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Life happens when we are busy making plans for it. Hence, it is necessary to just look around a bit and cherish the present moment. Following the rat race, we often forget that there is more to life than work. Maybe, love. Tell Me When (Dime Cuándo Tú in Mexican) takes its protagonist on a romantic ride exploring the basic ideas of life and its adventure. But more importantly, it seeks a hero who has never been in love, and will it change things for him in the end?

‘Tell Me When’ Summary

Will (Jesus Zavala) works in a corporate job where he has been recently promoted to a junior associate. His grandparents and the only living relatives, grandfather Pepe (Jose Carlos Ruiz) and grandmother Ines (Veronica Castro) throw a surprise party to celebrate his accomplishment. However, they are worried about Will who has no social friends or people to talk to. His life is buried deep in the mobile screen.

His grandpa Pepe takes matters into his hand and arranges a break for his grandson. He books a ticket for Mexico City and pens down a list of places that Will should visit. Pepe decides to surprise Will and therefore the duo visits the deserted Mexican border. Pepe forgets his diary but yet tries to convince Will to take a break from his work.

“You have to learn to live. You have to learn how to be and not to have.”


Pepe was about to reveal the surprise when he suffers from a sudden heart attack in the middle of deserted land. Will loses his grandfather and his surprise remains a mystery for a year until Will finds the diary on his shelf. As soon he reads it, he decides to visit all the places Pepe wanted him to visit.

Tell Me When further explores Will’s journey to the new land where he meets the love of his life, a stage actress, Dani (Ximena Romo). But matters of love aren’t as simple as they sound. Dani doesn’t want to leave Mexico because the city nurtures her dream of becoming an actor while Will only has a few days left before he has to go back to Los Angeles. And there is a past lover of Dani as well who returns at the exact moment to complicated things further. Will our hero be able to find love at last or his first love will become unrequited love forever?

Tell Me When (Dime Cuándo Tú) Summary & Ending, Explained 2021 Film

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘Tell Me When’ Ending Explained

Will liked Dani but was too shy to accept it. Dani’s pal Beto (Gabriel Nunciio) flamed up Will’s feelings and urged him to confess. Will after a subtle date recites his grandfather’s poetry to Dani that ends up in a kiss between them. A naive Will starts speculating his relationship with Dani which is instantly put on hold by her. She reveals to Will that she just wants to remain friends. All of Will’s hope flushes down the gutter when he hears the word “friendship.” It is in these exact moments when Dani’s ex-fiance Javier visits the scene for a casual meeting but Will takes it otherwise.

Will locks himself in his rented apartment and starts ignoring Dani. He becomes the lost lover. Dani received his letter, the one he left on her doorstep. She cherished it and even penned a reply. She visits Will’s apartment to hand him the letter but Will, pained with jealousy, flushes his anger on her. Dani slaps Will and leaves. She also tears up the letter she wrote for him.

Will leaves for Los Angeles and again buries himself in his workaholic life. Though, now he has something or someone to miss. A few days later, Will receives Dani’s letter sent by her pal Beto who mended the broken pieces of pieces, in his attempt to bring back two broken hearts together.

Dani’s letter arrives at her grandmother’s address which Beto took out from Dani’s diary. The whole neighborhood reads her letter and when finally Will reads it, he can’t stop his heart from beating again. In her letter, Dani wrote about Javier and also confessed her feelings for Will. Will’s grandmother suggests that Will to not let go of her.

“People like her don’t come into your life every day. When they do, don’t let them go. You should keep them very close. However, you can. As friends, as lovers. No matter what. In the end, you never know where it may lead you. ”


Will boards the next flight to Mexico City and tries to catch up with Dani’s first stage show where she was acting in the lead. However, he misses it. He meets Dani outside her apartment and asks for forgiveness. He tries to rebuild the bridge between them. He just wants Dani to be a part of his life, in any capacity she feels comfortable with.

Dani doesn’t answer but in the last frame, we see both of them sitting inside a restaurant. Their friendship remains strong and maybe, as Will’s grandmother said, “you never know where it may lead you.”

Tell Me When (Dime Cuándo Tú) is an adorable journey of a shy individual. Any introvert who was too afraid to confess his life will resonate with Will’s journey. It often happens with shy ones, who pile up a lot of things inside their heart because they are too afraid to speak. The film explores the idea that it is better to confess and reject than overthinking and repent.

Michelle Castro’s visually stunning Cinematography captures the romantic side of Mexico City and uplifts the moments. Some of the montages are incredibly adorable. The debut director and writer, Gerardo Gatica is able to convey the very essence of romance through her narrative. Some of his choices are amazingly unique and captivating. Few of the written dialogues hit you to the core and give away those butterfly feelings.

If you are looking for a mild romanticized perspective, it successfully delivers its charm. However, the film isn’t something that is going to be with you for long. It is too simple and thus easily forgotten. It can be treated as an easy watch on a romantic date or maybe when you are romantically missing a date.

Tell Me When (Dime Cuándo Tú) is a 2021 romantic comedy film directed by Gerardo Gatica. It is streaming on Netflix.

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