‘Thank You, Next’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Leyla And Omer End Up Together?


After her breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Leyla Taylan went on a journey of self-discovery. It was freeing but at the same time painful, and her secret wish of finding love amidst the madness left her all the more disappointed. Netflix’s Thank You, Next is a romantic Turkish drama centered around an attorney who wants to fall in love, but dealing with the complexity that comes with dating leaves her frustrated. The conclusion was almost always the same—men were a confusing mess, but our girl refused to give up. Talented and gorgeous Serenay Sarikaya steals the show as Leyla Taylan. Thank You, Next is thoroughly entertaining and it is definitely worth a casual watch.

Spoiler Alert

Who did Feyyaz end up with?

After Leyla’s messy breakup with her long-term boyfriend, Omer, she went on a trip with her friends, and that was when she met Feyyaz. Well, she called him Seyyaz because she was too drunk to remember his name. She shared her number, he contacted her, and they decided to meet once again, this time sober. Leyla was surprised and impressed to find out that Feyyaz was the chef at the restaurant he invited her to. With every dish he served, she yearned to get to know him better. Clearly, Feyyaz had a few tricks up his sleeve, and Leyla was attracted to him. Leyla was a little disappointed when Feyyaz ghosted her after being in each other’s company the previous night. Even though they eventually got in touch once again and they did spend quality time together, Leyla did not think he was the man she wanted to commit to. There were signs suggesting that he had other women in his life, and Leyla believed it was best to remain friends with him. Even though they were attracted to each other at first, their relationship lacked the deep connection that Leyla was searching for.

Feyyaz was eventually introduced to Dafne Seyhun-Richards, a prominent architect who was in charge of building Cem Murathan’s new hotel. Cem and Dafne were married once, and they continued to be the best of friends after they got divorced. Dafne had recently become single, and Feyyaz was attracted to her. Their relationship bloomed, but Dafne did not particularly think about building a future with him. Marriage and relationships were not on her priority list, and Thank You, Next‘s ending does not confirm that Feyyaz and Dafne will end up together. We can assume that Feyyaz will continue to be a part of her life if he can accept her closeness with Cem and his mother. But when it comes to lifelong commitment, that is quite tough to guess.

What led to the distance between Leyla and Cem?

When it comes to romantic cliches, hating the man you will eventually fall in love with seems to top the list. In the case of Leyla and Cem, it was just the same. Cem Murathan used to be her client, Tuba’s husband, and she was assigned to handle the divorce. She was convinced that Cem was a narcissist who, with his charming personality, always managed to impress his targets. He was married three times, and Leyla believed that indicated how indecisive he was and how easily he got bored in relationships. Tuba led Leyla to believe that Cem wanted to divorce her because he wanted to get back with his first wife, Dafne. Eventually, Leyla figured out that Tuba was quite the red flag. She tried to burn down Cem’s hotel and hacked into his system to corrupt his data out of envy and insecurity. She was obsessed with Cem and she even tried to interfere with Dafne’s business affairs. Leyla realized that she had made the wrong assumption, and she was quite embarrassed when she found herself dreaming about Cem.

At the New Year party, Cem and Leyla shared a brief romantic moment, and even though it was obvious that Cem was attracted to her, Leyla doubted her instincts. She could not get over the fact that he was married three times and that he was close to his first wife. Moreover, his second and third wives, Nil and Tuba, co-authored a book criticizing the narcissistic nature of Cem. There were too many red flags for Leyla to ignore, and she chose to keep her distance. On the day of Cem’s hotel launch, Leyla could not help but approach him. Even though she said that she could not think about a future with him, she ended up kissing him. The sexual tension was palpable, and it was not surprising that they ended up spending the night together. Leyla was heartbroken when she woke up the next morning, and Cem was already gone. She was hurt, even though she anticipated that he would turn out to be a disappointment.

Leyla completely distanced herself from Cem, and she prioritized her relationship with Omer. After staying apart, the former lovers realized that they were meant to be together. He was the only one who did not disappoint her, apart from the fact that he had cheated on her while they were together. But he always defended himself, saying that their relationship had already reached a dead end by then. Leyla did not know then that Cem was genuinely attracted to her, and he did not leave that night because he wanted to. He felt he had to after he received a text from Omer stating that he considered Leyla to be his family. He chose to walk away, but maybe that was not his decision to make.

Were Dafne and Cem in love?

Dafne and Cem’s friendship was tough for the world to comprehend. You don’t often come across former partners being the best of friends, and naturally, there was a lot of speculation about the nature of their friendship. Leyla, too, doubted that the two were in love and would always find their way back to each other.

It was only during Thank You, Next‘s ending that Leyla realized the reason why Dafne and Cem were so close to each other. Feyyaz doubted that Dafne was pregnant with Cem’s child, and that was why Cem’s mother came to meet Dafne. Leyla too believed his theory, and it was only after talking to Cem’s mother that she figured out the real reason why Cem and Dafne were inseparable.

Dafne and Cem were married for three years, and she was in her third trimester when they made vacation plans. Cem’s younger brother, Selim, joined them and was driving the car when an unfortunate incident occurred. The three met with an accident, and Selim lost his life. Dafne survived, but her baby passed away in the womb. The family struggled to cope with the loss, and being around each other was quite difficult at the time. That was when Dafne decided to leave Cem because she believed they needed the space to grow. With time, they grew closer as a family, and when Dafne found out that she was pregnant, she believed she owed it to Cem and her mother to be the first ones to know about it. While Dafne did not know what the future had in store for her, she was certain that she wanted to become a mother and that she did not wish to depend on anyone else to support her. No matter what, she would always have Cem and his mother look after her. Dafne also vouched for her best friend, saying that there could not be a man as honest and kind-hearted as Cem was. Dafne and Cem’s relationship transcended the definition of a romantic partner. They were not romantically or sexually involved, but they were certain that their bond would last forever.

