‘Thar’ Ending, Explained: Why Did Siddharth Capture The Three Men? Is Siddharth Dead?


Directed by Raj Singh Chaudhury, “Thar” is a mystery thriller that unfolds in the Thar desert. The Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor starrer film has gore elements, with men being brutally killed by an outsider. Anil Kapoor plays the role of Surekha Singh, an inspector who is set to retire after six months but barely has any achievements to his name. He narrates the story of a crime that occurred in 1985 in Munabao, Rajasthan, that shook him to his core. The body of a man named Suva is discovered by the police, his ears and tongue cut off and his heart ripped open. Never had such a savage crime occurred in the village, and Surekha Singh was determined to get to the bottom of it.

‘Thar’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

Along with the mutilated body of Suva, the police received information regarding the murder of a man, Babulal, and his wife. Their daughter was saved from the massacre as she was away with her lover. To protect her family’s honor, Babita chose not to share any details of her father’s business. She maintained that the dacoits stole the dowry arranged for her wedding, but after the police persuaded her, she finally gave in. She admitted that her father was involved in the opium market and stored the drugs in the house. The dacoits/smugglers stole the drugs and killed her father and mother. She noticed six men leave, and one of them lived near her lover’s village.

The police tracked the drug traffickers, and the name of Hanif Khan rose to prominence. He had his men sent to Surekha’s house to caution him to stay away from their business. After getting hold of one of his men, Nathu, the police questioned him to find out the truth. They learned that Hanif Khan was from Pakistan, and he used to work in the Pakistan Army. His weapons were supplied from beyond the border. He used to work from Pakistan, and Babulal was one of his agents. Their relationship turned bitter when Babulal started selling drugs all by himself. After being informed of the treachery, Hanif Khan murdered Babulal and his wife and took away all the opium that he had stored. While the reason for Babulal’s death was revealed, the police were yet to find the reason for Suva’s death.

They had assumed that Suva’s murder was connected with opium trafficking, but Nathu confirmed that they did not have any role to play in his murder. Therefore, another man or group was at play, but what they were looking for became the question. Surekha came across an outsider at an eatery, and he was intrigued by the man. According to the owner of the eatery, Makhan Lal, the man was named Siddharth, and he spoke very little. He was in town for his antique business, and that was all they knew.

Major Spoilers Ahead

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Who Was Siddharth? And What Was He Looking For?

Siddharth went in search of Panna Ram, explaining that he needed a man who was literate and could work in the city. When he arrived at Panna Ram’s village, he learned that the man in question was away for work. He had a word with his wife, whom he found attractive from the very first instant. While Kesar maintained a good relationship with Siddharth, knowing that he was from the city and could help her husband get another job, the villagers did not approve of their interaction. When Panna Ram returned, he was informed about his wife’s behavior, and he physically abused her to teach her a lesson.

It was not just Siddharth who was on the lookout for Panna, but also the police. Panna used to be Suva’s friend, and the police questioned him to get further information. Panna, Kanwar, Dhanna, and Suva were friends. Panna maintained that they did not know Suva’s enemy or even his personal life for that matter. Siddharth met Panna and asked him to work for him. Panna agreed to do so, and he asked Kanwar to join him for the work. Siddharth explained that they would have to take a few window frames, doors, and idols to the city. Lured by money, Panna and Kanwar agreed to accompany him the very next day.

While they were supposed to travel to the city, Siddharth took a detour to an abandoned fort. He explained that he had his materials kept in the fort, and he had to take them with him as well. While Panna waited in the jeep, Kanwar entered the fort to help Siddharth, but he was beaten upon entering. Siddharth tied his mouth and hand and threw him inside a dark room. Not seeing them return, Panna went to the fort. He found Kanwar tied up in a room, and just at that moment, Siddharth injured him at the back of his head. Siddharth’s motive was clearly not what he had made them believe. “Thar” holds on to the questions of whether or not Siddharth was a psychopath who enjoyed torturing men, and why was he on the lookout for the four friends? How were they related to him?

‘Thar’ Ending Explained: Why Did Siddharth Capture The Three Men? How Was His Past Related To The Case?

