She later decided not to pursue a romance with Charlie; she was already with Wrigley, and she did not wish to hurt him. Charlie, too, was not ready to commit to someone like Pippa. She believed that Pippa needed to figure herself out before being with someone else. Even though Pippa decided to end things with Charlie, she continued to be affected by her actions.

Lucy And Stephen: Why Did Lucy Kiss Stephen In Front Of Diana?

While making love with Stephen, Lucy mentioned that she was in love with him but corrected herself quickly, knowing that he might not reciprocate the same. Even though she was in love with him, she did not know what to expect from him. Lucy wanted Stephen to share life details with her, but he kept her away from it. He chose never to discuss his career prospects with her. People around Lucy always made her rethink her relationship with Stephen, though she was stubborn about stating that their relationship was as perfect as it could be. After talking to Evan, she realized that Stephen used to express his love for Diana, but he never did the same to her. She wanted more from the relationship, she wanted to have the upper hand, and she wanted to be the one who could destroy him in a minute and not the other way around. Lucy was tired of how people believed she was a victim and Stephen, the predator. She believed her relationship was meaningful and not the way people imagined it to be. To make Stephen prove his affection for her and embarrass Diana in front of the crowd, Lucy kissed Stephen in front of Diana. While performing on stage and watching her ex-boyfriend make out with his girlfriend in the audience, Diana felt embarrassed.

She later confronted Stephen about it and tried to prove her worth in his life, but Stephen stopped her. Diana was surprised by Stephen’s loyalty to Lucy. What she did not know was that Stephen had a strong reason not to make Lucy upset. Lucy truly had the upper hand in the relationship at the moment. To prove his innocence in the Macy case, he had to disclose that he was with Macy on the night of the accident. Since only Lucy knew about it, he had to make sure that she would not spill the information. Stephen was scared. He knew that if his name was associated with Macy’s death, his career as a lawyer could be destroyed. He perhaps would have never shared the detail with a soul had Lucy not questioned him about the rose he drew on the tissue paper that she found in Macy’s house. Lucy knew that the only possible day that Stephen and Macy could have been together was on the night Macy died because it was the only time Lucy was not with Macy. Therefore, Stephen did not have an alternative but to confess. Keeping Lucy happy was important to him, and for that, he was ready to give up on Diana.

‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Why Did Lucy Drop A Note To The Dean? 

Lucy could feel that Stephen despised Wrigley. After becoming the captain of the football team, Stephen hated Wrigley all the more. He wanted to destroy Wrigley’s life, and he did his best to make it happen. He discussed with Drew how it was Wrigley and Pippa who convinced Bree not to date him, how they used to only think about themselves and never about the people around them. Drew started to harbor bitterness towards his brother and Pippa. He trusted Stephen and believed that he was the only one who cared about him.

When Lucy congratulated Wrigley on becoming the captain, Stephen was disturbed. He believed that just like everyone else on campus, Lucy, too, was trying to win favor with Wrigley. Lucy was not ready to accept Stephen’s insults, and Stephen knew that he had crossed his boundary. He was ready to apologize to her, explaining how he was tired of how people like Wrigley and Drew could get away with anything. Lucy agreed with him and understood his emotions. Stephen emphasized how people like him could never get away with an accidental murder because of their financial condition and lack of popularity. Lucy felt bad for Stephen. She believed that the presence of Drew and Wrigley was affecting Stephen since he knew the truth. But no matter how many times Lucy asked him to take a step against Drew and to find a way to restart an investigation into Macy’s case, he would always ask her to stop. He did not wish to be a part of the case, fearing that his career could be doomed as a result. But was that the only reason why? Or was he simply scared of what the investigation would bring forward?

Lucy decided to anonymously send a note to the Dean asking him to probe into Macy’s case once again. She directly asked the Dean to question Drew about the night of Macy’s murder, implying his involvement. She believed that she was doing Stephen a favor, whereas, in reality, she might be doing exactly the opposite of what he wanted her to. Lucy knew the version of the night Drew had told everyone. Pippa had shared the details with her. But unlike what Stephen had said, Pippa’s version did not project Drew as the one responsible. Drew had to take a bend because Macy’s car was about to hit him. He regretted not helping her even after knowing that her car had hit a tree. But Stephen’s version of the story blamed Drew for rash driving and killing Macy. As usual, Lucy trusted her boyfriend’s version and decided to seek justice that might destroy the little of what was left of Drew.

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