Why did Leyla decide against marrying Omer?

Leyla was frustrated with the men in her life, and somehow Omer seemed to be the safest choice. He messed up once, but she could not deny the fact that their relationship had started to lose its spark. They were unhappy together, and she believed that the breakup helped them realize why they fell in love with each other in the first place. Omer dated a few women, but the relationships did not last, and Leyla too struggled to find a suitable match for herself. Leyla used to idolize her parents’ relationship, but after finding out that they were not the perfect couple she thought they were, she started to reconsider Omer. Her parents too had their bad days, but in the end, they always ended up together, and Leyla assumed that maybe she and Omer were also meant to be together after all. Even after breaking up, they stayed in touch and continued to care for each other. When they got back together, Leyla was finally happy. They tried to be as transparent as possible, and they also discussed their past flings. But Leyla noticed a change in Omer. She expected him to ask her to move in with him, but he did not. She was waiting for a proposal, but he did not seem to get the hint. On Leyla’s birthday, Omer finally proposed to her, and she was over the moon. This was her happily ever after, and she was genuinely excited to build a future with Omer. But all of Leyla’s dreams came crashing down by the end of Thank You, Next, when she found out that Omer had been cheating on her. The man who seemed to be devoted to her always had a backup plan.

Two days before her wedding, Buddy met with an accident, and Leyla had no choice but to run to the vet, who also happened to be Omer’s ex. Balim was surprised to find out that Leyla and Omer were about to tie the knot. She always knew that Omer would end up with Leyla because, after every fight they had, he would come knocking at her door for comfort. She described herself as Omer’s emotional crutch. He would treat her nicely for a few days until Leyla came around. She had been helping him cope for the last two years, and this was news to Leyla. Leyla and Balim went out for a drink to discuss Omer. Balim explained that each time Leyla went out on dates or made out with someone else, Omer would come to her. What was shocking for Leyla was that even after they got together, Omer continued to stay in touch with Balim. Not just that, he handed her the key to his new house and even threw her a surprise birthday party four days before proposing to Leyla. The very next day, he left Balim, and she laughed at the fact that he always made sure to give her special treatment before breaking her heart.

Omer had been cheating on Leyla all along; maybe he was not sure if their relationship would work out, and he always kept his options open until he figured out that Leyla was ready to tie the knot. Possessing Leyla was more important to Omer than staying loyal to her. He had betrayed her trust before, and he continued to do so. He was simply too afraid to end up alone, and he did not care about how damaging his behavior was to the women involved. Leyla only had two days in hand to make a decision, but she was still coping with the truth internally, and she did not know which way to go. She had known Omer for nine years, and he turned out to be a lying, cheating, manipulative excuse of a man. It was all too much for her to process, but in the end, she decided they were too damaged to ever find happiness together, and on the day of their wedding, she broke up with him.

Will Leyla and Cem end up together?

The night before the wedding, Leyla was still trying to come to terms with the truth. On top of that, she had also found out the actual reason why Cem had left the night they were together. She thought he was a coward for deciding for her without ever finding out what she wanted. Instead of having the courage to discuss the matter with Leyla, he chose to flee from the scene. Leyla went to Cem’s room when she found out that he had returned to the hotel. Somewhere deep down, she knew that if Cem had not left that night, the story could have been different. Even after being with Omer, she often caught herself thinking about Cem. There was a strange connection between them, and maybe they could have been together, but sadly, Cem did not leave her with much of a choice. Leyla was frustrated and angry when she went to Cem’s room the night before her wedding. But it was only with Cem that she could speak her heart out. Even though it seemed at the beginning of the series that Leyla had cheated on Omer the night before their wedding, it is gradually revealed that Leyla and Cem did not get physically involved. Leyla fell asleep, and Cem watched her sleep. 

Omer’s parents saw Leyla and Cem together on the morning of the wedding, and they assumed that the two were having an affair. Leyla was disappointed in Sarp when she found out that he was the one who sent the text to Cem that night when he saw Omer helpless and crying. Sarp ended up confessing to it after he saw Omer and Balim together the night before the wedding. He was ashamed of his friend, and he tried to warn Leyla of the mistake she was about to make. Sarp thought he was doing the right thing when he texted Cem using Omer’s phone, and that made Leyla all the more frustrated. Everyone around her was trying to make decisions for her without ever considering that what they thought would make her happy might destroy her life.

Omer was quite the hypocrite to publicly accuse Leyla of being a liar. All Leyla had to do was remind him of the 8th of June, four days before the proposal, when he was surprising his other girlfriend on her birthday. Omer had nothing to say; he knew he had been caught and there was no escaping.

In Thank You, Next‘s ending, Leyla walked out of her wedding, broken yet free. She realized she did not need anyone to make her happy; after all, most of the men turned out to be disappointing. She chose to live with pride rather than to adjust herself to someone who would never value her. As she walked away, Buddy joined; clearly, he was on his mama’s side this time. Cem promised to never give up on her, suggesting that maybe sometime in the future, after Leyla recovered from the lying and deceit, they could end up together. But this is just guesswork; life could have other plans for Leyla that might not necessarily involve a man. All that mattered was for her to be happy, and after all the bitter experiences, she had learned an important lesson—to find happiness within herself.

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