When Kanwar and Panna were captured and held hostage by Siddharth, their friend Dhanna returned to the village after the completion of his work. He felt uneasy about the fact that his friends had left for another work without him. Siddharth offered him to join his friends for the same work, and he agreed immediately. Though halfway to the fort, Dhanna was alarmed by the detour, and Siddharth knocked him off and tied him up like the rest of his friends. Nails were pushed through their feet, and their thumbs were mutilated. To torture them further, he attached a bucket with a rat in it to their body. With the bloody brutality that unfolded at the fort, Siddharth started to live in Panna’s house as a tenant, lying to Kesar that her husband wished for it. As her husband cried for help in the abandoned fort, Kesar felt an affection for the outsider. As they made love, Dhanna managed to free himself and escape from the fort though as a result of immense blood loss, he collapsed on the ground. 

The next morning, Siddharth dragged Dhanna’s body back inside, but he noticed a little boy witnessing the whole incident. As he followed him, the boy lost control of his step and fell into a pit, where he was severely injured. The police followed the track, but they were soon attacked by Hanif Khan and his men as they believed that the police were after them. Meanwhile, Dhanna’s wife noticed the growing proximity between Siddharth and Kesar, and she feared for her husband. She went to the police and confessed the truth. Dhanna and Suva had bought lands ten months back where they started growing opium, but they kept it a secret from Panna and Kanwar. Surekha Singh searched the farm that they had bought and found a letter sent from the address that he had previously seen on Siddharth’s driving license. He realized that they were all linked.

Panna, Kanwar, and Dhanna, had entered Siddharth’s house in Delhi after being called by Suva. Suva worked there, and he called his friends to steal the valuables from the house, though they were interrupted when his wife entered. Startled by the sudden emergence of the wife, the four men grabbed hold of her, but what followed was inhuman torture. They raped his wife and mutilated her body. When Siddharth entered the house, he saw his wife lying lifeless on the floor. Her face was unrecognizable from the hours of torture by the beastly men. That was when he decided to seek revenge. He had a diary in which he planned in detail the way he would carry out his revenge plan. The police found the diary in his room and noticed that he had mentioned a fort for the execution of the plan, so the police tracked it down.

Just when the police reached the fort, Hanif Khan and his men started attacking them. Surekha lost his men in the attack, and he was shot in the leg by Hanif, though he managed to shoot Hanif in the end. As he reached the fort, he found Siddharth burning the body of Panna in front of Kesar. He shared with her the shameful deeds of her husband. When Surekha asked him to give up, Kesar shot him in the chest. The revenge had finally come to an end. After 6 months, we are told that Kesar is pregnant with Siddharth’s child. Even though he died, the brutal incident will forever remain etched in her heart as she now carries his child. Kesar was not arrested by the police since all those who acted against the law were killed. In the end, Surekha gives Kesar a lift in his jeep.

Though there was no mention of a connection between Hanif and Siddharth, an understanding between them can be assumed, considering how the police were attacked whenever they attempted to reach the fort. Perhaps the fact that the men Siddharth wanted dead were also a threat to Hanif’s business is why they helped each other’s cause. The only reason other than an understanding between them can be that the arrival of the police near the border threatened Hanif’s men, though a stranger lurking at an abandoned fort cannot be that comforting for smugglers. The fact that Siddharth was shot dead by Kesar in a way helped the police to resolve the case without taking it further down the road. On moral grounds, what Siddharth did was justified, but the law does not permit such outrageous revenge.

The father-son duo of Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor was entertaining to watch. This Hindi Western has all the elements that are a clear nod to the genre. From the outsider cowboy (Siddharth) to the police, the salon (local eatery), and the outlaws/dacoits, “Thar” manages to keep the essentials in order. Anil Kapoor pulls off the role of the aged cop who regrets not taking enough risks in his job, though the same cannot be said about Harshvardhan Kapoor as Siddharth. The character lacked depth and remained a stranger to the audience even in the end. The long shots of the desert and the close-up of the locals made “Thar” visually enriching to watch, along with the audio track that complimented the Western mood.

 “Thar” is a 2022 Indian Mystery thriller film directed by Raj Singh Chaudhury.

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