‘Thank You, I’m Sorry’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: What Happens To Linda And Sara?


Thank You, I’m Sorry is a Netflix Swedish film that revolves around the relationship between two sisters. At the center of the heartfelt comedy-drama is Sara, a mother of one with her second child due in a few weeks. Sara was completely dumbfounded when her husband, Daniel, suddenly informed her that it was time to take a break from their relationship. He intended on spending a few days with his friend, away from all his responsibilities. As a heavily pregnant woman, Sara was surprised by the proposal, but she did not protest. Meanwhile, Sara’s older sister, Linda lived with her dog, Zlatan. Linda was close to her father and shared her apartment with her cheating boyfriend.

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Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Sara’s world completely changed when, the next morning, she woke up to find her husband lying lifeless. She had slept that night on the sofa, and by the time she went to his room, it was too late. Sara struggled to process her emotions because she did not anticipate things turning this way. She had to look after her son, Eliot, making it all the more difficult for her to express how she truly felt. Sara wondered if she was at fault for sleeping on the sofa, possibly thinking of a different outcome. She felt tremendous rage towards Daniel for leaving her when she needed his support the most. He was far from a perfect partner, but she could not forgive him for abandoning her completely. Not only did she have to take care of her health and her son, but she also had to arrange a funeral all of a sudden. Helen, her mother-in-law, was the first person she called to inform her about Daniel. Helen, a psychologist by profession, tried to approach the entire situation very logically. She made all the calls to their relatives and helped Sara prepare for the funeral.

Linda was informed about Daniel’s death by her father. Helen contacted Sara’s father to deliver the news, even though Sara did not share a fond relationship with him. Linda wanted to be there for her sister, but it had been years since they last met. She was not sure if Sara would appreciate her presence at the funeral all of a sudden. Linda was also equally confused about her relationship with her boyfriend. They were on a break, yet he stormed into the apartment whenever he felt like it. She knew he was not the man for her, and the relationship made her feel inadequate, but she found it difficult to convey her true feelings to him. She preferred pretending everything was alright to admit their relationship was flawed.

Did Sara accept Linda?

Linda ultimately decides to attend the funeral with Zlatan by her side. Little Eliot was overjoyed upon seeing the playful dog, but his mother was not too glad to meet Linda. Unable to break the ice between her and her sister, Linda decides to befriend the little boy. She played with him and helped him swing, and Sara saw the two bond from a distance. For a second, she experienced a sense of comfort, but the next minute, Eliot was on the ground, crying his eyes out. Sara blamed Linda for being irresponsible, and it became all the more difficult for Linda to connect with her younger sister.

Sara struggled to share space with her mother-in-law, who often reminded her of her responsibilities towards her son. She found her presence to be too invasive and difficult to deal with. Sara always felt extremely alone on the journey, and Helen was not the companion she was ready to share her responsibilities with. When Sara and Linda’s parents got divorced, Linda decided to be with her father, and she was close to the old man. She could sense that he was having trouble with his memory, and she wanted to unite Sara and her father before it was too late. After seeing how happy her father was to see pictures of Sara and her son, Linda tried to reconnect with Sara again. She knocked on the door, but Sara did not respond. Eliot was in bed by then, and Sara was not ready to entertain guests. When she went downstairs, she saw Linda waiting with her dog in the garden. Sara was a little hesitant about letting Zlatan and Linda in because, all her life, she knew she was allergic to dogs, but Linda informed her that was a lie their mother told, so Sara never brought a dog home. 

While Linda lived with their father after the divorce, Sara chose to be with her mother, and that resulted in the siblings staying apart for years. Their father was far from a perfect man—he cheated on their mother and was mostly drunk, while their mother preferred to come up with excuses rather than face the truth. The last time Linda and Sara met was at their mother’s funeral, and it did not go well because her dog ended up biting the priest. Because of her frustration with the circumstances, Sara lost her cool and angrily declared that she would never want to see Linda again. Her words stuck with Linda. Sara decided to allow Linda and Zlatan to spend the night at her house after seeing the bond between Eliot and Zlatan. Her heart was full watching her little boy sleep so comfortably and in peace with Zlatan by his side.

Helen disapproved of Linda’s presence. She believed Eliot needed a sense of security, and Linda would never be able to provide it to him. She repeatedly reminded Sara of how she was failing as a mother, and Sara could no longer keep her rage in check. She flung her phone at Helen, and she ended up with two stitches. Sara admitted that she was finding it difficult to deal with the grief she experienced.

What brought Linda and Sara together?

Sara decided to ask Linda to live with her, considering how her presence always lit Eliot up. Linda readily agreed; she was glad that she could finally stop sharing her apartment with her eccentric boyfriend and support her sister during perhaps the most difficult phase of her life. Helen continued to express her disapproval of Linda, especially after finding out that she chose to remain unemployed after winning a lottery two years ago. But Sara had made up her mind about her sister, and she did not intend to let her go.

When Eliot found out about his granddad, he immediately wanted to meet him. Sara was ready to look past her differences with Linda, but she was not yet at the place where she could forgive her father for his absence. Linda comforted Sara when she was on the verge of a breakdown, and Sara started to feel more at home with Linda around. She was quite surprised when she met the man Linda was dating. She could see that Linda was hesitant about meeting him, yet she could not say it to him on his face. Sara was secretly afraid of losing Linda again, and what could be more devastating than watching her sister prioritize a man who borrowed money from her time and again? Sara confronted Linda about her tendency to make excuses for people like their mother did. Linda pointed out how Sara, too, had flaws. She was with a man who never wanted a child in the first place, and their relationship was nothing more than a compromise. In the heat of the moment, Sara finally admitted why she was so angry with Linda. She could not forgive Linda for choosing to be with their father instead of her and their mother. It was devastating for her to watch her older sister leave, and she felt extremely lonely. Linda explained that she chose to be with him because he would have been completely alone otherwise. Sara believed their father did not deserve the emotional support that Linda provided, considering the man that he was. She was afraid that Linda had grown up to become a woman who always hoped to bring out the best in everyone, even when they were beyond repair. Linda showed them a picture of theirs that their father had always kept with him. She knew that, as terrible as he was, he cared about his children, and Linda hoped that one day Sara would give him another chance and meet him before it was too late.

What helped Linda and Sara get over their differences?

One day, when Linda did not pick up Eliot from school, Sara was worried. Linda’s sudden absence also affected Eliot, and Helen came to their house to look after him. When Linda returned home, she explained that she went to visit their father, but when she went to his room, he was gone. She had a tough time finding him, and she was relieved that she finally did. Sara was disappointed in Linda for prioritizing their father over her once again. Linda left without a word after seeing rage in Sara’s eyes. Sara started to miss Linda after she was gone. She had to admit that her sister brought sunshine back into their lives.

Linda, too, missed Sara, and it all ends with her receiving a call from Helen asking her if she had seen Sara recently. Sara had gone missing, and Linda was the only person who knew where she could have been. She found Sara seated on a swing, crying her heart out. Sara had run away from the hospital because she believed she was not ready to give birth and deal with the aftermath. She was afraid of her daughter looking like Daniel, and she was scared of her baby reminding her of him all the time. Sara had lately realized how children are often a version of their parents. Linda was quite like their mother, while she was like their father. She was equally self-absorbed and bitter like him, and even though she hated being so similar, she could not help it. Sara experienced a myriad of emotions: she was scared of being alone, she was afraid of how her daughter would turn out, she missed her mother, and she was terrified of not being the perfect parent. Through Linda’s support, Sara finally agreed to go to the hospital. She needed to get operated on after the heart rate of her unborn child started to go low. The baby was finally born, and Sara, too, was doing alright. As difficult as it seemed, everything worked out in the end.

During Thank You, I’m Sorry‘s ending, Sara’s honesty helped Linda finally make the decision to push her boyfriend out of her apartment. She realized she did not need to support people who wronged her. Linda also made a decision for Sara, knowing that it needed to be done even if it left her angry. She brought their father along to Sara’s place, and after years of staying away, Sara and her father finally met. Sara was not ready to accept him all of a sudden, and he, too, did not wish to overwhelm her. All he wanted was to see his daughter once before it was too late, and he was glad that he could do so. He thanked Sara for allowing him to spend a minute with her, and he apologized for all the mistakes he made when she was young. With a picture of Sara and her child, their father was content.

Before Linda left, Sara stopped her and proposed that she return to stay with her. Linda was more than happy to live with Sara and her two children. While the sudden death of her husband was devastating for Sara, it, in a way, brought Linda back into her life. Maybe Linda and Sara were always destined to raise Saga and Eliot together.

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